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"Opposites" is the forty-first episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the forty-first overall episode of the series.


Cyborg and Jinx fall for each other and carry on an illicit good/evil romance, even though the Titans and H.I.V.E. disapprove.


The episode starts with Jump City bank exploding, revealing it to being robbed by the H.I.V.E. Five. They all get screen shots of them selves while showing what they can do while doing damage to the city. On another building, the Teen Titans look upon the H.I.V.E. in disgust, except Cyborg, who looks at Jinx with longing. He starts giving off looks while Jinx is using her powers to destroy stuff. Beast Boy notices and tells the other Titans about Cyborg's crush, who all agree to this. Cyborg immediately protests, but is pointed out by Raven that he always insists on battling Jinx out of the H.I.V.E. Cyborg argues that it is for "tactical reasons" while throwing out a box of chocolate with Jinx's name on it. Robin tells him to prove that he does not have any feelings by battling her. Robin then yells "TITANS GO!" and they leap into action. Robin fights with Gizmo, Starfire targets See-More, Beast Boy crushes Mammoth as a whale (and then gets thrown off), and Raven blasts the attacking Billy Numerous. Cyborg approaches Jinx from behind and taps her on the shoulder. They both get into a fighting stance and Cyborg says "Hi". Jinx uses his talking to her advantage, and uses her hex to crush him into the ground. Cyborg, however, just giggles. Robin and Beast Boy quickly defeat their villains and Beast Boy tells Cyborg to take Jinx down, who is starting to stomp on Cyborg's head. A spring board pops out of Cyborg's back launches Jinx into the air, saying that he will give her a "Monster Bear Hug". His hands suddenly turn into teddy bears and catches Jinx, taking her into a hug. He then sniffs her hair, which slightly disturbs Jinx. Starfire, who was punching See-More, notices this and tells him that "that is not the Bear Hug". Jinx escapes Cyborg's grasp while he tries to cover his obvious doings, saying that "It's time to bring out the big guns". He blasts a container at Jinx and when it hits her, pink flowers fall out of the sky around her, confusing Jinx. Raven, who has capture Billy Numerous in her soul-self, questions the flowers, which is replied with "she has really bad allergies". Cyborg is then knocked in the head with a bundle of flowers, surprisingly knocking him to ground. Robin, who had Gizmo tied up, complained that Jinx was going to get away, and when Cyborg looks, Jinx had escaped. While the Titans complained about the meeting they were going to have because of Cyborg's goof-up, the rest of the H.I.V.E. quickly sneak away.

At the Tower, Robin restates that they have to do something about Cyborg's crush on Jinx. Cyborg had pulled up up a holographic picture of Jinx, but quickly hid it when he realized what they were talking about. Robin then summons Starfire to explain one of the rules in the "Official Superhero Charter of Condor" (O.S.C.C), which is "No superhero shall take romantic interest in a villain". Cyborg argues that it does not say that and blasts the file Starfire is holding. Afterward, he admits that he is only "pretending to have a crush" on Jinx, so he can "lull her into a false sense of confidence" which none of the Titans believe. Starfire asks him if he has been eating bologna. Cyborg then states that he is going to defeat Jinx at a coffee shop at that instant. When Robin asks how he knows that, Cyborg states that he "knows every thing about her". When he realizes he said that out loud, Cyborg quickly puts in that he knows because she is his enemy. Before he leaves, he checks himself in the window to see if he looks good.

At Yum Yum Kitty Diner, Jinx is looking through a menu while Cyborg watches her through his robotic eye and takes a picture, which Jinx hears. Cyborg then processes the picture through his mouth and stares at it longingly. Jinx the looks over her chair and makes her presence known. Cyborg quickly puts the picture back in his mouth. Jinx then leaps over him, and smashes the table, sending Cyborg through the roof of the shop. Jinx leaps after him. Jinx readies her hexes and asks if he has been following her, which he replies that he was actually tracking her. He then launches another container at Jinx, who cringes at the anticipation of an explosion. The container lands at her feet however, and lifts to reveal a slice of blue berry pie. Jinx tastes it and her eyes sparkle, saying that it is her favorite. When Cyborg tells her he knows, she says that's creepy, which Cyborg replies with another "I know". Jinx then tells him that it's creepy in a romantic way and kisses him, which results with them somehow getting electrocuted. They fall to the ground and stare at the sky smiling. Cyborg asks if they are a couple, and Jinx says she would like that. They suddenly sit up and think about the consequences if their team members found out about their relationship. Cyborg looks at Jinx, smiles, and blows up a smiling, heart-shaped balloon out of his hand and gives it to Jinx saying that they will have to keep their relationship a secret. They kiss again and get electrocuted.

At the H.I.V.E. Five headquarters, Jinx is staring lovingly at her balloon when Gizmo walks by and notices. He asks her where she got the balloon and Jinx tries to hide it. She replies that she "stole it from a baby". Gizmo asks if she is lying, which she replies with "me? lie?" and an awkward silence. At the Titan Tower, Cyborg is processing more pictures of Jinx and sticking them to his "bed", and starts singing about loving Jinx. Robin makes his presence known by clapping slowly to Cyborg's ridiculous singing and dancing. Robin starts to push Cyborg to admitting that he has a crush on Jinx, but Cyborg keeps making excuses. Robin starts to walk away, but doesn't watch where he is going and runs into the wall. Cyborg keeps singing and dancing.

