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"Pirates" is the third episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-fifth overall episode of the series.


Aqualad asks Raven out on a date, which makes Beast Boy extremely jealous. Meanwhile, Cyborg tries to prove that Aqualad is really a pirate.


The episode begins one beautiful afternoon at the bottom of the sea, as Aqualad relaxes while watching TV. His television show is suddenly interrupted by Robin, who asks him to bring as many shrimp as he can and meet them as soon as possible. Aqualad uses his powers to summon an army of shrimp, and they all head for the top of the ocean. Aqualad arrives at the beach on Titans island, shocked to find there is no threat. Aqualad asks Robin what the big emergency was, and Robin explains there was no emergency, he just needed him to bring shrimp for their beach cook-out. Before Aqualad can say anything, a net is lifted out of the ocean, carrying all of the shrimp.

Aqualad sits down at their picnic table and sadly waits while the rest of the Titans enjoy eating all of the shrimp he brought. Cyborg encourages Aqualad to try some because they are delicious. Aqualad begins to chew them out because they are eating his partner. Then, Aqualad notices that Beast Boy isn't eating any shrimp, but just a plate of carrots. Aqualad asks him if his teammates usually eat people's friends. Beast Boy explains that, for the most part, his team is pretty cool, especially Raven. Beast Boy then tells Aqualad how cool Raven is. While he is explaining, he then makes eye contact with Raven and gives her a quick wink, and lovingly stares at her until Aqualad asks him if he is talking about "the little dude with the hoodie." Appalled, Beast Boy runs over to Raven and pulls her hood off, revealing to him that she is female. Raven becomes angry and pummels Beast Boy several times until he falls over. Beast Boy makes his way back to his seat next to Aqualad and dreamily tells him she is pretty dark (which he thinks is cool) but also has a light inside her but sadly seems to always play "hard to get.". Aqualad can't keep his eyes off Raven and tells Beast Boy that he will go talk to her. Thinking that Aqualad is acting as his wingman of asking Raven out for him, Beast Boy happily encourages him.

Aqualad sits next to Raven and compliments her hood. Raven and Beast Boy both become shocked by his comment, and Beast Boy becomes enraged. Aqualad tells her that he will meet her that night for a date. With that, Aqualad disappears into the ocean. Beast Boy falls on his knees in shock, unable to grasp what just happened. Robin explains it to him simply, Aqualad asked her out on a date in front of him. Cyborg tells him that he should have never trusted a pirate. Robin suddenly stops and asks Cyborg why he thinks Aqualad is a pirate. Cyborg tells him that because Aqualad comes from the ocean, he's a pirate. Cyborg asks Starfire to back him up, but Starfire does not know what a "pie rat" is. Cyborg explains that a pirate is a swashbuckling thief who sails the seas. He uses the example of Aqualad just now stealing "Beastie's girl.". Beast Boy becomes saddened and runs screaming back to the Tower. Raven doesn't seem to care and continues eating her shrimp.

Later that afternoon, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire relax on the couch. Aqualad enters the living room riding on a turtle and asks where he can find Raven. Robin begins to explain that she is in her room, but Cyborg interrupts him. Cyborg explains to Robin that he needs to speak in Aqualad's language for him to understand. Cyborg transforms his hand into a hook, his foot into a peg leg, and puts an eye patch on his right eye. Cyborg explains in "pirate language" that Raven is "Three doors down on ye starboard side.". Aqualad sarcastically asks if she is down the hall, and Cyborg tells him that he is correct. Because Aqualad understood "pirate language," Starfire also becomes convinced that Aqualad is a pirate. Aqualad stops outside Raven's room and slips a note under her door. Raven picks up the note, which reads "You + Me, and the sea, 8:00 PM to ♥ o'clock".

Surely enough, Raven arrives at the Titans Island beach at eight o'clock, where Aqualad is waiting. Raven grumpily asks him what he wants, and he tells her that they're having a date. Raven points out that she never said "yes"; Aqualad points out that she came anyway. Embarrassed, Raven points out that he is standing on a turtle's face. She continues to point out that he is always standing on sea animals. Aqualad shushes her with his finger and puckers his lips up. Thinking that he is taking a bold move, Raven backs away. Aqualad stops her and tells her to wait, then puckers his lips up again. This time, he blows up a bubble that surrounds both of them. The bubble sinks below the water, and Aqualad steers the bubble to a clearing in the coral.

Suddenly, several sea creatures jump out with instruments and begin playing a big musical number (similar to "Under The Sea" from Disney's The Little Mermaid). Raven angrily assumes that Aqualad wants her to fall for him because he is showing her some dancing and singing fish. Aqualad tells her to wait for a second and stares toward the fish. Three large sharks sneak up behind the fish, then suddenly begin to attack. Raven watches in shock as sharks begin to smash, eat, and chase all of the innocent fish. Raven becomes excited and gives Aqualad a big smile.

