"Poetry Jam" is the 40th issue in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


After Robin's pathetic poetry for Starfire jams up the toilet, the Titans shrink down to bite-size so they can go unclog the blockage. But Robin has more to worry about a clogged toilet- Starfire might get a glimpse of his horrid poems!


Robin is frantically running through the Tower, trying to find a safe-space tow work. The main lobby is already occupied by Starfire and Cyborg playing charades, and Raven's busy meditating in the closet. While Batman lives in the Batcave and Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, Robin, with nowhere else to go, Robin has to opt for the bathroom. He pathetically settles to work on his scribble pad...

A few hours later, Beast Boy's at the door, desperately needing to take a leak. When he gets no response, he transforms into a snake to travel under the door. In there, he finds Robin reciting the Green Lantern oath. Beast Boy's a little confused at his choice of self-expression, but as he grabs one of Robin's papers, he realizes Robin's trying to write a poem for Starfire. Most of it is nonsense... some of the "poems" are just checklists of all her features. Fearing for the dignity of his friend, Beast Boy rips them to shreds, saying that Robin would die of shame if he gave one of these pieces of trash to her. Robin tearfully realizes this, imagining her mocking him for not being able to rhyme with orange. Beast Boy's about to explode with pee, but first Robin has to flush down all the poems. A rumbling sound starts to come from the toilet, and suddenly the whole thing overflows!

Beast Boy transforms into a shark to compensate for the waves, but the two Titans end up in the living room with a bunch of water and sketchy poems. Cyborg wants to know what's going on, and Beast Boy can only can spout off about a mysterious "blockage." The two Titans quickly head off to try and collect Robin's wet poems, leaving the others to enjoy the pool party. Cyborg has an idea, though: the blockage can be solved with his new shrink ray. Raven thinks he's over-planning for the situation, but a plunger definitely won't solve the leak. Heading off to his shop, Cy grabs his not-so-safe shrink ray (which might cause smallness for over four hours, permanent smallness, or small warts) and blasts the four Titans. They now all fit in the palm of his hand and need a magnifying glass to be seen. To enter the toilet, Cyborg shrinks to about a seventh of his size and gears up into the form of a submarine. Raven is absolutely disgusted by the adventure, and Robin tries to get her and Starfire to stay. But unfortunately for him, Starfire's ready for the voyage and the "tailed creatures," and so the Titans head into the bowl.

Instantly regretting his decision, Cyborg swims through the green water, giving the Titans a nice look of all the sewage. Robin, hoping Starfire won't see any of his embarrassing writing, tries to get Starfire to turn away. He gets a good scare when she start shouting she can "see it,", but luckily for him, she is only talking about the "tailed ones," or rats. The rodents are getting a little too close for Cy's comfort, so he asks Starfire if she can get the rats to swim away. Exiting the sub/Cyborg with a snorkel, she eagerly approaches the rats, wanting to adopt them as pets. Robin begs her to get back in, but when they start chomping on Cyborg, that's when Starfire realizes they're unworthy of her kindness. Seeing a rat with one of his poems in his teeth, Robin also heads out of the sub and pushes Starfire out of the way to keep her from seeing. She accidentally hits an water pipe, and all four of the poor rats get sucked into a drain. Angry at Robin for not trusting her, Starfire heads back to Cyborg Cruises. But Robin's just happy the poems were undiscovered as he shoves one down into the depths.

Finally, the Cyborg intercom sounds that the team has reached the blockage- a huge mound of white boulder rocks. Raven is amazed at how big of a TP jam it is, and Robin's more worried than ever his terrible poems are about to be uncovered. Fortunately for him, Beast Boy's got his back. He turns into an octopus and heads out the sub hatch and into the water, tickling Cyborg against his wishes (and too bad for him, he laughs and takes in a huge gulp of toilet water. Disgusted more at Robin's expression of love than the water, Beast Boy starts blasting some of the paper with his ink. From the sub, the other three Titans are able to see the blockages being removed. Raven realizes that the paper is actually just a bunch of shoddy Robin poetry. Robin fearfully denies it, but the evidence is right there. Raven reminds him of his previous attempts at writing poetry, like the time he karate-chopped a thesaurus for not having a synonym for "Starfirelicious."

Beastie re-enters the sub, claiming to have removed all the paper, but Cyborg is like "what?!" Not a single piece has been dislodged. He also vows revenge for the tickling incident from earlier. Starfire reluctantly volunteers to head out into the sewage again, but Beast Boy and Robin once again plead with her not to. Raven just mocks them, saying that for one, she can't deal with the shame of Robin's failed love attempts. Leaving the sub by herself, she summons up dark magic, and in a demonic flash of pitch black light, the Cyborg sub pops out of the sewers in Jump City.

The Titans are finally free, but Robin is far from free from his troubles. Some of the citizens are reading his pathetic rhymes, and he quickly tries to subvert them with Birdarangs, claiming its toxic waste. Raven jokes that even toxic waste is more romantic. Suddenly, one of the townspeople reads aloud "Wings of a love bird/Bright is the night star of fire/World-saving couple." The citizen's nearby girlfriend, in love with the 俳句, agrees to marry him. Starfire also adores the poem, hoping someone can write one like that for her someday. Robin is aghast at her taste for horrible poems. Then Starfire turns to Beast Boy, doing some kind of tap dance. She asks him if he's just joyful for seeing the couple become engaged, but Beast Boy still just has to pee...




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