"Precog-Sniffin' " is issue #37 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


"Beast Boy is ready to save the world using his new superpower-the power to smell the future!"


The Teen Titans are at the Tower screwing around like usual; Beast Boy has somehow got Cyborg to wear a cuddly bear costume, Starfire "tricked" Robin into drinking orange juice with a hint of pineapple, and Robin has colored hearts all over Raven's robe. The Titans are puzzled as to how Beast Boy can escape pranking, though. Robin tries throwing a ball at him, but somehow he's able to SMELL it coming and dodges, and Cyborg takes the hit instead. It turns out that Beast Boy was wandering around Raven's room, and his nose picked up the amazing power to see into the future. Raven is furious at the pest, and the other's just laugh at his ridiculousness.

Suddenly, Beast Boy gets a whiff of something like a grandma's feet, dirty diapers in a hot car, and Robin's morning breath, and Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg are disgusted by the description. But Raven recognizes it as the smell of an oncoming demonic apocalypse! Robin asks Beast Boy can get any more clues about the impending doom, and he reports that it smells like cheap cologne. Raven figures that's probably her father Trigon with a hot babe in a Mustang. Apparently, her dad is in the middle of a midlife crisis, and she frets it will bring out his wrath on the planet. Starfire asks how he can be soothed, and Raven remembers how he took a timeshare at Mexico...

At Jump City, Beast Boy in dog form is sniffing out a hot rod coming up. Sure enough, it's him. Cyborg deploys a row of spikes to stop him in his tracks, and he drifts to a halt. Beast Boy, now sensing a smell of crushed metal, rams the vehicle in rhino form. Trigon, dressed like a cool dad, get's out, complaining to Raven about ruining his fun. Raven explains that his "fun" involves destroying the universe, but Robin exclaims they just wanna have a little fun with him. Raven doesn't fully understand, but Robin points out the old saying, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!" Starfire takes him literally and hugs Trigon hard, and they all hop in his car.

Trigon, driving his S.U.V. frantically, makes a quick pit stop at Jump City Beach, meeting up with Bobby and Mickey. He hands them invitations to his party, but the two, barely even knowing the demon, crumple up and rip the invitations. Raven doesn't blame them AT ALL.

The group arrives at the party, and Beat Boy smells nicely vacuumed rugs and uneaten snack food, as well the more unpleasant smells of sweat, tears, and roadkill. Raven, using the smells, predicts the party is gonna be a bust, and sure enough, the place is empty, with spider webs and tumbleweeds littering the failure of a party. Cyborg asks him when the part starts, and Trigon says two hours ago... they were supposed to be fashionably late! Filled with rage, Trigon threatens to destroy the world. Robin begs Beastie to predict the future again, but he pitifully responds that the power of the stink of failure completely destroyed his precog-sniffing powers... The room erupts in fire, and Cyborg is worried that a cake in his chest oven is about to be destroyed...

Raven offers to stay at the lame party, and Trigon has a change in heart. The other Titans get enthusiastic about the party, hoping that this will save the world from annihilation. Trigon is joyous that people actually will attend, and so the Titans and Raven's father dance into the night. However, Beast Boy once again smells the threat of death, but it turns out it's just Robin dancing in his bare feet.


Precog-Sniffin' (1.1)

Trigon blazes up after no one shows up to his party.


  • At the beginning of the comic, the Titans are pranking one another. There's actually been a whole comic dedicated to these pranks, appropriately titled "Prank'd!".
  • It is revealed in this issue that Trigon is a womanizer, and apparently has hit on and dated a woman.


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