Later that night, Aqualad steers the bubble right outside Raven's window. Aqualad then removes Raven's hood and tells her that she should wear it down more often. He puts a fish skeleton in her hair like a hair clip, and she begins to blush. Raven kisses Aqualad on the cheek then exits the bubble. She tells him "good night" and floats into her room. Beast Boy in hummingbird form flies next to the bubble, then pops it with his beak. Aqualad falls to the ground but lands safely in a bush. Aqualad asks Beast Boy what he is doing. Beast Boy transforms back into his human form, then begins yelling at Aqualad to lay off "his girl" Aqualad explains to Beast Boy that Raven wants someone who can match her intensity. Beast Boy argues that he can be intense, and begins to strain himself by stretching his face muscles to make an intense face while screaming. Beast Boy suddenly becomes very weak and tired. He once again tells Aqualad to lay off of "his girl" then passes out. Aqualad doesn't seem to care and walks home.

The next morning, Raven (with her hood off) stares at her reflection through one of the living room windows. Raven admires her hair clip from Aqualad. She quickly puts her hood back on when she hears Starfire's voice. Starfire comments that she looks adorable today and asks Raven how her date with Aqualad went. Cyborg and Robin cut in, and Cyborg asks Raven if Aqualad has shown her his "pirate booty" yet. Raven takes advantage of the thought and starts giggling. She quickly stops herself and replies with a simple "No." Robin begins to argue with Cyborg again, that Aqualad is NOT a pirate. Cyborg argues that they have yet to officially see whether or not he is a pirate. Beast Boy runs into the room and stops right next to Raven. Beast Boy begins straining his face again, trying to make an intense face and screaming. Raven becomes filled with disgust and asks Beast Boy what he is doing. Beast Boy tells her that he is trying to be intense for her. Raven tells Beast Boy that he is not intense and that he is the opposite of intense. Once again, Beast Boy becomes weak and passes out.

Suddenly the elevator rings and Aqualad enters the room, once again riding on a turtle. Raven floats over to him, and all Aqualad can say is "Ready Raven?" before he is interrupted by Cyborg. Cyborg tells Aqualad that he has got something for him. Cyborg reaches behind himself and pulls out a parrot, which he places on Aqualad's shoulder. Starfire comments that the parrot looks so natural upon Aqualad's shoulder. Cyborg puts on some special robot glasses, equipped with a "Pirate detector.". Cyborg scans Aqualad, and the detector tells him that there is a 300% chance that Aqualad is a pirate. Aqualad pushes the parrot off of his shoulder and turns to Raven. Aqualad asks Raven if she wants to go see some fish skeletons over by where the piranha hang out. Raven accepts his invitation but is stopped by Beast Boy, who is dragging on the end of her cloak. Raven pulls her cloak free from his hands, and Aqualad tells Beast Boy to "step aside, little goblin.".

Beast Boy explodes with anger and tells Aqualad that he smells like fish. Aqualad calmly argues that Beast Boy is the opposite of what Raven wants. Beast Boy screams that he does not understand why anyone can look at Aqualad. Aqualad calmly asks Beast Boy "Have you seen me, goblin?". Raven interrupts their argument, telling them that they cannot fight over her. She then explains that they cannot fight over her UNLESS it is to the DEATH! Raven uses her magic to teleport everyone into a death-match arena. She places Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg in the audience and equips Beast Boy and Aqualad with medieval weapons. Raven explains that she will go on a date to see the skeletons with whoever wins. Aqualad attempts to be mature, and offers out his hand to Beast Boy, willing to discuss some truce. Determined not to lose Raven, Beast Boy transforms quickly into a tiger and jumps onto Aqualad.

Beast Boy transforms into an octopus and begins swinging Aqualad around with his tentacles. Beast Boy throws Aqualad into the air, transforms into a shark, then jumps up and chomps on Aqualad. Beast Boy lands on the ground, spits him out and transforms into a gorilla. Beast Boy pins Aqualad down and begins to pummel him with his large fists. Beast Boy transforms into a bear and begins to attack Aqualad. Aqualad is barely able to hold Beast Boy back, propping his arms and legs against him. Raven floats over and asks Aqualad why he isn't fighting back. Off-screen, Beast Boy overpowers Aqualad and begins biting, scratching, and chewing on him. Aqualad doesn't answer Raven's questions and begins screaming "OW! MY EYE! WHY ARE YOU EATING MY EYE?," followed by another scream "NO! NOT MY HAND! GET HIM OFF OF ME!" Raven finally decides to call off the fight. The camera shifts to reveal Beast Boy (as an alligator) chewing on Aqualad's leg. Raven teleports everyone back to the Tower.

