"Operation Tin Man" is the forty-fifth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the ninety-seventh overall episode of the series.


Gizmo convinces the Titans he has kidnapped Cyborg, but Cyborg is just hanging out at the H.I.V.E. Tower with Jinx. When Gizmo gets annoyed at Cyborg's constant presence, the two of them start a prank war.


The episode begins with the Titans all sitting on the couch doing a hobby. Robin looks around uncomfortably, and gasps, making the others gasp as well. The others wonder why Robin gasps as well, when Robin notices that Cyborg is missing, making the Titans gasp. Robin uses a Titan Tracker (that he implanted onto the other Titans unknowingly) to find Cyborg. When he finds out where he is, he tells the Titans Cyborg is in the H.I.V.E. Tower. The Titans decide to call Gizmo, and he tells them that he would only give Cyborg back for an expensive ransom. Cyborg is in the background with Mammoth and Jinx and is about to tell he is hanging with Jinx, but gets muffled by Mammoth. When they end the call, the Titans go and save Cyborg.

Meanwhile, in the H.I.V.E. Tower, Cyborg gets Mammoth's hands off him, telling them that he smells like his hands smell, and punches him. Cyborg argues with Gizmo about how they wouldn't pay a ransom for him. Gizmo asks how he would look like if he had him hanging around, and Cyborg replies with him as "a baby wearing a jet pack". Gizmo is sick of Cyborg, and asks him to leave. Cyborg tells him to leave, and they keep saying it to each other repeatedly. Jinx blasts both of them on the ground, and asks why they cannot get along, and they say they can't. And she tells them she better not catch them in trouble, and walks off, and they say "Okay" multiple times and in variations. By that time, the Titans arrive, and do "Operation Tin Man" to save Cyborg, but get flung out of the Tower by a spring trap.

Later That Night....

Gizmo is about to tell everyone about his plan to destroy Jump City, and tells that his first step is- Cyborg interrupts him and says next time they'll get him on the potty. Gizmo asks Jinx if Cyborg asks if he has to be with them and Jinx says "Yes." Gizmo then shows the files when suddenly Cyborg hacks the screen, and shows pictures of Gizmo as a baby, making Mammoth, See-More, and Billy Numerous laugh. Gizmo gets angry, and Cyborg keeps insulting him, embarrassing Gizmo in front of his teammates, making him even angrier.

A Little Bit Later....

Cyborg hands Jinx a soda, while Gizmo in the background, uses a system that controls Cyborg, Jinx asks if Cyborg is okay, and Gizmo makes Cyborg spill soda on Jinx. And even make him slap Jinx's soda on the ground. And Cyborg starts to move uncontrollably and cries. Gizmo mutes Cyborg's voice and can't talk, and Jinx asks what happened to him. Gizmo makes Cyborg say bad things in front of Jinx, and even says they should break up. He makes Jinx run away crying, when Gizmo makes him conscious again, laughing.

The Titans are about to head to the H.I.V.E. Five as German Tourists in disguise in order to save Cyborg, they practice their stories, then arrive at the entrance. However though, Gizmo doesn't like Solicitors and blasts them with multiple lasers. Jinx asks what happened, and Gizmo just says he doesn't know, when Cyborg trips him and giggles. Jinx figures out that the two are pranking each other and uses her hexes to send them into Gizmo's room. Cyborg says his room is boring, and Gizmo says he just has devices to destroy the Titans with. Cyborg says the device is too loud and fixes its noise, and they use it to prank the Titans, which leads into exploding the Tower. Gizmo and Cyborg walk off as they laugh together.

Jinx is glad to see her boys finally getting along, and the two call each other best friends (forever). Suddenly, the Titans arrive crashing with the T-Plane, and Robin shoots rockets and lasers at the H.I.V.E. Five as they all scream. Starfire grabs Cyborg and they go in the T-Plane. Robin blasts the H.I.V.E. Tower and flies away, as some of the Tower falls down with the H.I.V.E.. The episode ends after this.



  • There was slight confusion regarding when this episode was supposed to air. Comics Continuum had incorrectly listed this episode airing on June 29, 2015, when it was actually "Beast Man" that aired on that date.
    • This is partly because Cartoon Network had reshuffled the schedule for both Teen Titans Go! and Regular Show.
  • This episode aired one day after Cyborg's birthday.
  • Mammoth, See-More, and Billy Numerous are heard laughing in this episode. This marks the first time any sounds from See-More and Billy Numerous are heard.
    • However, they are uncredited with any voice actors in the credits.
  • This episode premiered as a new episode on the second day of the 100th episode celebration.
  • This is the second episode to be aired on a Tuesday since "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • Viewers learn that Robin placed a tracker on each of the Titans without their knowledge.



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Tin Man, a character from The Wizard of Oz, a series of books, which was also adapted into a film in 1939 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. The name is also one of many insults Gizmo brands Cyborg with from the original series.
  • Cyborg sarcastically calling Gizmo "fearless leader" mirrors Raphael doing the same to Leonardo in a running gag in both the 2003 and 2012 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • When the Titans are kicked out of the H.I.V.E Tower the first time, if you look far back into Jump City, there is a peak top of a building that looks like New York's Empire State Building.


  • Raven doesn't have her cloak for a scene, but in the next scene, she suddenly has it.
  • When Gizmo's drone took away Beast Boy's sandwich, he accidentally bites into nothing, and there's a sound effect that indicates his teeth broke, but it's unclear.
    • It's also very possible that he bit his fingers instead.
  • When the Titans rescue Cyborg, they have burnt hair, etc., but when Starfire flies in and saves Cyborg, she is completely fine.
  • When Gizmo hacks Cyborg, arcade games are in the background. All of the games have out of order signs, but then the signs disappear, and then come back again.
  • Although dressed as "German tourists", the outfits that Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire wore were related Swiss yodeling.

Running Gags

  • The Titans gasping.
  • Cyborg and Gizmo pranking each other.
  • The Titans failed attempts at "rescuing" Cyborg (eventually succeeding in the end).
  • The Titans failing at the German personas.
  • Cyborg and Gizmo saying "you leave" at each other.
  • Cyborg and Gizmo apologizing.


The transcript for "Operation Tin Man" can be found here.


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