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"P.P." is the 5th episode of the seventh season of Teen Titans Go!, and the 317th overall episode of the series.


While stopping a museum theft, the Titans encounter the P.P. Goblin, who uses the Titans' pet peeves against them.


The P.P. Goblin is stealing a bowl from the museum. After he steals it, the Titans arrive at the building to stop him. Once the P.P. Goblin tells them his name, Beast Boy starts to laugh because he thinks it means "Pee Pee." Frustrated, the goblin explains that it is an abbreviation for "Pet Peeves." Then, the Titans ask if he can reveal his plan, but he says that he isn't gonna reveal it. After him hearing a lot of begging for his plan, he summons all the Titans' (except Beast Boy's) Pet Peeves and escapes out of the museum.

In the next scene, the Seal is training his Pet Peeve, and the Titans are getting annoyed by theirs. Starfire wonders why Beast Boy has no pet peeve, so he explains it's because nothing bothers him. Robin thinks that if they ignore them, they'll go away, but Beast Boy claims that their pet peeves are gonna get worse. Then Robin absorbs Starfire's pet peeve, which is him flexing his muscles including his buttocks, and Cyborg absorbs Raven's pet peeve, which is him singing while eating a sandwich. Up next is Starfire, which is her cutting her nails, much to Cyborg's chagrin. and finally Raven absorbs Robin's pet peeve which is her drinking every last drop of her drink slowly and then crunching on ice. As the others argue about their pet peeves, Cyborg sings a song about how upset everybody is. Beast Boy stops their argument and tells them to master their pet peeves by clearing their minds, which is clicking the off-switch in their ears and train them with a pet clicker. Robin refuses to sit down, but after a long moment of refusing, he gives up and sits down, acting like a dog. After a training montage, Beast Boy thanks them for mastering their pet peeves and Robin trained his to track down the P.P Goblin. The others follow where it's going.

Later, it turns out that the P.P Goblin's home is a hole in the forest. But in his lair it's the opposite of what one expects an evil lair to look like. He tells them they'll never discover his plan before it's too late, and continues to refuse to tell them what it is. It turns out they're in his pit of peeves and he has mastered his pet peeves too, but Robin says they've done the same. The others give attack by training their pet peeves to attack the P.P Goblin. Just when it seems they've outmatched him, he claims they'll never stop his evil plan, which is actually a breakfast casserole. The Titans are confused at first, but quickly get over it when they see how delicious it is. The episode ends with everybody cheering.




  • Titans' Pet Peeves (debut, only appearance)
  • P.P. Goblin's Pet Peeves (debut, only appearance)



  • The episode's title is the abbreviation for the term "pet peeve(s)".
  • Beast Boy is the only character in this episode who does not have a pet peeve.
  • The pet peeves have possessed the Titans doing hobbies:
    • Robin flexing his body
    • Cyborg having a singing voice
    • Raven drinking a soda, (even if she is doing it loudly)
    • Starfire cutting her fingernails and toenails.


  • Starfire is shown wearing pink toenail polish on her toes again, just like in "Stockton, CA!".


  • Beast Boy mistaking the initals "P.P." for the act of using the bathroom references a similar scene in the Animaniacs episode "No Pain, No Painting", where Yakko notices that Pablo Picasso has the same initals on his smock, causing Dot to claim that it's disgusting.



  • At one point of the episode, when Starfire reveals her bare foot, it shows that she still has her boots on if you look closely.
  • Robin's pet peeve is Raven drinking every last drop of her drink, but in "Rain On Your Wedding Day", his pet peeve is people incorrectly using the word "irony".

Running Gags

  • P.P. Goblin yanking the chains about his evil plan.
  • The Titans getting annoyed by each other's pet peeves.


The transcript for "P.P." can be found here.


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