The R-Cycle is Robin's custom chopper-style motorbike, which he uses for high-speed missions. He chooses to primarily employ the R-Cycle on every Monday, dubbed "Motorcycle Monday" by him.

"Starfire the Terrible" saw the bike's first appearance in Teen Titans Go!.


Robin first used the bike to take down Cinderblock on his celebratory Motorcycle Monday. Later in the episode, he defeated Starfire the Terrible, right before she was about to murder him (she was at that point a villain). The R-Cycle appears again in "Sidekick" which revealed that it can be transformed into a suitcase. Robin used it to drive to Gotham City. It's latest scene is in "The Mask", in which Robin tries to escape unsuccessfully in his R-Cycle to hide his gorgeous face.


Soooo Coool

Lookin' fresh, Robin.

The frame of the R-Cycle is very elongated with the front, black tire far out in front of the engine. Exhaust pipes and vents line the bulky motor, which is very close to the back wheel. There's no windshield up near the dash board, as Robin chooses to wear a visor helmet, making the top of the motorcycle relatively flat. All the plastic coverings are colored scarlet, orange and yellow, giving it a sort of flame effect, and Robin's "R" logo can be seen right below the cushioned orange seat.

In "Sidekick" and "The Mask", however, the R-Cycle did have a glass plate above the controls.


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  • Robin, supposedly, won't let the other Titans defeat villains without a motorcycle on Mondays, although he only enforced this once.
  • The R-Cycle is very compact, being able to compress into a briefcase.
  • Every Monday, Robin celebrates "Motorcycle Mondays".


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