Prank'd! is issue #9 of Teen Titans Go!


How do the Teen Titans kill time in between missions? By making prank calls, of course! But what happens when Beast Boy prank calls...Batman?!


One morning, Robin enters the living room to find Beast Boy and Cyborg snickering around the phone. Beast Boy pranks the caller on the other end, angering him. Before the caller on the other end can finish his threat, Beast Boy hangs up and bursts into laughter. Cyborg joins him, and the two laugh up a storm. Robin turns to Raven and asks her what is going on. Raven explains that they are prank calling other superheroes. Beast Boy tells him that the last place they pranked was The Batcave.

Robin becomes terrified as he wonders aloud what Batman will do to them when he traces the call back to them. Cyborg tells him not to worry, because he bounced the phone signal across six satellites and four continents, thus the call is untrace- Before Cyborg can finish his sentence, their phone begins to ring. The five Titans duck behind the couch. They all slowly peek up to see the phone, which is still ringing. Robin orders everyone not to answer it.

Once the ringing stops, Robin stands up and orders the Titans to initiate "Evacuation Plan B". He orders Starfire to get fake glasses from the disguise trunk, and Raven to order five plane tickets to the swamps of Borneo. Lastly, Robin orders Cyborg and Beast Boy to stay away from the phone. With a "Titans, GO!", everyone exits the room except Beast Boy and Cyborg. The duo faces each other with sinister grins. Beast Boy asks Cyborg if he has one more number they can prank call, and Cyborg finds a random number for them to use. Beast Boy dials the number, and a deep voice answers on the other end. Beast Boy tells the voice on the other end that his name is "Heywood Yapinchme" (Hey, would you pinch me?).

The voice on the other end is revealed to be the Gordanian leader. The leader repeats the name, and immediately gets pinched by one of his minions. Angry, the leader asks another minion where the prank call originated from, and the minion tells him it came from the earth. The leader speaks to his army to stop their current invasion of the planet Hny'xx, and change their course for earth. When one of his minions asks him why, the leader tells him that the planet earth will not be allowed to get away with such an insult.

Back at Titans Tower, Robin, Starfire, and Raven enter the living room wearing dorky glasses for their disguises. Raven doubts that anyone would fall for such terrible disguises, but Starfire doesn't recognize her. Robin announces that they have twenty-five minutes before their plane out of the country leaves. Beast Boy tells Robin to chillax, because he worries too much. Awkward silence fills the room as Robin begins to think.

Suddenly one of the windows explodes, knocking down all of the Titans. They all glance up to see a ship floating outside the window. The leader of the Gordanians stands atop the ship, asking them where he can find "Heywood Yapinchme". Each of the Titans backs away from Beast Boy, leaving him to face the problem. Starfire explains to the group that the ship is a Gordanian Battle Cruiser, Mark IV. She continues to explain that the Gordanians are one of the most brutish and warlike races in the entire universe.

Raven suggests to Beast Boy that he apologizes, before it is too late. Beast Boy refuses, arguing that it was only a prank call. The Gordanian Leader yells at Beast Boy, because he had "sullied the honor of the Gordanian Empire". The leader announces that they will now reduce the earth to burning cinder. Beast Boy assumes that the leader is playing his own prank back on him, and doesn't worry a bit. He explains that they cannot destroy the earth with only one ship. Almost instantly, an entire fleet of Gordanian Battle Cruisers surrounds the earth. Beast Boy, still thinking this is a prank, becomes shocked at the great lengths the leader is going to. Starfire tells Beast Boy that the Gordanians are known for being vicious and brutal, not for being jokesters.

Cyborg comes up with an idea, and pulls out his cell phone. He quickly dials a number and lets it ring. Hearing his phone ring, the Gordanian leader quickly runs back into his ship and answers it. Cyborg tells the leader that it is Heywood Yapinchme, and that the leader is stupid, because he is nowhere near the earth. Cyborg hangs up and tells the other Titans that he had solved their problem. The Gordanians look back at the caller ID and realize it was Cyborg. They instantly blast the Tower with a giant laser beam, causing severe damage to their living room.

Starfire thinks that maybe they want cookies, and speeds into the kitchen to make them some. Robin also has an idea, and grabs Cyborg's cell phone. Robin dials the number and tells them that he is calling to confirm their order of stilts, calamine lotion, and an apron marked "kiss me, I'm a wimp!". Very annoyed, he cannot believe that they prank called him AGAIN. Raven asks Robin why he called the aliens again, but Robin tells her he didn't call the aliens. He explains that he did, however, redirect the signal.

On board the alien ship, the Gordanian leader is seconds away from giving the order to destroy the earth. The leader suddenly hears a deep voice behind him that says "I believe you have an apron for me?". The leader turns around to find himself facing a dark, shadowy figure. The figure tells him that if he thinks making prank calls is funny, then he should watch out for caller ID. Batman slowly steps out of the shadows, filling the Gordanian leader with absolute terror. The leader screams Batman's name, and every person in his army begins to scream. Every single ship in the fleet retreats, flying far away from the earth at light speed.

Starfire enters the living room with a tray of cookies, disappointed that they did not want to try her cooking. Robin explains to Cyborg that he prank called Batman, but redirected the call so it looked like it came from the Gordanian ship. Cyborg is impressed and tells Robin he is like an evil genius. Starfire points out that they have all learned a valuable lesson: they should never make prank calls. Raven announces that she is glad that they don't have to deal with that again. Each of the Titans turns around to see Beast Boy on the phone once again. The voice on the other end answers, and Beast Boy asks if he successfully reached Darkseid.



  • This is the first time Batman has made a non-cameo appearance in the entire Teen Titans Go! franchise.
    • This is also the first time in the Teen Titans Go! franchise where Batman appears as both serious and intimidating, similar to his appearances in other media. In every other Teen Titans Go! appearance, Batman has been portrayed as neither serious nor intimidating.
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