"Posers" is issue #62 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


The Titans are shunned by social media elites when a bad after-action photo reveals them as "Posers." Can they finalize a successful stance in time to defeat their next great menace?


It's Mother's Day, and while most moms are taking it easy, Mother Mae-Eye is celebrating with a pie attack on Jump City. But before she can rain down too much terror aboard her pie hovercraft, Robin's able to knock her out of the sky with a Birdarang. And just like that, the Teen Titans save the day. Paparazzi gather around the team and take pictures, but the disgusted look on the fans' faces after the photo-shoot say something is definitely wrong...

Posers (Pose)

Robin/Raven tie for ugliest.

The Titans are back at the Tower and catching up on some news. Cyborg and the others are real eager to watch Snapper Carr give his report, but it's not exactly good news. Yesterday after the battle, the photographers captured images of the Titans striking absolutely hideous poses: Beast Boy's morphed into a grotesque animal, Raven's got puffy lips and crossed eyes, Cyborg looks like a weak-circuited robot, Starfire's smile is half her face, and Robin is just plain ugly. The Titans waste no time in smashing the TV, but that won't help—Raven points out that the whole INTERNET is mocking them already. People are now even coming up to the Tower to mock them in person (but Beast Boy puts and end to that with his scary T-Rex form). As the Titans look around the living room at all their pictures, they realize that ever single one is a monstrosity. Robin orders the team to immediately strike a magnificent pose, but the result is so bad that they spontaneously combust. Robin (smashed to a pulp) realizes they'll have to go on a hunt for posing inspiration.

Cyborg starts his quest on the computer, figuring a bunch of good poses can be found online. But there's a big problem: after uploading data of the Titans, the system deems the Titans "unfixable." His computer goes into the AI equivalent of a mental breakdown, so that's not gonna work. Beast Boy decides to go a different route, heading into the zoo in disguise. After all, he can be any animal he wants, so he's bound to find some king of cool pose there. But when a squirrel rips off his cover, the animals suddenly recognize him as one of the ugly posers and go on laughing rant. So much for animal loyalty. Meanwhile, Starfire's flown off to New York City to get some pose insight from the Statue of Liberty. But wouldn't you know it, even an UNALIVE STATUE mocks her about the recent photographic catastrophe. As for Raven, she's chosen to go the route of necromancy. Unfortunately, even the evil spirit she summons knows about the horrid picture. Robin's trip back to the Batcave isn't that fruitful, either. He manages to get past all the security (which is ridiculous, since he's LIVED here before), then imitates some awesome Batman poses. Too bad Alfred was there taking pictures of his failed attempts to look cool...

Eventually, the Titans head out to the Hall of Justice to take a look at how REAL superheroes pose. The team's excited to see the Justice League out there, looking more valiant than ever. Sadly for Robin, the heroes leave before he can have a word for them. However, Cyborg did manage to get his yearbook signed by the League, and in it is some valuable advice from Superman: "just be your best self." Robin calls up a news conference... he's got an idea.

A special assembly has gathered in Jump City to hear the Titans. They can barely hold back laughter, but Robin goes ahead with the speech anyway. He starts apologizing for the embarrassing photo-shoot from earlier—they've brought shame to the city, but now they're ready to bring back the honor. The team, taking Superman's advice to heart, strikes a truly courageous pose, one that draws positive attention from the crowd. But before the praise really get started, a dark shadow looms over the audience, and suddenly everyone is splattered with ice cream... Mother May-Eye is back! And she's got loads of cream!

After every almost every square inch has been covered with ice cream, the Titans flee back to the Tower. Robin tries to convince the cream covered team that they made Mother May-Eye retreat, but she actually just went to go reload with whipped cream. What's worse is that the Titans just made the front page again, and fleeing from ice cream isn't exactly the best pose...


Posers (Robin)

R-R-Robin the leader!

Posers (Justice League)

Where's Hawkwoman?

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has her first speaking role in "Poses."

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Statue of Liberty (2)

The Statue of Liberty with a copper torch instead of gold-plated. Doesn't matter much, but still.


  • The Statue of Liberty's torch's fire is green instead of gold. The fire at one point was green, but that's before it was replaced in 1986.[1]

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