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"No Power" is the thirty-second episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirty-second overall episode of the series.


Feeling the other Titans depend too much on their superpowers, Robin challenges them to go 24 hours without using their special abilities. To his distress, they all quickly succeed, leading him to question his own value to the team.


The story begins with Robin presenting his all new obstacle course to the other Titans via their television. Excited to let them try it, he pulls a lever, dropping the couch down into the training room. Robin begins making his way through the obstacle course, and calls for the other Titans to join in. Raven simply creates a portal and teleports to the finish line. Beast Boy and Cyborg both decide to fly over the course, while Starfire easily destroys all of the obstacles with her eye-blasts.

Meanwhile, the exhausted Robin fails to make it to the end, and is nearly killed by a giant log. Barely alive, the weak and injured Robin crawls across the floor, extremely upset. Robin immediately says that it is no fair because they used their powers, and the whole point was to test one's strength, stamina and one's ability to think. Beast Boy says that there's no need to think when you can turn into a bird, then makes a "Brah" sound. Robin shoves the "Brah" back in Beast Boy's mouth, just to make him cough it back up. Robin starts lecturing that the Titans have depended too much on their powers and about how their powers have made them lazy, and sees Starfire blast a hole in the wall. Robin asks her why she's doing it, and she says, "Because it is too far to walk to the door." even when the door was only a few meters away from her. He then makes a bet with them that they cannot last 24 hours without using their powers, which they all accept. The terms of the bet say that the winner will be the new team leader.

Immediately after their meeting, Beast Boy transforms into a gorilla to open a jar of pickles. However, Robin catches him, and stops him. A few seconds later, Cyborg tries to secretly warm up his burrito with his hand torch. He is also caught, as Robin is still in the kitchen. Raven enters the kitchen, unable to walk, because she has almost never had to walk in her entire life. Thinking Robin won't notice, she starts to hover, but Robin is still standing right there. Starfire marches into the room right behind her, announcing that she will be in her room "partaking of the mustard". The lazy Tamaranian decides to drill a hole in the wall with her eye-beams, instead of walking five steps to the left to go through the door. Robin is standing on the other side of the hole, making sure she knows that he caught her.

"A Wee Bit Later..."

The crime-alert alarm sounds through out the Tower, and the Titans rush to the living room to see their new mission. They soon realize that the H.I.V.E. Five is up to their old tricks. Before they can leave, Robin makes sure that they know that this is NOT a time-out, and that are still not supposed to use their powers. The team run into the elevator, with Raven slowly limping behind.

A few minutes later, the villains proudly exit the bank with large bags of money. Robin swings on his grappling-hook, and kicks Mammoth in the face. The other Titans observe the Boy Wonder's battle, and realize that Robin likes to use common objects as weapons. After realizing they can do the same, the Titans excitedly rush to find weapons. Cyborg picks up a public mailbox, Starfire rips off a tree branch, Raven holds up her walker, and Beast Boy picks up a cat by the tail, using him like a bat. Cyborg leaps into the air, and violently beats Gizmo with his mailbox while Starfire rapidly pokes Jinx in the face with her stick. Raven uses her walker to plow into Billy Numerous at the same Beast Boy's cat escapes, and mauls See-More's face in a "Cat-nado".

See-More stumbles backward, right into Mammoth. Mammoth loses his balance, and accidentally drops a car on top of the both of them. Robin is shocked to see how quickly his team beat the villains, and even more shocked to hear that they did not think it was hard at all. Angrily, Robin shakes his fists at them, before making their return to the Tower.

The other Titans are now relaxing, using their gadgets to do whatever they feel like. Realizing that he might actually lose his position as the team leader, Robin angrily storms away. A little bit later, the crime-alert alarm sounds off again, only this time, Robin is calling for help. He tells them that he is captured by an unknown villain, and is tied up to a time bomb at the end of the obstacle course. He begs them to use their powers, before he is killed.

This time, the Titans decide that they will do the obstacle course the right way, as they don't want to risk losing the bet. The team heads froward, but poor Raven's Segway gets stuck on the first obstacle. Cyborg jumps, ducks, somersaults, and slides, but before he knows it, both of his arms are chopped off by saws. With only 26 seconds remaining, Robin once again begs them to use their powers. Starfire is stopped after being shot by multiple lasers, and having her hair burned off by flame-throwers. She attempts to continue, but is flattened like a pancake.

Meanwhile, Raven finally makes it past the first obstacle, but is suddenly smashed by a giant log. Robin begs Beast Boy to fly to his rescue, but he refuses, telling him that he can handle the course. Beast Boy leaps over several collapsing floors, and barely makes it to the last platform. Cheering triumphantly, Beast Boy fails to realize that his platform is a booby trap too, and falls in a hole.

The Titans are too late to save Robin. As a loud alarm sounds, thousands of rocket launchers, flame-throwers, bazookas, and machine guns surround him. The other Titans gasp in horror.

Thousands of gunshots are fired simultaneously, lighting up the room as they hit him. KA-BOOM! A gigantic explosion lights up the room. Robin's head splats onto the ground, making all of the Titans shriek in disgust. Cyborg and Starfire cry over the loss of their friend, while Beast Boy picks up his remains. Robin's head begins to shake as sparks fly out of it,turns out it was just a robot head and the Titans are shocked to hear his voice. They look up and see Robin, perfectly unharmed.

