"Operation Dude Rescue" is the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth episodes of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-thirty-ninth and one-hundred-fortieth overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: The three male Titans are captured, and the two female Titans must find extra girl power to help them.

Part 2: The female Titans unite to rescue the male Titans from The Brain. To do so, they enlist the assistance of Ravager, Jinx, and Terra.


Part 1

The episode starts out with the boys of the Teen Titans whipping up their looks for the girls. The three wait and finalize themselves on the couch, and Robin quietly announces that Raven and Starfire are about to enter the living room. As they do, the three boys stand up and greet them, the two giving suspicious looks back at them. Beast Boy steps up ahead of him, and he warns them nonchalantly that there was a puddle right in front of him, and the two question him why it was moist. He tells them that he over hydrates with the water, and the girls look at him with confusion. Cyborg and Robin then come up to them and adds on what Beast Boy said, making the females even more disgusted when he laid his coat on top of the pond.

As the two cross over the "wet and leather-y" bridge, Robin moves up ahead of them and stands to a wooden door, and Raven and Starfire become confused...again. Starfire asks Robin why there's a wooden door in the doorway to the kitchen, and Robin says that he installed a new door that he will be able to open for the ladies.

The two go through doors that are opened by the boys, and with a snap of her finger, Raven manages to make all of the wooden doors disappear. The two approach the fridge, and they are greeted by the chilliness and the ice fog caused by the fridge opening. The boys look at them in horror, and Cyborg forces the two to wear his coat, and they did. Seconds later, Beast Boy provides his wet leather jacket to them, and Robin did his. For a few more seconds later, the boys put even more jackets on the girls, making the girls sweaty due to the insulation of heat being kept in all of those jackets.

Raven uses her magic and starts to hurl the clothes at the boys, and she teleports Starfire and herself to the living room, only to be greeted by the boys once again. Starfire tells Raven that the boys have somewhat creatures called the "brainworms" in their heads, and Raven blames the boys with her reason. Beast Boy says that he does happen to have worms in his stomach, but not in his brains. His statement bugs out Raven.

Robin says that the policy the boys were doing was called...Chivalry! Beast Boy says that during chivalry, men were to act like proper gentlemen around ladies, but Raven interrupts that Chivalry was DEAD. Cyborg states that was some terrible news, and Beast Boy lends his coat again. Raven summons a hammer and whacks it on Beast Boy's head, his body going through the floor.

Robin states that, "Chivalry will never die, because being a gentleman never goes out of style," and Beast Boy comes out of his hole agreeing. He goes to Raven and takes out a cat. He strokes it, and says to Raven seductively, "So gentle..." and winks at her, which causes her to feel uncomfortable. Cyborg suddenly takes the cat and starts stroking it as well, except it's even more gentle than Beast Boy's strokes. Robin suddenly takes the cat as well, and strokes it even more gentle than the other two's strokes, declaring that his entire body is a butterfly kiss and uses the cat to whip his armpit. Afterwards the three boys continue to stroke the poor cat who is suffering from their weird touches, and Raven comments how the whole chivalry thing is creeping her out.

Suddenly, the crime alert rings, and as Robin throws away the innocent cat, he and the other boys figure out that it's The Brain who's up to something big again. Starfire offers to help the boys to beat up the Brain with Raven, but Robin tells her to leave this mission to him and his bros, and the boys push the girls onto the couch while Beast Boy puts a thick Eskimo coat onto the girls. Raven questions the boys' seriousness, and Cyborg claims they can't be gentlemen if they can't handle this case by themselves. Raven objects by telling him that he and the other boys should treat her and Starfire as equals, but Beast Boy sees her reaction as she's feeling cold again and he forcefully zips the coat for her, much to the anger she's trying to constrain.

Before heading off to the Brain's secret lair, Robin tells the girls to let them handle the case as they're now "nice and warm" and shouts, "Gentlemen, go!". However, after the three boys reached the lair with T-Plane and using three ropes to enter it, they instantly face armies of Brain Soldiers. Since they were unprepared, they get knocked out one by one and are being put into the jail cell with laser bars. The Brain comments that defeating them is remarkably easy while asking where're the tough ones (referring the girls). The boys (mainly Cyborg) explain that they handle this for the ladies because they're the gentlest men around, but the Brain is dissatisfied as the girls possess so much strength and good sense and it's unwise to face him without them. Beast Boy teases how the Brain doesn't understand chivalry, but the Brain warns he and the other boys to get comfortable as they'll be staying in the cell for a long, long time while walking away with his soldiers...