A few amazing days later, Cyborg and Jinx are sitting on a bench, and Jinx is eating strawberry ice cream. Jinx wonders how long they can keep their relationship a secret, but then Robin and Gizmo show up accusing them of dating. They quickly make up an excuse that they are battling over Jinx's ice cream and do a very obvious pretend fight. When Gizmo asks if they think he was born yesterday, they say yes, he then starts crying. Robin then tells Cyborg that he is forbidden to see Jinx again, Gizmo agrees, and they start to drag them away from each other. Cyborg and Jinx walk away miserably.

Back at the H.I.V.E. Tower, Jinx is once again staring at the balloon Cyborg gave her, but this time in pure sadness and with tears. Gizmo confronts her and tells her to get over Cyborg. Jinx tries to cover up her sadness by saying that he is her enemy, but can not contain herself and cries, saying she'll never be able to see Cyborg again. Gizmo then says that they can see each other, but only in battle. This does not help, and Jinx's tears send him into a wall. Gizmo, still stuck to the wall, changes his mind and says that she can date him, but Jinx complains that it will never work out because they are evil, and finally convinces Gizmo and the rest of the H.I.V.E. to convert to good and to become crime fighters.

A little while later, the H.I.V.E. Five are standing on a building while Jinx explains that the police scanner says that there is a crime in progress at their current location. Gizmo looks over and realizes that they were at the Bank they had robbed before. Suddenly, there is an explosion in the Bank and the Teen Titans emerge, each one with a bag of money. They get their own screen shots while destroying parts of the city. The Titans start to escape when the H.I.V.E. get in their way. Jinx asks what they are doing and Cyborg explains that he got the Titans to turn evil for them, and gets surprised when she tells him that she got the H.I.V.E. to turn good. The Titans and the H.I.V.E. start battling while Jinx and Cyborg start arguing about them ruining their relationship. Finally, Jinx blurts out that she never wants to see Cyborg again, while he tells her he can't wait to put her in jail. The fighting stops and the Titans and the H.I.V.E. leave, knowing they have finally come to their senses. Cyborg and Jinx glare at each other, and then look away. Jinx breaks the silence by saying that this is goodbye, which Cyborg agrees to. There is another silence, and then Cyborg asks her on another date next week. They immediately reconcile their relationship then smile at each other and kiss, once again somehow getting electrocuted.




  • This is the first episode to have a separate story-line revolving around a villain. This is also the second episode to feature scenes without any of the Titans in them (unless one doesn't count Silkie as a Titan, then this would be the third).
  • This episode was leaked before officially airing onto online video services, due to episode order being rearranged.
  • This episode chronologically takes place before the previous episode.
  • The relationship between Cyborg and Jinx is similar to the brief one they had in the original Teen Titans episode "Deception".
  • This is the first episode to show the H.I.V.E. Tower.
  • Due to a mistake, the promo for this episode aired a week early.
  • Gizmo is revealed to be the leader of the H.I.V.E., unlike the original series, where Jinx was the leader.
  • It's revealed that Jinx has bones in her hair, as seen by her X-Ray when she was electrocuted (though this may have been done as a joke).
  • Live action footage of a baby's face is used when Gizmo asks if he was born yesterday.



  • To demonstrate her point, Starfire uses pictures of the Joker and Harley Quinn, marked with "OK", but pictures of Hawkgirl and Two-Face are marked "NO!" It also shows Superman and Catwoman as another example.
  • When Cyborg is leaving the Tower, he has claws similar to Wolverine from Marvel Comics.
  • The first background that was seen when Cyborg and Jinx are sadly walking away is similar to where the victory screens takes place in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. However, this episode aired months before the game came out, so this must be a coincidence.


  • This episode should have debuted before the previous episode chronologically.
    • The order was fixed when released in other countries.
  • Raven says that Cyborg always insists that he fight Jinx in all of their H.I.V.E. Battles. However, Cyborg has never fought Jinx prior to this episode (save for "Power Moves" where he and Beast Boy fought her together).
    • Although Cyborg may have fought Jinx off-screen.
  • When the Titans capture the H.I.V.E., Raven has several Billy Numerous clones trapped in a net made from her soul-self, but a few seconds later there is only one Billy Numerous clone and he's bound with rope.
  • When Gizmo asks if he looks like he was born yesterday, Cyborg and Jinx are lying on the grass, but in the next shot they're standing up on the pavement.
    • It could mean that they stood up.. extremely quickly

Running Gags

  • Jinx and Cyborg getting electrocuted whenever they try to kiss.
  • Cyborg attempting to win Jinx's heart.
  • Cyborg not admitting to the Titans that he likes Jinx.


The transcript for "Opposites" can be found here.


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