Robin explains that what they saw was a robot duplicate. The Titans are mad at him, telling him that was a terrible way to try to win the contest and for scaring them half to death. Robin sadly explains that his reason for doing so was that it really bothered him that they could get by so easily without their powers, and it made him feel worthless. The other Titans comfort him, telling him that he is not just a Titan, but he is their leader, whom they look to for advice and guidance.

Robin smiles, realizing that they are right, he IS the leader, he IS special. But suddenly, the timer goes off, meaning 24 hours has come to an end. Having kept up their end of the bet, the other Titans excitedly announce that they are all the new leaders and run off, leaving Robin to once again feel worthless.



  • The fourth wall was broken by Robin when he takes the word "BRA" and makes Beast Boy swallow it.
  • Near the beginning of the episode when Robin states that whoever won the challenge would be the new leader of the team, the Teen Titans logo appears also with the words "Tuesdays at 7:30" which was supposed to be when new episodes aired. This happened because season one was already produced before the air date changed to Wednesdays and later Thursdays.
  • The reason why Beast Boy can't open the pickle jar is because he didn't pop the seal, which is written on the lid.
  • When the camera zooms in on the dirty floors of the Tower, it's apparent that they are littered with lots of green hairs. Beast Boy must have a shedding problem.
  • Raven was the only Titan to NOT make it for the whole 24 hours. She was flying while the other Titans were crying at Robin's "death".
  • As of this episode, Raven is the only Titan who did not say the phrase "Titans, Go!" in either series.
  • At the end of the episode, the Titans complete their challenge declaring that Robin is no longer the leader of the Teen Titans.
    • Technically, now that they have became the new team leaders, they could no longer listen to Robin's orders or commands, which explained how they were ignoring him in "Puppets, Whaaaaat?" and "Baby Hands."
    • But no one truly won since Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven used their powers during the kitchen scene.
  • Both this episode, "Tower Power", and "Power Moves" have similar names.
  • The Telepics track that played when Starfire walks to the kitchen door and shortly after Raven stumbles into the elevator is called "x00929 20 Dopey Pokey".


  • This is the second time that Robin brings up the other Titans using their powers to be lazy, which was first mentioned in "Super Robin".
  • The music playing at the beginning of "Hey Pizza!" is heard when Starfire and Raven are forced to walk.
    • Stage music from Grab That Grub plays when every Titan except Robin easily completes the obstacle course with their power.
    • Music from "The Left Leg" plays as the theme when the Titans get forced into the obstacle course on or near the couch.
  • The purple hatchback from "Driver's Ed" also returns.
  • In this episode, Cyborg craves a frozen burrito at lunchtime, which is a callback to "Burger vs. Burrito" when Beast Boy helped Cyborg to change his negative thoughts on burritos. Also, Beast Boy at lunchtime is shown to give up easily when trying to open a well-sealed pickle jar, which was first explored in "Matched" when Raven said that as an example to when he gives up all the time.
  • The Riddler's question mark reappears from "Parasite" and "Staff Meeting".
  • This is the third time Starfire's hair is cut short. ("Legendary Sandwich", "Pie Bros")
  • The stock scream that Starfire emits when crying over Robin's "death", is the same scream heard in "Laundry Day", whenever Robin's fangirls appear. Starfire emits the scream in later episodes such as "Missing" and "Mr. Butt."
    • Furthermore, this is the second time Starfire is seen crying. The first was "Parasite".
  • This is the second time Beast Boy becomes leader of the team, since all the Titans other than Robin had become leader. The first time was in "Gorilla".


  • Starfire has an interest in mustard as seen in this episode, referencing the original Teen Titans series where it was her favorite drink, which was first established in the episode "The Sum of his Parts".
  • Aquaman appears on a bus advertisement for the Jump City Aquarium.
  • The scene where Starfire and Robin glare at each other, with electricity crackling between them, is very similar to a scene from the original Teen Titans episode "Go!" where Starfire and Robin are in the exact same pose.


  • Raven couldn't walk very well in this episode, but in "Laundry Day", "Starliar", and "Legs", she could walk fine.
    • Though it's possible a fair bit of time has passed between these episodes where Raven has been out of practice of walking.
  • Before Beast Boy turns into a gorilla he had taken one of his gloves off, but after he changes back the glove is back on.
  • Beast Boy is shown to leave the pickle jar at the Titan Tower when they went to fight the H.I.V.E., but is suddenly seen with it again after Robin kicks Mammoth.
  • Raven ran over Robin's right leg, yet he felt pain and held the left leg.
  • The door at the end of the obstacle course disappeared when Cyborg began the countdown.
  • Raven was seen floating after Robin's "death", but mere seconds afterwards she's back on her segway.
  • When Robin was giving his justification speech for cheating on the bet, in one scene, his hairline was straight and missing the two hairs that protrude.
  • Cyborg simply generates two new arms when his old ones get cut off, even though in "Legendary Sandwich" he was unable to do so and said he had to make new a arm.
    • However, he may have learned how to do it at some point off-screen.
  • The bus the Titans came on was seen driven on the left. However in USA towns, the vehicles drive on the right.
  • The Titans took the bus to the H.I.V.E. when they could've just driven the T-Car, which wouldn't have required the use of any powers.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy as a toucan saying the word "BRA" which comes out as physical letters from his mouth.
  • Raven having difficulty walking, and using various solutions to solve the problem.
  • Starfire destroying the wall rather to leave the room rather than going to the door.
  • Beast boy using an angry cat as a weapon or for his own convenience.


The transcript for "No Power" can be found here.


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