Aqualad barely stands up, covering his eye with his left hand. He tells Raven that she is dark before realizing his right hand has been crippled and passes out. Raven simply replies "yeah" and floats out of the room. Beast Boy runs after Raven, following close behind. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg walk over to Aqualad, who fainted on the floor. Starfire asks why Aqualad didn't defend himself. Cyborg explains that he was wondering the same thing and scans Aqualad once again with his "pirate detector" The detector now tells him that there is a 0% chance that Aqualad is a pirate. Robin smiles and brags that he told Cyborg that Aqualad wasn't a pirate. Robin whips out his staff and begins to poke Aqualad. When Aqualad doesn't move, Robin decides that they should get him to a hospital.

In the hallway, Beast Boy catches up to Raven and asks her if she wants to check out those skeletons now. Raven then explains that she said, "to the DEATH!" Beast Boy saddens, wishing that he had gone after Aqualad's throat when he had the chance. Beast Boy again strains himself, making an angry intense face. Then, once again, he becomes weak and tired, then falls over and passes out. Raven floats over to Beast Boy with a "terra-ized smile" and says that even though it wasn't to the death, it was "still very intense, you little goblin." Raven slowly bends over and gently kisses the sleeping Beast Boy on the forehead, which all went unnoticed by him.

Meanwhile, in the Jump City hospital, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire are waiting to see if Aqualad will make it. Suddenly the curtain is ripped back, and Aqualad is sitting up in his bed. The eye that Beast Boy damaged is now covered by an eye patch, and the hand that Beast Boy smashed is now covered with a hook. Aqualad also has a red headband and beads hanging on a few locks of his hair. Aqualad screams in a pirate voice, and the parrot then flies in and lands on Aqualad's shoulder. Aqualad climbs out of bed, revealing his right foot is now covered with a peg leg. Aqualad points forward, and his hospital bed sails forward across the floor. The hospital bed smashes through the window, and Aqualad escapes. Cyborg gasps with excitement at the sight when he realizes that he was right about Aqualad being a pirate all along.



  • Wil Wheaton reprises his role as Aqualad from the original series.
    • This is his first major role in the series.
  • This is the first episode where Beast Boy confirms his feelings for Raven, calling her "his girl", and displaying extreme jealously towards Aqualad throughout the whole episode.
  • This is the first episode in the second season without a villain,.
  • This is the first time Raven kisses anyone in either series.
  • This is the first episode since "Be Mine" and the first of the second season to have two million viewers, making it the highest rated episode of the whole series at the time, with 2.175 viewers.
  • Aquaman is seen as a skeleton when Aqualad calls his army of shrimp (oh dear...).


  • Raven is seen unhooded for the seventh time.
    • This is the first time Raven is seen angry with her four eyes while unhooded.
  • The footage of the crashing car off the cliff is reused from "Driver's Ed."
  • The music heard and the scene of Aqualad with the shrimp mirrors that of a scene from "Staff Meeting" after Robin teams up with the Universe Staff.
  • This is the seventh romantic-themed episode of the series. However, this is the first romantic-themed episode of the second season.


  • A reference to Disney's The Little Mermaid and Bedknobs & Broomsticks is made when Raven and Aqualad are watching the dancing and musical sea creatures.
  • The fish in the TV show Aqualad is watching looks similar to the fish in the Disney animated series, Fish Hooks.
  • This episode was written by Adam Tierney, a game designer at WayForward. He has been involved with two games based on DC properties: Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League Heroes: the Flash.
  • Aqualad's pirate form is similar to Captain Jack Sparrow, a buccaneer from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
  • The Howie Scream is heard while Starfire is thinking about the "pie-rat".
  • When Aqualad is getting to know Raven, the background music changes to a romantic medley that is almost similar to an RnB song title "Body Party" by RnB recording artist Ciara.
  • Beast Boy turns into a Tiger and pounces on Aqualad like in the original show when he turned into a lion and pounced on the brainwashed Aqualad.
  • In the "Shrimp and Aqualad" part, the shrimp appears to be holding a sub-machine gun based on a MAC-10 or an Micro Uzi.


  • When the three Titans are sitting on the couch, you can clearly see Starfire sitting at the middle of Robin and Cyborg. But when Aqualad enters the room, you can see Cyborg siting in the middle of Starfire and Robin.
  • When Cyborg checks Aqualad for being a pirate and gets 0%, he's looking at his back, but when the screen switches, he is shown looking at the front of him.
  • When Aqualad is telling Raven that she is dark, his nose is missing.
  • When Raven tells Aqualad that he's standing on the turtle's eyeball, he's actually standing on its head.
  • Raven rejects Beast Boy, saying it was "to the death", even though she was the one who told him to stop earlier.

Running Gags

  • Beast Boy displaying intense emotion, before passing out.
  • Aqualad attempting to win Raven over.
  • Aqualad calling Beast Boy a "goblin".
  • Cyborg telling Robin that Aqualad is a pirate.


The transcript for "Pirates" can be found here.


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