"Picnic" is issue #59 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It will be included in Volume 5.


"Picnic"! Well everyone but Raven, who doesn't quite understand the invitation/riddle and is about to explode from frustration.


Evening falls upon Titans Tower as the team settles in for the day. To pass the time, Beast Boy and Cyborg are reading through a book of brain teasers, trying to stump each other. When Cy asks which is heavier, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers, Beastie idiotically answers bricks. Overhearing the fool, Raven tells him that they're both a pound in weight, but then she goes back to her Goth Boy book... riddles are just a waste of her time. Figuring that the brain teasers can make them smarter, Beast Boy and Cyborg go back to questioning each other. But Raven, with her superior wit, can't help but interject—she effortlessly answers all of the riddles, sometimes before Cyborg and Beast Boy can even finish them!

Robin meets up with the three Titans and is excited to see them playing mind games. back at the Batcave, Alfred actually taught him a riddle that could even stump people as smart as Wonder Woman... he's going on a picnic, and he's bringing raisins. Who else want to come?.. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven are perplexed. They have absolutely know idea how to answer that riddle—in fact, Raven doesn't even KNOW if that's the riddle.

Picnic (Cyborg)

Nice calculations, Cyborg.

However, Starfire seems to get the idea. When she offers to bring sandwiches, Robin accepts her into the picnic. Seeing a pattern, Cyborg also understands the challenge. He dresses up as a Swedish chef, then tells Robin that he'll pack cinnamon buns. Cyborg is also allowed to go to the picnic, but at this point, Raven thinks the riddle is just completely nonsensical. According to Cyborg, though, there's actually a pattern. He tries helping out the befuddled Beast Boy by sounding it out for him ("Rrrobin is bringing rrraisins...Ssstarfire is bringing sssandwhiches"). Figuring "Ssyborg is bringing sssinamon bunsss," Beastie declares he's bringing a salad, but it's a total swing and a miss. However, after learning that Cyborg's name actually starts with a "C" (come on Beast Boy...), Beast Boy solves the riddle... he's bringing burritos!

Now the only one who hasn't gotten the riddle, Raven blows the whole thing off as stupid (in Español). Starfire feels they might need to dumb it down for her, but Raven claims she's already figured it out. When Robin tests her, though, she offers to bring a picnic blanket; a good answer, but not the answer he's looking for. The other Titans kind of feel bad for her ignorance, but Raven starts getting angry...

Later that night, Raven can't help but obsess about the brain teaser. Breaking into Robin's room, she abruptly wakes him from his slumber to give a few answers: watermelon and potato salad. She's not even close to the answer—or close to answering at a reasonable time of day—so Robin orders her outta there. The next day, the riddle still lingers on Raven's mind like a bad song. She gives keeps on giving answers throughout the day, even when they're battling the H.I.V.E., but it's not use... they're all wrong. After the day's crime-fighting is over, Raven rummages through the fridge, searching for whatever food it could be. Seeing that the riddle is eating her alive, Cyborg offers to surrender the answer. No riddle is too hard for Raven, though, and that little comment was her breaking point. The demon within her takes over, so the Titans run for their lives. Raven angrily says that while she might not have guessed what food to bring to the picnic, she'll bringing something for sure... RAGE!!!

Hiding within a cupboard, Robin congratulates Raven: she can now go on the picnic! While she's confused at first, Starfire explains how she got it—she guessed something that started with the first letter of her name. Finally understanding the brain teaser, Raven brags that she IS super-smart after all. Having enjoyed the riddle, she asks for another one, but the other four Titans stealthily creep away... maybe another time.


Picnic (Raven)

MC Raven

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  • It is revealed that in spite of her intelligence, Raven is not ALWAYS an expert at solving riddles.
    • However, by the end of the story, she seems to have an interest in proposing riddles instead.



  • Raven is seen reading a book with Goth Boy on the cover. "Goth Boy" originally made minor appearances in the Teen Titans series and in the New Teen Titans DC animated shorts. He was also occasionally portrayed as a few of Raven's love interests within those continuities.
  • Robin's poster of himself with the caption "I Want You for Picnic" is obviously a reference to Uncle Sam's "I Want You for U.S. Army".
  • When Cyborg guesses cinnamon buns for the riddle, he briefly dresses up and talks like The Swedish Chef, a character from The Muppet Show.
  • A pizza box near the end of the comic features the face of The Ray, a DC Golden Age superhero who has energy superpowers similar to Starfire. Apparently, he has his own "Original Ray's" pizza company in Metropolis.

Running Gags

  • Raven being the only one who struggles to solve the riddle.


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Picnic (Beast Boy)
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