The Mysterious Prism was stolen from the Jump City Museum by Doctor Light, before it was taken from him by Raven.


Doctor Light stole the mysterious prism in "Colors of Raven," but he was easily defeated by Raven, who recovered the crystal. The Titans then begin fooling around with it, despite Raven's warnings. When it began to glow, it sucked Raven inside it. The prism divided her into her five core versions of herself, each representing a core emotional aspect. The Emoticlones are later captured using each crystal shard of the prism before the prism is put together, restoring Raven as her whole self.

However, one of the prism shards reappears in "Some of Their Parts," where Robin uses it to split all of the Titans to their different personalities. This time, he put one of the other Titans' pieces inside a ray gun. Beast Boy later used that same shard to split Raven into her personalities, so that he could make out with Purple Raven.


The mysterious prism is used to split someone's personality into 5 core traits.


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  • The Mysterious Prism plays a similar role to Raven's mirror from the original Teen Titans series, and serves a similar purpose in creating Emoticlones of Raven.
  • The prism is somewhat like the Four Sword from The Legend of Zelda universe, in which it splits Link into four copies of himself.
  • It is shown in "Colors of Raven" that you need all five crystal shards to put a person back together. While in the episode "Some of Their Parts," Robin uses only one crystal shard of the Mysterious Prism to put the Titans back together.


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