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The Pizza Bot is an A.I. created by the Titans in the episode "Ones and Zeroes".


The Titans except Robin were tired of Hawaiian pizza, so they tried thinking inside the box but nothing happened, so they decided to build an A.I. that makes pizza, Robin refused to have one of those because it was dangerous when he made an Artificial Intelligence of himself, but the other Titans didn't heed, so they decided to build one anyways as a Computer Squad, using a binary code. after they finished, they took the robot (wearing a jacket and gloves) to meet Robin, then they take him to the kitchen so the robot can make the Titans a pizza that has never been made, then it made even more, and take over the world. but the rest of the Titans use the T-Plane to fly inside the Pizza Death Ball Bot and fires a missile with a 2 on it in order to defeat it.

Episode Appearances


  • A running gag throughout his debut episode was how he repeated "Hello" incessantly.
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