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"Ones and Zeroes" is the thirty-fourth episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-ninety-first overall episode of the series.


The Titans build an AI robot so it can create a pizza that's never been made before. But the robots go sentient and invade Jump City, forcing the team to destroy the robots.


It's another day in the Tower. Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven all sit in the kitchen when Robin walks in announcing that pizza is here. They appear excited at first; however, when Robin says that it is Hawaiian style, they let out sounds of disinterest. Cyborg sarcastically says that he's so excited about it. Robin is confused as the others have always gone nuts over Hawaiian pizza. Starfire says that they had, but they no longer have passion for this type of pizza. Robin argues that Hawaiian pizza is the most exotic pizza imaginable. Raven answers that it used to be and Beast Boy explains that they've had it so many times it's no longer anything special. This causes Cyborg to remember when they first discovered Hawaiian pizza and a flash back ensues from 4 years ago...

In the flashback, Robin enters the kitchen in the same way as he did in the present and announces that pizza is here, and that it's Hawaiian style. The other Titans act in awe of this new kind of pizza and start freaking out. The flashback ends, and back in the present the Titans are still disappointed. Raven sighs sadly, saying that those days are over. Starfire asks if there is indeed no hope left for excitement over pizza. This prompts Beast Boy to suggest coming up with a new type of pizza, which causes Robin to scoff saying that it's not easy and that does he think that Sam Ponopolous (the inventor of Hawaiian style) just threw some canned pineapple and ham on a pizza? Starfire answers that it sounds correct, but Robin tells her no and that it takes years development and some real outside-the-box thinking. Beast Boy asks if all they have to do is think outside the box, and Raven says that they can do that and proceeds to literally teleport the others (except Robin) into a cardboard box. However it appears that they are still thinking inside the box. Beast Boy tells the others to hold up, and that if they can’t get intelligent outside the box, then why don't they put smarts inside the box like a computer can? Raven understands this as creating an artificial intelligence for the purpose of creating new kinds of pizza. But Robin is against this plan; he removes the Titans from the box and shouts that artificial intelligence is dangerous and that he would know, as he created it once. 

A flashback of Robin building a robot ensues; when construction is finished, it promptly punches him and mischievously asks if he did that while a laugh track plays. Next the robot (who is called Rob Bot by Robin) beats up Beast Boy. Robin enters the Room in a hurry yelling at Rob Bot to stop and again Rob bot asks if he did that. Lastly, an army of Rob Bots have destroyed all of mankind and started a robot apocalypse; Rob Bot once again asks if he did that. Back in the present, Robin says that fortunately civilization was rebuilt, but the Titans should heed his warning: it is the fate of every AI to turn on its creator and doom mankind. An unimpressed Beast Boy tells Robin they're just going to make a computer that will figure out new kinds of pizza, and Starfire agrees that she does not see the danger. The other Titans all completely ignore Robin's warning and decide to teach a computer about pizza. Robin crazily yells at the Titans to heed his warning, which causes the others to leave the room. The Titans (except Robin) get excited about making their AI. Raven says that programming computers is complex and that they should start with something simple: Binary code. Starfire asks what that is and Cyborg responds saying that it's just ones and zeros. He begins entering a bunch of ones and zeros in a giant computer in the middle of the room. This gets the others excited, and they all enter a bunch of ones and zeros into the computer, singing a catchy song about it. Suddenly Beast Boy comes up with an idea: Why not put in a two? He is about to enter one in when Cyborg stops him and explains that putting a two in would be a disaster and that he should keep it binary. Beast boy agrees and enters a one and a zero.

Cyborg says that it's been a lot of hard work and that their AI is ready come online. He tells the others to get ready for a count down and they excitedly do so. Cyborg hits enter and their AI is complete. It walks out of the capsule from which it was made and waves at the Titans saying hello. The Titans all marvel at their amazing work. Cyborg says that they have one final step before the AI is ready to make pizza: The Turing test. Beast Boy excitedly asks if they're taking their AI on tour. Cyborg tells him no and explains what a Turning test is. Raven asks if that means that if a person can't tell if their AI is a computer it passes. Cyborg confirms.

