"Par for the Course" is issue #2 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


Tempers flare as Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg enjoy a "friendly" game of mini-golf. Meanwhile, Raven and Starfire hit the arcade!


Robin is angry with Beast Boy for he thinks he's cheating at mini golf by using his powers to his advantage. Robin is making a big deal out of it because they made a bet and if Beast Boy wins, he gets Robin's cape. If Robin wins though, he gets to turn Beast Boy's room into his own dojo and he'll make Beast Boy sleep in a dog crate.

Meanwhile, Starfire, seeing the boys' intensity, thinks mini golf is violent and is about to smash a hole when Raven stops her and explains that it's actually a very calm and simple game and the boys are just being intense about it because they made a bet which turns people into idiots. She doesn't like mini golf anyways so she and Starfire head to the arcade.

Then it's Beast Boy's turn again and he is about to tee off as an elephant. Robin points out how unfair this is and they argue. Robin eventually accepts that Beast Boy will use his powers and as Beast Boy tees off, Robin destroys his ball with a batarang. Beast Boy is now annoyed how Robin is cheating and Cyborg eventually settles it with a new bet...

Meanwhile, Raven and Starfire are at the arcade. Raven shows Starfire the claw machine, but Raven just uses her telekinesis to win a prize.

Cyborg has settled the new rules for Robin and Beast Boy's game. The new bet is that if Beast Boy wins, he gets Robin's cape and utility belt, but if Robin wins, he gets Beast Boy's room and Beast Boy has to give up electronics for a month, which includes Cyborg. Cyborg then sort of refs the game and announces that there are really no rules, so there are no restrictions on powers or weapons. Beast Boy and Robin constantly stop each other from doing well and eventually resort to all-out fighting during the game.

Then Starfire screams for them to stop and announces that she would like to join the contest for the last hole and if she wins by getting a hole in one, that all previous bets are off and Robin and Beast Boy must go back to being friends. She takes a shot...and misses, barely. This enrages her and she causes a huge explosion which blows up the course but also makes the hole bigger, so she gets her hole in one. This enrages the owner, the Riddler, who is also mad that Raven stole the Pretty Pretty Pegasus doll from the claw machine. He then bans the Teen Titans for life. Robin and Beast Boy want Raven to use her powers to repair the course, but she replies, "Don't bet on it."



  • It is revealed that Robin likes to wear his cape because the coolest superheroes wear capes and because it distracts from the fact that he apparently has a really weird-looking neck.
    • However, in some episodes, his cape is revealed to be a two-piece.
  • The heroes he mentions that wear capes are Batman, Superman , and Wonder Woman (on formal occasions).
  • When Beast Boy is talking about the stuff he might use Robin's cape for if he wins, one thing he said he might use it for is to rip it up and use it as confetti the next time Speedy does something better than Robin. This also shows more of Speedy's similarities to Robin and their competitiveness, as shown in the episode The Date.
  • When violently playing mini-golf, Starfire destroys a Darkseid statue prop.
  • It is hinted that Riddler owns the place (before he is revealed at the end) when Raven and Starfire first head to the arcade. A sign reads "Eddie's Arcade." The Riddler's real name is Edward Nigma.
  • Raven's love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus is shown again as the only thing she does at the arcade is use her telekinesis to take a Pretty Pretty Pegasus doll from a claw machine.
  • When Starfire blows up the last hole, a ripped Superman cape is seen hanging on one of the flags. This references the cover to The Death of Superman.
  • The mini golf course's holes are filled with DC references. They include: a Titans Tower hole, hitting the ball into Scarface's mouth (the doll of the Batman villain The Ventriloquist), hitting the ball into the mouth of a giant Joker card, a giant Green Lantern power battery (vaguely similar to the giant one that powers the Green Lantern planet of Oa), a Fortress of Solitude hole, a hole entitled "Bottle Hole of Kandor" (the capital of Krypton that ended up bottled by Brainiac), a Dr. Fate-themed hole (complete with the Helmet of Fate and ankhs), a second Dr. Fate hole (this time with the Tower of Fate), a hole with the ground etched into the symbol of the Flash, a Plastic Man hole, a Gorilla Grodd hole, a Guardians of the Universe hole (the founders of the Green Lanterns), a Hall of Justice hole (with the Super Friends-era Hall of Justice), a Starro hole, a Bane hole (The Dark Knight Rises variant), an Aquaman's trident hole, a Red Tornado hole, and a hole with the swamp base of the Legion of Doom.
  • The mini golf course is also called "Crisis in 18 Holes" referencing the big DC event: Crisis on Infinite Earths, which helped DC retcon many things in their lore for the first time.
  • The arcade game's names are also filled with references that combine the names of real arcade games with DC references. They include: Need For Speed-Force (Need For Speed and the Speed Force, which supplies the Flash's and other speedster's powers), Richard Double Dragon (Double Dragon and the DC martial artist thief Richard Dragon), Whack A Mon-El (Whack A Mole and the DC hero, Lar Gand/Mon-El who is often associated with the Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman, and Superboy), Wild Cat's Punch-Out (Mike Tyson's Punch Out and the DC hero Wildcat who was a world-class heavyweight boxer), Mystery In Space Invaders (Space Invaders and the DC series Mystery In Space), and Final Time Crisis (Time Crisis and the third DC crisis, Final Crisis). There are also others that are cut off.
  • There is also some sort of machine or something with free Green Lantern rings.
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