After the Mysterious Prism was gulped down by Silkie, Orange Silkie (along with four others) came to being. This orange-shaded larva is technically Silkie, but more specifically the fifth of him that displays ceaseless hunger.

"Some of Their Parts" introduced Orange Silkie in Season 2, and so far this has been his solitary appearance.


Briefly, at the beginning of the episode, Silkie swallowed an intriguing crystal that separated him into five parts. Here we saw Orange Silkie for the first time. Robin wasted no time in bringing the whole Silkie back, commenting that someone is greater with all their characteristics.

However, later in the episode, Robin breaks his philosophy and divided himself into 5 emotions of himself. The ray gun he utilized is snapped by Magenta Robin (to make sure he's not re-combined), and the crystal goes flying- right into Silkie's mouth again. Starfire and the others beg the reappearing Silkie's Emoticlones to stop the dictatorial Robins. So, each one of them engage in a 1v1 battle. Orange Silkie, the emotion that displays unmatched hunger, is pitted against gray Robin, the one with overlying paranoia. The scared entity of Robin is running from the battle, afraid of combat. Little does he know that a mouth watering for Robin waits before him- Orange Silkie swallows him with one gulp. After all 5 Robins are defeated, Orange Silkie is reunited with the other five.


Some of Their Parts Image64

300pxParanoid Robin looks pretty chill about being digested.

Obviously, the main defining characteristic of Orange Silkie is that he's colored orange instead of the customary pink of Silkie. His body is divided into A head, thorax, and abdomen with six stubby legs poking out from the last two sections. A stinger -like tail protrudes from the back of his abdomen, and it's colored a darker orange. Atop Orange Silkie's head are a pair of antenna, and he usually has his eyebrows slanted down in an angry position. Dark circles can be seen on the top of his body. Unique to Orange Silkie is his razor sharp maw and ability to expand it, making his unquenchable eating easier.

Episodes Appearances

Season 2

Teen Titans Trivia

  • When Silkie eats the crystal to be separated, he's displaying his Orange Silkie side.
  • Orange Raven, Orange Beast Boy, and Orange Cyborg are all the lazy side of their respective characters, but the lazy side of Silkie is Grey, usually a timidity color.


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