No-Fu is an evil block of tofu and a minor villain in Teen Titans Go!, who is the main antagonist in "Employee of the Month: Redux".


In his debut episode "Employee of the Month: Redux", No-Fu conspires with Meaty by opening a meat related fast food shop, with the intention to possibly kidnap all the cattle from Earth. Throughout the course of his plan, he acts as a behind-the-scenes antagonist.

Physical Appearance

No-Fu is a block of tofu in a container filled with a pink liquid, and has a robotic body attached to it. He has a crown on the top.  

Powers & Abilities

  • Newfu Generation
  • Technology Embodiment

Episode Appearances

Season 4


  • He is the second antagonist that is a farmer. The first one was Old McDonald in "Titan Saving Time".
  • He is the sixth character from Season 4 to be voiced by Scott Menville. The previous characters he voiced are Robin, The Brain, Birdarang, Killer Moth and the Easter Bunny.
  • This character is based of Newfu, a character from the original series who is also a talking tofu.
    • This tofu is differennt from the once from the original series because of their different names (despite sounding very similar), and since No-Fu has a robotic body while Newfu didn't.
    • In the original series, Newfu was voiced by Rob Paulsen, but in Teen Titans Go!, No-Fu is instead voiced by Scott Menville.
  • He presumably died since Cyborg ate him at the end of the episode without knowing he is not a ordinary chunk of tofu.
  • He is listed as "The Source" in the credits.


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