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"Nean" is the forty-sixth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the ninety-eighth overall episode of the series.


Raven is cursed to be nice by Trigon, while Starfire prepares to marry a pot of chili.


It's "non-meat party time" in the Titans Tower, and Beast Boy is excited as ever to be passing out non-meat products to all his friends. Robin and Cyborg get tofu from Beast Boy, and Starfire receives a pot of vegetarian chili. Next up is Raven who just wants to read and is not interested in the non-meat celebration. Beast Boy not taking the hint tosses some carrots for her "peepers" that lands in Raven's eyes. Raven, who unhappy with the gesture, forms a magical fist and punches Beast Boy through the tower window.

Robin groans and says Raven ruined another party, with Raven correcting him saying its not a party and that it is stupid. Cyborg asks Raven why she has to be mean all the time, and Raven replies back telling them all that they don't even like non-meat products. Robin confirms this and says they are just doing it to be nice to Beast Boy, and Raven points out how that is lying to him and that wasn't nice either. Starfire though admits she does love the vegetarian chili while hugging it. Raven sarcastically tells Starfire if she loves it that much she can marry it. Starfire thinks about this and says she does love the chili, and she can see them having a life together and growing old together. Raven sighs about how she'll have to be "nean" to Starfire, telling her she cannot marry a pot of chili.

Cyborg and Beast Boy come dashing into the Titan's kitchen excited about Starfire's wedding while Raven is at the table enjoying a bowl of cereal. Raven busts their good mood saying there isn't going to be a wedding. Beast Boy is worried they broke up, with Cyborg knowing better and speaking that Raven is being mean again. Beast Boy, relieved to hear this, gets his cool back and asks Raven if she would like to be his date. Raven ignores his question and simply says she is not going to a chili wedding. Cyborg and Beast Boy proceed to annoy her with questions about if she would attend if Starfire were marrying other food items, and eventually threw them both through the wall.

A while afterwards, Trigon appears outside the Tower in his huge form remarking hello to Raven. Raven comments how her day is "just getting better" and questions her father what does he want. Trigon explains to her that he sensed his friends in great pain and was wondering if Raven herself was ready to devour their souls, and eventually cause destruction of the world. Raven simply gives a curt no to her father, with Trigon whining asking her why she won't destroy things with him anymore. Raven stoically responds that she is a nice person, and Trigon repeats this back to her and breaks out laughing at her, and finally calms down telling Raven that she is a mean person and how its the half demon in her.

Raven absorbs this and revises her earlier comment explaining to her father that she isn't nice, or mean, but she is "nean". Trigon is confused and asks her if she's making up words, and joins in with her saying he is a "bluzo" kind of guy. Raven describes to him that "nean" is being nice by being mean, telling it like it is when people are acting ridiculous. Raven also adds that people need a "nean" person and she is the "neanest". Trigon isn't impressed and says she's being such a "norblem" right now, and laughs a little remarking how he thought they were still making up fake words. Raven tells her father that he's being mean now, and Trigon replies "exactly" and if she doesn't want to act mean, then it can be so. Trigon casts a magic spell on Raven when she isn't paying attention, and after he finishes he gets up close to her and says she is about to have a "nice day" while laughing. Seemingly unaffected, Raven asks what's so funny, and Trigon vocalizes he made a pun that will make sense to her later. Still full of chuckles, Trigon then disappears from the kitchen.

Later, Robin, Starfire, and Raven are on the couch doing their own thing when Cyborg pops up from the couch cushion asking what time is it to them all. Beast Boy then exclaims out of nowhere how its "non-meat party time" again, and offers his non-meat food to Starfire who declines his gesture explaining she is in a non-meat committed relationship. Beast Boy not too distraught moves on to Robin, who tells him non-meat upsets his belly. Beast Boy losing hope tries his best friend Cyborg who bluntly says he really just wanted to know what time it is. Beast Boy groans knowing that he can't offer his non-meat to anyone else since he knows Raven doesn't want any. Raven surprisingly jumps up and says she does want non-meat, shocking all of the Titans, and even herself. Beast Boy not going to pass this up changes into an octopus and tosses the non-meat food into Raven's mouth.

Robin is suspicious that Raven is participating in Beast Boy's non-meat activities and asks Raven why is she being so nice, with Raven saying she doesn't know. Beast Boy doesn't seem to mind it any, and confesses that it means the world to him, and he picks up a piece of tofu and slaps it in her face. The tofu slap may of been too far, as Raven turns into her demonic form and uses her dark magic to form a fist and aim it towards Beast Boy who cowers in fear. Raven tells him not leave her hanging who looks over and notices that the giant fist just wants a fist-bump and he happily does so. Raven makes a statement how Beast Boy is so crazy in her "nice form" and then screams wondering what is happening to herself and disappears from the Titans living room.