The Titans enter the living room and approach Robin, who is calmly reading a book (apparently over his rage). They say they would like to introduce him to their new friend and move aside to reveal their AI. He says Hello to Robin and extends his "arm" out to shake Robin's hand. Robin greets the AI in return, not noticing that it's obviously a Robot. He introduces himself and says that he thinks the robot's hat is cool. The AI responds with a thank you and says hello again. Robin appears a little confused as the AI begins constantly shaking its arm and saying hello. The other Titans seem ecstatic, and think it's working. Robin asks what brought the AI to Jump City, and it answers that it wanted to hang out with the Teen Titans, and that he thinks that they are the coolest super heroes around. Robin seems flattered at first, but stops short and yells that no human would ever say that. He rips off the AI's horrible disguise revealing that it is in fact an AI. He says that he won't let it enslave mankind on his watch and is about to destroy it when the AI tells him to wait and to not hurt him, adding that he's a human being like him but not as fit. He asks Robin if he weightlifts. This convinces Robin, who says he spends some time at the gym and shows off his muscles. He says that he likes the AI and walks up to the Titans, saying that for a minute he thought they managed to create an artificial intelligence and that the world would be doomed. He walks back to the AI and says that it was nice meeting him, they should hit the gym sometime, and he should call him. Robin then takes out his grapple gun and uses it to leave the room. Starfire says they have done it, and their AI has passed the Turing test! They celebrate.

Later, in the kitchen with the AI, Cyborg asks Beast Boy to do the honors. He walks up to the AI and asks it to make them a pizza that has never been made before. Sure enough, the AI comes up with one quickly. He gives it to the Titans who open the box and marvel at the sight in front of them.... cereal pizza! They all go completely nuts about this unusual pizza and messily consume it. When they finish, the AI says that it has determined the next original recipe and is baking it. It gives the second pizza over to the Titans, but Beast Boy says they're full. The AI completely ignores this and continues to make pizza. Cyborg asks what it's doing, and Raven says since they commanded it to make pizza that has never been made before, it's going to make every pizza that's never been made before! She gets hit in the head by one of the many pizzas shot out by the AI. Just then Robin walks in the room asking for the "guy in the cool hat", adding he wants to go the gym with him. But when he sees the guy spewing out pizza like there's no tomorrow he is enraged. He starts going on again about the others not heeding his warning. Cyborg tells Robin to relax and that it's just making pizza so what's the worst that could happen?

However, it appears that Robin was right; the AI has managed to duplicate itself and destroy civilization, all while still spewing out new kinds of pizza. But that's not all, it also managed to create a giant hovering planet- shaped station! The Titans and a very unamused Robin look on from their partially destroyed tower. Raven looks at Robin and admits that the AI has run rampant and destroyed the whole world like he said it would. Beast Boy wonders how anyone could have thought pizza would be so bad for you. Robin looks at him says that he did and that is why he warned them with the intention to be heeded, then proceeds to shout that he was not. Cyborg mentions that on the plus side, there is a lot of pizza around! However, Beast Boy isn't really in a pizza mood anymore; he could go for a burrito. He asks the AI if it would make one for them, and it agrees to after it makes every pizza that has never been made before. Raven asks when that will be and the AI replies in human time it will be never.. This causes Beast Boy to despair; he says he can't live without burritos and that this whole mess is a nightmare before thrusting himself into Raven's arms. She holds him, comforting him then says Beast Boy is right, they need to shut it down. Starfire states they must reprogram the computer, but an annoyed Robin asks how they will do that, as the AI has taken over the entire world and it's not going to just let them. Cyborg answers that is why they built in a back door, and pulls out a remote control which opens a hole underneath leading to the Titans' jet. It exits the tower from a hidden door and flies up to the giant, hovering robot planet-station hybrid. Cyborg flies into an entrance that literally says back door on it. He says that all evil-doers overlook an obvious design flaw that can bring down the whole system, and all they need to do is get to the central terminal and override the mainframe. However, it seems that flying versions of the AI follow them! The AI communicates that it cannot let them do that, not until it has made all possible pizza combinations. It starts shooting green lasers at the T-ship and manages to get in a few hits! Beast Boy transforms into Chewbacca and lets out a roar, Cyborg tells him to can it. Robin yells that they're taking heavy fire, so Cyborg tells Starfire and Raven to get the guns. They leave and fire at the three drones tailing them. Raven manages to destroy two before getting hit by the third. It's all up to Starfire; she says she's got this and slowly takes aim. She does it, and lets out a triumphant yell.

