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"Power Moves" is the thirtieth episode in the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the thirtieth overall episode of the series.


Beast Boy likes doing power moves with Cyborg, but when Robin starts doing power moves with Cyborg instead, he gets very jealous.


The episode begins with the Teen Titans arriving in downtown Jump City to stop the H.I.V.E. Five's destructive rampage. Before Robin and the others can jump into action, Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to try out some power moves together. Using a

Power Moves

projector, they explain how a power moves is when two superheroes combine their powers into a powerful "power" move. The other Titans sit back and watch the duo use their first squid-ink power move to defeat See-More. Unimpressed, the Titans criticize their work. Cyborg and Beast Boy try out two other power moves (consisting of bowling and centaurs) on the other H.I.V.E. members, but fail to

Beast boy feels left out.

impress the other Titans every time.

Suddenly, Mammoth jumps out from behind Cyborg and Beast Boy, seconds away from smashing them. Robin and Cyborg react quickly, and attack the villain with their gadgets. Cyborg's Sonic Blast combines with Robins bird-a-rang mid-flight. The result is a gigantic, continental explosion, launching Mammoth far into the distance. Robin suddenly becomes very

What a Crazy Costume.

intrigued by the power moves, and orders a retreat to the Titans Tower to practice some more.

Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven are relaxing at the Tower when Robin and Cyborg burst in, practicing new soda-grabbing power moves. Beast Boy becomes envious of Robin for spending so much time with his best friend (he even turns down video games with him). The two jetpack away, and so Beast Boy decides to find a new partner to practice new moves with to compete. However, Raven will not cooperate at all.

Meanwhile, Robin and Cyborg merge many of their gadgets in the garage, creating a talking bird-a-rang and a walking boom box. After partying for a bit, they try to merge their sandwiches. But the end result is just a peanut butter and jelly mess, which Robin creepily licks from his face. Cyborg, obviously creeped out, decides to head off. But Robin, obsessed with merging powers, urges Cyborg to stay...

Meanwhile, Beast Boy has found a new power move partner in Starfire. They are atop the Tower, attempting a new move, "The Flaming Spiked Ball of DEATH!" Beast Boy transforms into a porcupine and jumps off a hot air balloon, and Starfire lights up with a purple flame. He instantly regrets this, and plunges into the Tower, a face full of flames. He crashes right next to Cyborg, then proceeds to insult the duo for being merge-obsessed. But Robin's gone off the deep end... he's now living inside Cyborg's body cavity! Cyborg isn't on board, however, as Robin annoys him by taking over his legs, forcing him to eat tons of food, dress up like a banshee, play basketball, and

The Ultimate Power Move.

having a lit party inside of him with their inventions. Merging bodies eventually drives Cyborg crazy, so he tries to punch, smash, and even gas Robin out. Robin, as usual, grows power hungry by taking over his very sentience. The other Titans show up and ask Robin to leave his body, but he remains obstinate and instead chooses to unleash power moves upon them. The Titans hide behind the couch from their Birdarang Barrage, and then come up with an idea... Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire work together to create one ultimate power move: Starfire riding a dark magic armor-covered triceratops Beast Boy while wielding a black magic sword covered in green flame. Robin sees this and bails immediately, but the charge doesn't stop, and Cyborg is slashed for no reason at all. Despite being cut in half and exploding, he thanks Beast Boy for saving him. Robin, parachuting down, is at first confronted by Beast Boy, but Robin praises the new power move, asking if he can be worked in somehow. The four Titans walk into the elevator, brainstorming on how Robin can join in, leaving Cyborg scattered in pieces all over the floor, asking timidly for help.



