This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Operation Dude Rescue" from season 3, which aired on May 30, 2016.

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Part One

Titans Tower. Living room.
Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy are shown readying themselves on the couch, combing their hair and tidying their fancy suits. Robin turns around after giving his mouth a spray.
Robin: Ooh! Here they come.
The three boys stand as Raven and Starfire fly past.
Cyborg Good day, ladies.
Starfire and Raven stop in their tracks after the boys bow.
Beast Boy My, my, my, you are a looking lovely.
Starfire: Um, thank you. [backs away]
Raven: Uh, okay. [backs away with Starfire]
Beast Boy: Careful, mamas! [runs and stops in front of them] There's a moist spot on the floor, and I don't want you to step in it.
Raven: A moist spot?
Beast Boy I perhaps have over hydrated myself, miladies. [sips from a cup]
Cyborg: He pee-peed himself and upon the floor.
Robin: Indubitably.
Raven: Ew!
Beast Boy uses his coat to soak the moist spot and lets the girls pass, grossing them out.
Raven: Gross!
The girls are flying towards the kitchen when they see a door and Robin rushes in front of them.
Robin: Please, allow me.
Starfire: This door was not here before.
Robin: We just had it installed so we would have something to open for you ladies.
Robin then tries to open the door but struggles with it. He still manages to open it anyway.
Robin: [Shows his hand] After you.
The girls fly into the kitchen tentatively and find Beast Boy standing at another door.
Beast Boy: [Opens the door] Miladies.
The girls only find more doors with Cyborg and Robin before them as they continue to fly.
Cyborg: [Opens door] Ladies.
Robin: [Opens door]Ladies.
Annoyed, Raven teleports the doors away and she along with Starfire simply fly towards the fridge. They are puzzled by the boys' antics, but proceeds to chill themselves with the fridge's coolness after Raven uses her magic to open the fridge. The boys gasp though and Robin even faints.
Cyborg: [Rushes to Raven] You must be cold.
Raven: [Displeased] I'm fine.
Cyborg: [Pushes the girls away from the fridge] Nonsense. Here, take my coat. [puts his coat onto the girls]
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