Just then the T-ship flies into the central terminal. Beast Boy asks what they're gonna do now, and Cyborg says the only thing that can destroy Binary code is a two. Beast Boy presses a button with two written on it, which causes a missile which also has a two on it to deploy. The missile heads straight into the central terminal and causes a system failure. Cyborg yells they did it, and flies out of the now-exploding station. He says he's now going to fly out just fast enough to make it look like they won't make it out for "dramatic effect". Sure enough, they make it out safely and the station explodes spectacularly. The Titans all let out victory shouts and yell computer squad! We see the decapitated head of the AI float off into space yelling "Hello!" as the episode ends.




  • This episode premiered a year after "Snuggle Time".
  • Sam Panopoulos, creator of Hawaiian styled pizza, is mentioned in this episode. He passed away in 2017, the same year that this episode premiered. 2017 is also significant in that it is the same year that saw a nearly worldwide debate over Hawaiian styled pizza. The debate was started by the President of Iceland who said he would ban pineapple from being used as a pizza topping if he could. These comments started a debate between fans of Hawaiian styled pizza and pizza puritans across the globe.
  • This is the second pizza-related episode of the series. The first being "Truth, Justice and What?".
  • The Binary Code song translates to o<1/2Ç.
  • It is revealed that the Titans have eaten Hawaiian pizza for four years consecutively.


  • The so-called Robot Apocalypse has been mentioned many times in this series in episodes such as in "Lication" and "Staring at the Future".
  • Beast Boy's love for burritos is shown again in the series.
  • Raven is seen unhooded for the 65th time in the series.


  • Robin mentions Sam Panopoulos, the creator of Hawaiian styled pizza.
  • Cyborg mentions Alan Turing and the Turing Test, a means of determining a machine's artificial intelligence.
    • In a Turing Test, a machine and a human are asked questions by a panel, who must determine (from the answers alone) which one is the human. The machine passes if at least two-fifths of the panel guesses wrong.
  • The Turing Test scene with Robin and Pizza Bot is a reference to the 1982 movie, Blade Runner, when Deckard (Harrison Ford) performs the Turing Test on Rachael (Sean Young).
  • Robin becomes immediately suspicious that the Pizza Bot isn't human when it says that he thinks the Titans are cool, an opinion Robin contends no human has ever said. This could reference the much hate and criticism Teen Titans Go! receives.
  • Pizza Robot's head floating in space could be a reference to the head of Unicron floating in space at the end of The Transformers: The Movie.
  • The end of the episode references Star Wars, particularly the assault on the Death Star.
    • The music for the scene sounds a lot like the main Star Wars theme.
    • Pizza Bot has turned into a giant sphere-shaped base. And like the Death Star, it has an exploitable backdoor that can trigger its complete destruction.
    • Beast Boy temporarily turns into a Chewbacca-like animal.
    • When Raven's laser turret is hit, she spins around and makes noises like R2-D2.
    • The Titans escape the exploding Pizza Bot in a dramatic fashion. When it completely explodes, Pizza Robot's head goes flying into space, similar to Darth Vader's final sequence in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • Rob Bot repeatedly says, "Did I do that?", which is the catchphrase of Steve Urkel from the sitcom Family Matters.
    • Also, Rob Bot may be referencing the Family Matters episode where Steve created an Urkel Bot.
  • Raven's '90s outfit is basically a homage of Clarissa's outfit from Clarissa Explains It All.
  • During the song sequence, Cyborg, Beast Boy and the girls wear shades/sunglasses that has resemblances to the "Thug Life" meme.


  • Beast boy is shown eating the cereal pizza however it contains milk which he has said that he does not drink in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition". He was also shown drinking almond milk before this episode in "La Larva de Amor".
  • Having a cereal bowl pizza is logically impossible, because the milk will soak the crust very quickly and nobody is fast enough to finish it before the crust is completely soaked.

Running Gags

  • Pizza Bot repeatedly saying, "Hello!"
  • The Titans shouting, "Computer Squad!"
  • Rob Bot saying, "Did I do that?", after he assaults someone or cause destruction.
  • Robin telling the other Titans to HEED HIS WARNING! but them never listening to him.
  • Robin saying Hawaiiaaan when ever saying Hawaiian pizza.


The transcript for "Ones and Zeroes" can be found here.


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