Meanwhile, the girls are playing with their 3DS-like game consoles when Starfire's T-Communicator rings, telling her that she has received a video call. She and Raven then answer the call, and in front of the TV screen, Robin apologizes that he and the other bros aren't home yet because they got a little sidetracked, but Beast Boy honestly admits that the three of them have been captured by the Brain while Cyborg assures girls that they don't need to worry their pretty little heads about their plight and Robin guarantees that all three of them will bust out and be back the tower for dinner, before they ended the conversation with "Gentlemen, out".

Starfire looks at Raven and inquires the latter that does chivalry entails the boys being easily apprehended and then saved by the ladies, which Raven agrees. But she tells Starfire not to worry as she has got a plan. First, disable the security system; second, take out the Brain's massive army; third, break through the giant metal door; last but not least, save the dudes with her portal, tuck them into bed and make fun of them being caught and acting stupid. Starfire is amazed by Raven's detailed plan; however, she points out that there's only two of them and they need a team. Fortunately, Raven already had a few people in mind, and the two girls set off.

In the meantime, the boys are still stuck in the jail cell. Beast Boy asks how are they going to escape, and Cyborg suggests finding more gentlemen to help them. Robin then stops walking around and states that he has the perfect plan, with Cyborg complimenting him as a genius upon discovering that he has been hiding a hair clip and thinking it as a lock-pick, Beast Boy believes that Robin is using it to remote hack the security systems. Nevertheless, Robin throws away the clip (which is soon destroyed by the bars) and says that they're going to do NOTHING, sit inside until the three of them grow old, disappointing his bros. As Cyborg points out that THIS isn't an escape plan, Robin justifies his actions (using a roll of toilet paper as explanation) by mooting that nobody likes old prisoners because they're depressing and gross, so if they grow old, they'll have a higher chance of being released by the Brain and can save themselves through time-traveling. His bros are impressed with his elaborate plan and follow his suggestion.

At the same time, the girls arrive at Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility via Raven's portal and there they meet their frenemy, Jinx. Starfire amiably greets Jinx and the latter joyously asks them about their purpose of visiting her, believing that they're gonna have a crazy girls' night out together. Hearing Raven replies with "Sort of", she excitedly suggests drinking milkshakes and make one another shoot the drinks from their noses by laughing hard. Raven accepts Jinx's offer, though she doesn't forget to remind her that she's thinking of something crazier and can't do without the latter. Jinx then recruits herself as part of Raven and Starfire's team after Raven promises her to have milkshakes IF they have time, and Starfire shoots out starbolts to free her from her cell. When Starfire is curious of Jinx having a bucket, Jinx sprinkles confetti to surprise them, before the three of them continue their mission.

Later on, Rose Wilson (who probably ran out of prison and is now living under a driving overpass) is shown practising dagger-throwing when she sees Raven arrives with Starfire and Jinx. She is obviously vexed by their visit and interrogates Raven what's their intention, even referring them as losers, only to be retorted by Raven's sarcasm along with Starfire and Jinx's giggling. Although initially annoyed by the three girls' laughing, Rose soon admits that she misses Raven, and Raven returns the same after confessing not having a belly laugh for a long time. In the beginning, Rose is unwilling to join in the girls squad, but as Starfire invites her to have milkshakes together, she reluctantly becomes a member, though she and Raven still refuse to have a group hug offered by Starfire.

A while later, the female Titans, along with Jinx and Rose, reach Trash Hole (once again, with Raven's portal) when Raven senses the presence of Terra, who's combining rocks and debris to create a large boulder. Out of defense, Raven uses her magic to retaliate and smashes it. Witnessing her foiled attack and rival, Terra is obviously piqued. On the other hand, Raven is glad to see Terra being angered and mocks the latter's life by calling the surrounding smell "stinks". Terra replies that it's possible originated from the rubbish Raven and the other Titans have thrown into this place before using more rocks as a revenge, though her attack is blocked by Raven's magic shield. Raven decides to tell Terra that she and the three other girls need her help, but the latter refuses because she holds a grudge on how she is being imprisoned in this dumpster thanks to the former, even when the former offers to let her get out, until she hears that Starfire, along with the former and the two other girls, might reconsider leaving her alone in this hole. Wanting to leave this place desperately as well as avenge herself, Terra changes her mind, much to Starfire's joy. She doesn't forget to deny her intention after she unknowingly voices it out, but Starfire already notices upon seeing how she does the evil hand rubbing, so she lies that her hands were cold and pretends feeling so, before enthusiastically becoming part of the squad.

