"Open Door Policy" is the forty-third episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go! and the one-hundred-forty-seventh overall episode of the series.


Still shipwrecked on a deserted island, the Titans try to find food but stumble upon dinosaurs instead.


Still stranded on a deserted island, Robin takes a platter to the Titans, remarking that he thought they'd starve on the island, but was wrong. The Titans feign excitement to eat coconuts again and eventually become frustrated despite their attempts to imagine them as other types of food. Starfire becomes enraged and destroys coconuts with her rage.

Robin tells the Titans they need a new food source, but Cyborg says they only have coconuts (only for it to be destroyed by Starfire). Raven suggests they head to the other side of the island, but Starfire says that is the unexplored side of the island and no can say what they'll find there. After she performs a song, Robin orders the Titans to the other side of the island.

As the Titans travel, they are unable to find anything but coconuts. They eventually come across a clearing where dinosaurs roam. The Titans, however, are excited to discover potatoes in front of them and happily consume them. Raven mentions the dinosaurs, but Robin says he saw them and Starfire says they're currently focused on potatoes.

After eating the potatoes, the Titans register that they saw dinosaurs. Beast Boy says he thought they were extinct which Cyborg says they were as he read it in a book. Raven says they somehow survived on the island for millions of years, untouched by humans.

Robin says they have two options concerning the dinosaurs: start an amusement park or make them their pets. Raven says an amusement park sounds like too much work and Cyborg states that everything will go wrong unexpectedly despite any security measures taken. Robin concludes that they'll be their pets.

Cyborg calls the Brontosaurus, saying its name means "Thunder Lizard", weighs over 15 tons and likes to have its chin scratched. Raven chooses a Triceratops as she has three horns, can grow up to 7 feet long and tough. Beast Boy chooses the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it has two meaty thighs, runs 20 miles per hour, and its teeth can be up to one foot long. Starfire chooses the Pterodactyl due to its 40-feet wingspan, name meaning "Winged Finger", and that she likes to pronounce the silent "p".

Robin claims the Titans picked the dumbest dinosaurs and claims a Velociraptor is ferocious and intelligent which he attributes to himself. He also states that it is the only dinosaurs which can open doors.

The Titans begin arguing which of their dinosaurs is superior and Robin says they make the dinosaurs fight to determine which is the best. Raven says that the dinosaurs have survived for millions of years and are apart of a fragile ecosystem. She questions making them fight without properly training them.

Beast Boy tries training his T-Rex to punch, but it's unable due to its short arms. Cyborg has his Brontosaurus train by shooting a ton into the air. Starfire flies with her Pterodactyl through trees while Raven sharpens her Triceratops' horns and has her spear dummies in the likeness of Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg. Robin, meanwhile, attempts to get his Velociraptor to open a door but it is unable to do so. He shows him how to, but the Velociraptor whacks it closed with its tail.

The Titans prepare for their battle, but Raven says that the dinosaurs are still flesh and blood with lives as fragile as theirs. She questions fighting them without supplying them with battle armor. The Titans outfit them with high-tech armor which Starfire says is remarkable they fashioned with only resources from the island. Raven agrees, saying it sounds far-fetched, but true.

Robin announces that the competition will determine which dinosaur is the strongest, smartest, and best at door-opening. Cyborg has his Brontosaurus attack Beast Boy's T-Rex while Raven has her Triceratops shoot spears at it. Robin orders the Velociraptor to open a door so that they can hide as that's their only chance of winning. Raven goads Starfire into having her Pterodactyl shoot missiles while she counters by having her Triceratops shoot lasers. Robin continues trying to get the Velociraptor to open a door and grows frustrated as he says it's the only reason he picked it.

Cyborg tries to get the Brontosaurus to attack the T-Rex, but Beast Boy has his dinosaur grab the Brontosaurus' tail and flip him over. Raven notices the Brontosaurus' weakness and remarks they finish the battle, but the dinosaurs begin to revolt.

Starfire says it was unwise to make the dinosaurs fight and Beast Boy is scared they'll eat them. Robin decides to find a door to hide behind as dinosaurs can't open doors. The Titans enter a small hut and Raven suggests they lock the door, but Robin reassures they won't open the door. His Velociraptor opens the door and Robin congratulates him only for the T-Rex to grab the Titans and yank them outside as the episode ends.




  • This episode is the third part of the week long summer event of "Island Adventures".
  • This part of "Island Adventures" was shown to the audience who attended the Teen Titans Go! panel at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, July 21, 2016.
  • The title "Open Door Policy" is a reference to the running gag of Robin yelling at the Velociraptor to open a door.


  • When Starfire explains about the Pterodactyl, she says the silent "p" is similar of Robin's silent "p" joke in "Uncle Jokes".
  • The Titans are still stranded on the desert island as a result of the events of "Coconut Cream Pie".
  • This is the 21st time that Beast Boy doesn't use any animal transformations.
  • This is the third time that Robin shows his fondness of potatoes. The first two times were "Second Christmas" and "Spice Game".


  • The episode overall seems to be Teen Titans Go's take on Dinosaur Island, a recurring location from DC Comics that first appeared in 1960 in Star-Spangled War Stories #90
  • A skull appears on the side of the island during Starfire's song "Woo Doo", referencing Skull Island from Peter Pan.
  • Robin says the Titans have the option of using the dinosaurs in an amusement park, which Cyborg says would inevitably lead to disaster despite any security measures taken, referring to the Jurassic Park franchise.
    • Robin's claim that Velociraptors can open doors also refers to Jurassic Park, in which one manages to open a door in the film.
  • The Titans attaching battle armor and weapons to the dinosaurs is a reference to the 80s toyline and cartoon, Dino-Riders.
  • The title "Open Door Policy" refers to the principles made between the United States and China to allow trading in China.


  • Robin`s Velociraptor isn`t actually a Velociraptor, because Velociraptors are small and have a longer snout. Also, raptors have feathers.

Running Gags

  • Raven acting ashamed of making the dinosaurs fight and then suddenly encouraging it.
  • Starfire blasting and saying "Die coconuts!"
  • Robin yelling at the Velociraptor to open a door.
  • The Titans being sick of eating coconuts.


The transcript for "Open Door Policy" can be found here.


Titans discover dinosaurs
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