  • This is the first episode where the preview has not been posted on the Cartoon Network website before the air date. (It was, however, posted on other sites a few days in advance, though later than usual).
  • Even though Gizmo is with the H.I.V.E., he doesn't get beaten up by the Titans. He probably got caught in the explosion, though.
  • This is the first time that Birdarang said something other than his usual, "What's up, fellas?"
  • Silkie does not appear in this episode, and the seagull in front of Titans Tower is absent.
  • Robin keeps referring to his powers in this episode, even though it's usually a common joke that he doesn't possess any powers.
  • This is the first episode in which Jinx appears and doesn’t have any lines.
  • Beat Box's animation is in 3D while he's walking.
  • This is the first time that Robin is the main antagonist of an episode.
  • The power moves used by the characters are as follows:
    • Freeze-arang: Superman covering Batman's batarang with his freeze breath (Batman + Superman)
    • Power Ball Shuffle: Cyborg shooting ink out of squid Beast Boy (Cyborg + Beast Boy)
    • Thunder Alley Knock-Out: Beast Boy in gorilla form, using Cyborg's head as a bowling ball (Beast Boy + Cyborg)
    • Centaur Kick: Cyborg's torso on Beast Boy in horse form, before kicking an enemy (Cyborg + Beast Boy)
    • Power Rang: Robin's birdarang combining with Cyborg's Energy Bolt (Robin + Cyborg)
    • The Spider Squish: Raven slamming Beast Boy into the wall (Raven + Beast Boy)
    • The Flaming Spiked Ball of Death (failed: Beast Boy in hedgehog form falling through the air while lit with a starbolt (Beast Boy + Starfire)
    • Birdarang Barrage: Robin shooting birdarangs out of Cyborg's arm cannons (Robin + Cyborg)
    • Ultimate Titans Power Move: Beast Boy in triceratops form, suited with armor made by Raven's dark magic, while Starfire rides carrying a sword (also made by Raven) that has been lit by a starbolt beam (Beast Boy + Starfire + Raven).
  • There is a activity book with the same name as this episode:


  • This is the third episode that Raven is seen unhooded or without her cloak. This time, she's seen unhooded. The first was "Laundry Day" and the second was "Meatball Party".
  • The talking birdarang from "Books" re-appears here. However, its origin seems to have been made clear in this episode, showing that "Power Moves" was supposed to air before "Books," and was therefore made before "Books" as well.
  • Robin taking off with Cyborg as a jetpack is the exact same way Beast Boy did so in "Colors of Raven".
  • When Starfire shoots a starbolt at Beast Boy in his hedgehog form, it's purplish-pink instead of its normal color, green. This also appeared in the previous episode, "Starfire the Terrible." However, her eye-lasers in the 'Ultimate Titans Move' are still green.
  • It appears that Cyborg still has a love for pie, as Robin was forcing Cyborg to use his pie-flinging attack from his arm (first seen in "Pie Bros"), along with other actions programmed into his body, such as the steam blowing action ( first seen in "Terra-ized"), and a body brushing action.
  • Beast Boy is seen playing the recurring video game Bubble Bots from "Double Trouble" and "Burger vs. Burrito."
  • The Justice Java café from "Driver's Ed" returns.
  • Cyborg is once again seen playing chess. He previously did so with Robin in "Starliar".
  • Beast Boy's exclaim, "Yeeaaaaaaah yeah, boy!" was reused from "Artful Dodgers". This soundbite would be used regularly throughout the series.
  • This is the ninth time Cyborg's head has been detached from his body. ("Laundry Day", "Hey Pizza!", "Gorilla", "Tower Power", "Burger vs. Burrito", "Matched", "Books", "Lazy Sunday")


  • While explaining the concept of a "power move", Cyborg shows the Titans a short video clip featuring Batman and Superman, who combine one of Batman's batarangs and Superman's freeze breath into a power move to defeat Darkseid.
    • In the demonstration, Darkseid makes the running sound effect from Scooby Doo.
  • When Beast Boy and Cyborg are demonstrating their power moves, the design and movements are the same as the 1990's battle arcades.
  • The "Centaur Kick" may be a reference to Cyborg riding Beast Boy as a llama in the original series episode "Nevermore".
  • The "Power Rang" move could be a reference to Cyborg and Robin's "Sonic Boom" move from the original series episode "Divide and Conquer".
  • Aquaman is seen on a sign for Fashion Fishy, one of the stores that Robin forces Cyborg into.
  • The game Whack-A-Mole is referenced when Cyborg tries to whack Robin with a hammer as he pops out of Cyborg's body.
  • Before Beast Boy and Starfire do their power move, Superman's theme and the Man of Steel theme combined can be heard. 
  • Beast Boy says WWE superstar Dwayne 'Rock' Johnson's phrase, "Know your role."


  • Cyborg didn't seem to be concerned when Jinx is hit, despite having a crush on her. However, it's possible that Cyborg didn't have a crush on her at this point, or may have known she was able to withstand it.
  • Beast Boy was able to kick Jinx accurately, despite not being able to see inside of Cyborg.
  • Robin calls out "Batarang Barrage" when he is actually firing birdarangs, as well as the backdrop saying "Birdarang Barrage".

Running Gags

  • Robin and Cyborg creating new power moves together.
  • Robin refusing to leave Cyborg's body.
  • Robin making Cyborg try new weird combinations of everything.


The transcript for "Power Moves" can be found here.


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