He appeared along with the other Opposite Gender Titans to help fight Madame Rouge with the Teen Titans.


He has pink hair in an afro style and pink eyebrows, both the same colour as Starfire's.  He wears a dark purple outfit with a light purple belt, gloves, and boots.  He has green eyes and wears glasses.  Also, he can construct green energy bolts from his hands just like Starfire.


  • When he says, "Lamma Lamma Shu Mu," this is most likely a reference to Starfire saying, "Shamma Lamma Mu Mu" in the Season 1 episode "Uncle Jokes."
  • His opposite gender name isn't revealed, but if it were, it would be Firestar, most likely. Also, since Starfire's true name is Koriand'r, his true name would be And'rkor, due to the fact that both words in Starfire's name are merely swapped.

Episode Appearances

Season 4

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