Then after, in the Titan's kitchen again, Starfire is cooking her pot of chili on the stove kissing it. Robin enters the kitchen and remarks how he is hoping he didn't interrupt anything and wants to congratulate the chili on his upcoming nuptials. Starfire giggles and let's Robin have a moment alone with her chili so they can have the "bro-out". Robin proceeds to talk to the chili on how he won Starfire's heart fair and square but then looks to see Starfire has left and then changes his tone towards the chili, yelling at him questioning him if he thinks he can steal Starfire from him just because he's delicious. Robin goes on to say to the chili that he thinks he's so hot, and tests to see how hot he can get by turning up the stove burner all the way to high. Robin laughing manically, sees the chili is starting to sweat, and the chili pops a bubble due to the heat. Robin hears the bubble pop and gets right on the top of the chili asking him to say that again to his face, with the chili splattering again its hot contents on Robin's face, causing him to scream in pain.

Meanwhile in Raven's room, Raven is on her bed wondering when did she begin to start being so nice. There is suddenly a knock on her door, and it is Starfire who asks Raven if she has a moment. Raven in her "nice form" happily says of course she does and Starfire makes her way in sitting next to Raven on her bed. Starfire discusses with Raven that she knew she had the doubts of her engagement to the pot of chili and wants her to be able to attend the wedding. Raven in her normal tone snaps to Starfire saying of course she won't, but instantly changes into her "nice form" and says it's her wedding. Starfire is stunned at her response and cheerfully speaks that she was having the second thoughts but if Raven is supportive then it must be the right thing to do, and thanks Raven with a hug. Starfire is happy she and the chili have Raven's blessings, and then proceeds to leave her room.

Raven screams on her uncontrollable new personality and slams her face into her bed sheets where she then hears laughing from across her room and it turns out to be Trigon who is halfway in a portal in Raven's wall listening to her conversation. Trigon continues to laugh and asks Raven if she gets his pun from earlier now, refreshing her memory with the "have a nice day" and admits that he cursed Raven so that she could only be nice. Raven shortly asks why to him, and Trigon replies so she could make a decision between being nice and mean, and so he doesn't have to hear the "nean" nonsense anymore. Raven who is in her nice form again, thanks her father for taking an interest in her, but will have to get back to him later. Before he leaves, Trigon asks Raven for a hug and hugs his daughter. Then Trigon asks Raven who is the best daddy in the world, and Raven with her nice form says that he is. Trigon chuckles yet again and concedes he likes Raven that way before snapping his fingers and disappearing.

Back in Titan's living room, Robin is on the couch eating ice cream and crying. Raven approaches him while in her nice form, asking Robin what's wrong. Robin is bawling his eyes out and croaks out he has lost Starfire, and the chili is too awesome. Raven takes this in and tells him that it is not too late. Robin instantly perks up and asks her if she'll help sabotage the wedding, with Raven saying that they don't need to sabotage anything, and that being himself is enough. Robin turns away depressed once more commenting on how that chili is so cool. Raven calmly looks at him and says so is he, and he has so much to offer. Robin still a little bit sad, agrees with her on how great he is, and thanks Raven for her help and the two share a warn hug together. Robin who is now feeling better breaks the hug and stands up and leaves the living room with a smile on his face. After Robin left, Raven realizes that she feels good because she helped Robin feel good, and that being nice isn't so bad.

Afterwards, Raven is walking along on a dock in Jump City in her nice form with a big smile on her face. While walking and swinging, Raven pays a compliment to an ugly man saying he has a nice face, and he thanks her back. Continuing, Raven watches Mumbo Jumbo perform a cheap magic trick in front of people and flatters him saying "great magic trick!". Next, Raven looks at an ugly baby in a carriage and tells the woman cute baby. Then Raven walks further and orders a hot dog from a vendor and takes a bite and spits it out on the floor, and thanks the man for the delicious hot dog. Raven proceeds to a bush of flowers and sniffs them enjoying their scent, when Trigon appears out of thin air and angrily questions Raven why she is smelling flowers and if she's actually enjoying herself. Raven concedes to her father that being nice is nice, and how this is the best thing he's ever done for her. Trigon shrugs her comment off, explaining she's only saying that because of the curse.

