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"Rain on Your Wedding Day is the 16th episode of the sixth season, and the two-hundred-seventy-seventh overall episode of the series.


While facing off with The Brain, Robin tries to teach the other Titans the proper definition of irony.


The master Rain-Ray plan.

Inside his headquarters, the Brain is prepping up on having his soldiers building his latest weapon--the Rain-Ray, which can inundate the entire Jump City! But the Titans have heard the news fast enough, and all five of them have barged into his building to put a halt on his evil scheme. Unfortunately, Robin has underestimated the shooting of the soldiers' guns and ends up falling. Immediately the rest of the Titans have no idea how to attack without Robin's leadership, and get finished off and tossed into the jail cell by Mallah.

We live in a society, Robin.

The Brain then mocks the Titans for their failure, but then gets flummoxed at Cyborg, Beast Boy, and the girls' misuse of the term..." irony". After the Brain heads off to prepare to destroy the city just to ignore the four Titans' weirdness, Robin freaks out...not because the Brain is going to flood the city, but instead it's...his friends misusing irony! As the four continue to play with the word, Robin finally has his last straw broken and decides to conduct a lesson so that he will no longer be bothered by the pet peeve of the misuse of irony, much to his friends' frustration.

To shove the knowledge down everyone's throat, Robin decides to teach verbal irony first. When Cyborg asks whether to cut the laser bars with a chainsaw, he misunderstands Robin's sarcasm as a literal agreement and ends up getting electrocuted. The same happens to Starfire and swordfish Beast Boy who really believe that Robin allows them to disable the high voltage cables, and reflexively they are infuriated at him since he should have stopped them from doing such an unsafe action. Just before the four Titans are about to attack Robin for being sarcastic, the bars disappear just as Robin has expected, but they have no time to celebrate as they have to catch up with the Brain.

During their quest, Raven believes that the Rain-Ray must be on the roof, but Robin insists that he has to teach dramatic irony to the other Titans instead of telling them whether the Brain has set up booby traps or not. He soon becomes the living proof of the fool in the form of dramatic irony, ignoring hints from Raven and Beast Boy that he is going to bump into Mallah. Although watching Robin getting punched by a gorilla is unbearable, the other Titans don't have many initiatives to rescue him as they don't want to hear his lectures. Fortunately, Robin gets saved by a pack of wild dogs, though he considers his rescue being a random event and decides to continue his lessons. After Robin rejects Raven's plea, Beast Boy bursts in anger and knocks Robin out.

After Cyborg assesses the situation by checking the roof with his extensive robotic eye, he informs the four others that they all have to sneak past the guards so that they can destroy the Rain-Ray. They all quickly reach the roof thanks to Raven's portal, but Robin just has to ruin the plan by insisting on explaining situational irony. No matter how his friends attempt to silence him, he would rather blabber about a monster scared of a child or a fire station burning than care about safety. He almost gets hit by the guards' lasers, but surprisingly his board deflects the beams and exterminates the guards.

Despite the Titans' efforts, they are too late to stop the Brain from flooding the city due to their "foolish bickering". However...it turns out that rather than overflowing the city with water, the city itself is replenished by the Rain-Ray! Also at this very moment, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and the girls finally realize that the true meaning of irony, much to Robin's pleasure. Even the Brain is so glad that they've learned it, as he decides to quit villainy. But Robin's joy doesn't last long, and the Brain once again questions his own choice of quitting, because this time the four other Titans don't know how to use... literally. Pretty ironic, huh?


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode was animated at Snipple, the animation studio that animates Unikitty!.
  • This episode reveals that the Titans (except for Robin) don't know how to use certain terms such as "irony" and "literally" properly.
  • This episode reveals that Raven can move her portal’s location, instead of it being only stationary.
  • Cyborg breaks the fourth wall and looks at the audience when he misinterprets irony as "iron-knee".



  • The title itself could be a reference to a lyric from the Alainis Morisette song Ironic.
    • Technically speaking, "rain on your wedding day" isn't really that ironic, just simply a misfortune. It would be more ironic if there was a "rain-themed wedding" and it got rained out.
  • When Robin says that "the monster under your bed is scared of the child", this could be a reference to the Pixar film, Monsters Inc. and how the monsters in that movie depict children.


  • When the Titans were locked in the jail cell, Raven could have opened a portal for herself and the others to escape. But she apparently had forgotten that she could do so.

Running Gags

  • Robin enthusiastically trying to teach the other Titans about irony.
  • Robin (and later the Brain) getting irritated over the four other Titans misusing the words "irony" and "literally".


The transcript for "Rain on Your Wedding Day" can be viewed here.


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