Quote1 Can I keep reading my book? Quote2
--Raven to Cyborg in "Road Trip."

Pretty Pretty Pegasus: The Novel  is a pale lilac-colored medium-sized hardback book that is based on Raven's favorite cartoon show, Pretty Pretty Pegasus


Raven was first seen reading it in "Road Trip, (before and in Cyborg's new-and-improved T Car) but ended up getting carsick and nauseous, and threw up a few times.

She is seen reading from it again in "Booby Trap House" during another road trip.




Times when Read

Season 2

Season 4

Season 6


  • It is the only non-magical book Raven possesses.
  • It is the only book based on one of the Titans' favorite TV show.
  • It is unknown whether it has any chapters.
  • It has Sparkleface and two hearts, right underneath the title on the front cover.
  • It has a horseshoe on its back cover.
  • Raven did not read it in Season 3.
  • It is not known if there are more novels based on the Pretty Pretty Pegasus show.
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