On the contrary, the male Titans are having no luck. Cyborg and Beast Boy are getting impatient with the time machine (which Robin mentioned earlier) not appearing, until the time machine ACTUALLY appears and their elderly counterparts walk out, with old Robin blaming old Beast Boy's incessant potty breaks. Old Cyborg has a hard hearing, hence old Beast Boy needs to repeat old Robin's sentence, though the old cyborg still can't understand, which irritates the old leader. Young Robin annoyedly gives them a cue to press the button so as to release him, young Cyborg and young Beast Boy. Old Robin, who is indeed OLD, has to rely on the GPS, and worse, not only the old men are approaching extremely slow, but also two of them fall asleep and not to mention that... as young Robin urges him, old Robin accidentally presses the wrong button (which is "alarm" instead of "open") due to his blurry vision, and the old men result getting trapped too.

With the girl squad officially formed, Raven commands the start of "Operation Dude Rescue". Terra, Rose and Jinx follow her order, yet Starfire suggests to pause in order to leave a suspense for the audience, which the three agree. And with Raven being the minority, she has to let part one being left with a cliffhanger, before a "to be continued" scene pops out.

Part 2

Starfire recalls the events of the first half, where she and Raven hesitantly turned to the villainesses Terra, Jinx and Ravager, to help them rescue the boys from the Brain.

But in the end, even if the Brain had been defeated, the Female Titans decide to ditch Robin, Beast, Cyborg and their time-travel counterparts and go have their Girl's Night Out.



  • This is the second half-hour special of the series. The first one was "Two Parter".
  • This is Terra and Ravager's first speaking roles in third season of the series.
  • It seems that the bad blood between Raven and Ravager is resolved, due to them saying they've missed each other, alluding to the time they spent together in "Cool School".
  • At the end, the rivalry between the female Titans and villains seems to be no more, and they became friends.
  • This is the second episode with the word "Operation" being the beginning word of the title. The first episode was "Operation Tin Man".
  • Terrarizer is a pun from the word "terrorizer", which is a reference to the episode title "Terra-ized".
  • This episode reunites Ashley Johnson and Pamela Adlon, whom voiced Gretchen and Spinelli (respectively) in the Disney Channel animated series, Recess.
  • This episode also aired after the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot series episode "Man Up" and "Man Up 2: Still Man-ing" (which is also a two-part episode).
  • Not counting the opening sequence where Starfire and Raven discuss the "Previously On" segment, Part 2 is one of the few episodes in which Titans Tower does not appear.
  • While stroking a pussycat, Beast Boy flirtatiously tells Raven, while winking at her, how "gentle" he could be. This joke seems to be a hidden innuendo.
  • Ironically, Raven and Starfire originally planned to rescue the boys from the Brain, but in the end, they just ditched them instead.



  • The enlarged magic sword Raven gives to Ravager may be a reference to Final Fantasy VII's "Buster Sword".
  • Rose's hideout under the bridge has a drawing of Raphael, who's one of the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • In one scene, Reincarnated Robin (a rat) is seen on Robin's head and holding strands of his hair in each paw. This is a reference to Remy the Rat from the 2008 Disney film, Ratatouille.
  • One of the coats that Cyborg gives to the girls looks like a Hogwarts robe from the Harry Potter franchise.
    • Also, one of the jackets Cyborg holds up is Goose's jacket from the Tom Cruise's movie, Top Gun.


  • Interesting enough, when Raven and the other girls go into the Trash Hole to seek Terra, Terra is still trapped in it, but in earlier episodes, Terra was seen participating in Heads Up Seven Up in "I'm the Sauce" and was seen hanging out with Jinx at the mall in "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" with no conclusion to how she escaped.
    • The reason why Terra was present in "I'm the Sauce" was probably because the Titans made her play Heads Up Seven Up, since they brought several other villains to participate in the activity.
  • Oddly enough, in "Cool School", Raven and Robin sent Ravager back to jail at the end of that episode, but in part one of this episode, she is lounging under a bridge freely, with no conclusion to how she broke out of jail.
  • When the male Titans’ ghosts arrived, they can’t touch the button since it passes through it, revealing that ghosts never touch things as it passes through them. When the ghosts are trapped in jail, they should’ve go through the jail cell by using intangibility.

Running Gags

  • The male Titans trying to act like gentlemen.
  • The male Titans offering Raven and Starfire their coats.
  • Terra accidentally saying her evil plans out loud.
  • The thought about the female Titans and female villains going out for milkshakes being brought up.
  • The male Titans using a time machine as part of their plans to escape.
  • The female Titans and female villains posing for the "girls night" backdrop.
  • The ghost male Titans saying "Boo".
  • Meerkat Beast Boy staring at the audience.


The transcript for "Operation Dude Rescue" can be found here.


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