Trigon admits that this is not what he intended and plans to remove the curse from Raven, who playfully teases that he'll have to catch her first and takes off running. Trigon easily uses his magic and grabs Raven's "niceness" out of her, but not before Raven grabs it at the last second causing the two to end up in a struggle war with it. Trigon who is getting angry grunts for Raven to give him his curse and Raven let's go of it suddenly because its the nice thing to do, and the curse backlashes into Trigon causing a reverse curse. Raven is happy she is back to normal and approaches her dad and stresses the point to him that she wishes he would never bother her again. Trigon who know has a nice form, agrees with her and says that he will give her space, before realizing what he said gasps, and how he cannot believe his plan backfired. Raven informs him that his plan was dumb but she didn't tell him because that would of not been nice, and that's why the world needs "nean" people to tell dumb people from doing dumb things all the time. Raven then notices she has to go and before she leaves she looks back at her father and tells him to have "nice day" before leaving.

Back with the other Titans, bells are ringing due to Starfire wedding in session. A tearful Robin escorts Starfire down the hall surrounded by friends and inanimate objects in the benches. Silkie is the one marrying Starfire and the chili making unrecognizable noises, but not before Raven shows up from a portal taking Silkie's spot and asking for everyone's attention. Raven remarks how the chili wedding is super dumb, with the guests all gasping, and Robin happy that he knew the chili wasn't good enough for Starfire. Cyborg whispers to Beast Boy he was thinking the same thing but he didn't want to be mean, with Beast Boy agreeing he thought the same thing. Starfire raises her voice on how Raven has ruined the chili wedding, sighs and then thanks Raven because she did not really love the chili. Raven smiles and says that someone had to be the "nean" one while all the guests stand and clap for Starfire and Raven who share a hug. Trigon appears one more time comforting the chili on how he knows it hurts now, that the right girl is out for him, and for them both to go and get ice cream.



  • The title of this episode is a combination of the words "nice" and "mean".
  • This episode premiered as a new episode on the third day of the 100th episode celebration.
  • This episode is tied with "Legs" for the shortest title, as both have a total of four letters. Coincidentally, both episodes focus on Raven.
  • This is the third episode to be aired on a Wednesday. The first was "Real Magic".
  • While cursed, Raven and Trigon's eyes look similar to Pink Raven's eyes.
  • In December 2017, there was a fire in Brooklyn caused by a child who played with the stove after seeing it on a cartoon. While it is unknown if Teen Titans Go is the cause, this episode was still pulled from reruns. As of April 2018, the episode is back in regular rotation.


  • This episode starts off similarly to how both "Meatball Party" and "Vegetables" began, only with Beast Boy substituting Cyborg.
    • The "Non-Meat Party Time" backdrop running gag is near identical to the one shown in the latter episode, which in turn is has similarities to the one shown in the former episode.
    • The same music plays during all three of the episode's beginnings.
    • Also consistent with "Vegetables", the other Titans dislike non-meat foods.
  • This is the third time that Starfire has been associated with chili, a reoccurring food item specifically for her. The previous two times were "Lazy Sunday" and "Serious Business".
  • When talking to Starfire about her chili wedding under her curse, Raven realizes that her being supportive of Starfire in this situation is ridiculous. When this happened, Raven spouts Nevar's smile to show that her words are sarcastic.
  • This is the second time that Raven has become nicer due to external factors outside of her control. The previous time was "Legs", where after having her cloak taken away, she became more friendly.
  • This is the second time that Starfire has almost gotten married, the first time being "Tamaranian Vacation".
  • This is the third time that Robin is seen eating ice cream while he's sad ("Staff Meeting", "The Rocky Road to Love")
  • Mumbo is shown doing the same "missing thumb" trick that Robin did in "Real Magic", which Raven had previously thought to be stupid.
  • Silkie is shown as a priest for the fourth time. The previous three times were "Matched", "Money Grandma" and "Tamaranian Vacation".
  • The "scratching post" and Aquaman are again seen in a wedding setting, the first being in "Matched".
  • The Whack-A-Doodles Mascot from "Girl's Night Out" is seen attending Starfire's wedding.


  • Starfire marrying a pot of chili is a reference to an episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse known as "Pajama Party" in which Pee-Wee Herman marries a fruit salad. Raven actually repeats the show's catch-phrase: "Then why don't you marry it?" This question also led to the impromptu human/food wedding on that show.
  • This episode is similar from the SpongeBob episode "Plankton's Good Eye", when Plankton gets a second eye that changes his personality, and he becomes "Neevil", which is a combination of "nice and "evil".


  • N/A

Running Gags

  • Starfire falling in love with the chili.
  • Others treating the chili like it's a real person.
  • Raven being nice about things that she would usually hate. (Tofu, ugly baby, horrible tasting hotdog, lame magic tricks, etc.)
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg asking Raven to bring food to the wedding.


The transcript for "Nean" can be found here.


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