"No Jacket Required" is issue #14 of Teen Titans Go! comic series, featured in Volume 2.


After sustaining an major burn, Cyborg starts sporting a super cool coat to cover his injuries. However, things start to get out of hand, and soon all of the Titans are donning rad jackets!


Downtown, the mutant Plasmus treads through the streets, and radioactive ooze froths from his mouth. Worried about Jump City's welfare, the Titans show up to put a stop to the villain. Cyborg becomes a one-man-team, taking down Plasmus with a single punch. Unfortunately, there's a few side effects- the city got burnt with acid. And Beast Boy also points out that Cyborg's body armor has just been melted away!

Back at the Tower, Cyborg laments the loss of his metal plates, feeling as naked as a cyborg can feel. Beast Boy tells him to relax, because it's only robot parts, and Raven chimes in that at least he's not hanging around naked like Beastie tends to. Still sad, Starfire recommends building replacement armor. That won't work for Cyborg, though, because his armor is custom made by a Mother Box. A new emergency involving Dr. Light has just sprung up, and so Robin orders the team to spring into action. To embarrassed to head out immediately, Cyborg lags behind as he searches a closet for an answer...

Dr. Light is putting up an unrelenting fight against the Titans, and Robin's wondering where the heck Cyborg is. Just when Starfire's star bolts prove to be useless against the criminal, someone else pops onto the scene, someone wearing an awesome coat. It's Cyborg, and he isn't about to miss the fight! He takes out Dr. Light with one cannon blast, but the Titans are mainly impressed just by his "rad" trench coat.

After the battle, the Titans head back to the Tower, still marveled by his jacket. It's been awhile since Cyborg's had to wear clothes, which feels a little weird to him, but Starfire remarks that it's better than his naked look. Showing off more of his moves to the Titans, someone interrupts him, "Beast Boy version 2.0". Seeing that he's also dressed in a fabulous jacket, Cyborg instantly rebukes him for stealing his style. But Beast Boy explains that he's also wearing two other cool accessories than him (John Lennon lenses and a cap), making him 200x more cool than him. For Cyborg though, he needs the jacket, whereas Beast Boy is just a poser trying to look sharp. Starfire doesn't understand how jackets make people look fresh, but Robin isn't really able to explain it, other than it just does. Seeing the two fight over this, Raven tries to decide whether all of this is just amazing or dumb, or both. An alarm breaks up the fight, though... Now the HIVE is at it!

When only two Titans show up for the battle (Cyborg and Beast Boy), Gizmo is a little confused. Cyborg apologizes for the others' lateness, so in the meantime Jinx grasps his big black coat, impressed. Beast Boy asks the penta-group who's cooler, but Gizmo thinks they both just look ridiculous. Bent on impressing everyone, Robin shows up, armed with three bō staffs, sunglasses, and a tactical jacket lined with pouches. Gizmo can't help but laugh at how he's wearing sunglasses over his mask and all the gear he's packing. For revenge, Robin flings someone peanuts at Gizmo, mistaking the snack pocket for the smoke bomb pouch. Starfire flies onto the scene, dressed in a full-body Tamaranean suit, helmet, and finished off with a leather jacket. Robin gets erect, and Cyborg can't fathom how stupid this whole thing is getting. Raven arrives next, decked out in a dark blue trench coat, katanas, a bandana, and vicious-looking arm blades. Regretting her decisions a little, Gizmo interrupts there dress up party, reminding them that they're here to fight.

No Jacket Required (6.1)

Jinx goes in for a peek...

The two teams erupt into ferocious combat, everyone trading punches and laser blasts. Slowly, the tides start to turn against the Titans... Robin's hampered by all of his tactical straps, Starfire's gloves are caught on fire by her own starbolts, and Raven and Beastie fall to the ground, near dead for some unknown battle reason. Cyborg asks for a little help, but the only thing he's greeted with is a gigantic fist from Mammoth. Seeing that all the Titans are down, the HIVE help themselves to all of their gear, growing to like all the rad getup. They even take all of Robin's snack pouch rations.

Returning to the Tower, Cyborg is flaming in fury. They ask why, wondering if it's due to them acting cool, burning their hands, or Robin not handing over his glasses (Beast Boy thinks it's idiotic to have them alongside a mask). But it's none of that nonsense; Cy's fed up that his armor delivery took so long to arrive. But there's one small problem... the shipment is wrong. All Cyborg finds is a robotic helmet from what seems the early 50s. Angry about the mix-up, Beast Boy has an idea on how to use Cyborg's new look as an advantage...

With the villain roster running out, the Titans next turnout to fight Killer Moth. The evil bug man starts to gloat about his power and all that, but he stops when he sees a supposed new face. Beast Boy introduces the new "Killer Robot" Titan, who instantly starts targeting the villain. Scared out of his life, Killer Moth makes a break for it. Robin, impressed by the new enhanced Victor, invites them all to pizza. Cyborg, or rather Killer Robot, is excited, but Beast Boy reminds him that he's a robot now, and he can't take the mask off for ANYTHING. Despite his ideas of them all acting like robots, or just putting the jacket back on, they all shut Killer Robot down. All except Raven, who wouldn't mine being on a team of robots.


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  • The title of the comic references Phil Collins' album of the same name.
  • When Cyborg is seen looking though the closet, The Flash's mask and boots can be seen.
  • Raven breaks the Fourth Wall on the final page, remarking how they've fought a lot of villains throughout the last ten pages.


  • Beast Boy wears some shades modeled after John Lennon's, a Beatles singer.

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The transcript for "No Jacket Required" can be found here.

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