Quote1 Does it have mostly words or pictures? Quote2
--Beast Boy to Raven in "Brain Food"

Raven's Spellbook is a miniature, pale lilac-colored book owned by Raven. It is filled with various spells, rituals and incantations. It has detailed pictures of certain spells, and can only be read by those who know runes; the written language of magic.

History of Use

Season One

In "Double Trouble", Cyborg and Beast Boy's magical doubles steal the spellbook and create more magical doubles of themselves to throw the Titans out of the tower. Later, it is revealed that the real Cyborg and Beast Boy found the spellbook months ago, and had already used the duplication spell to create the original magical doubles to take their place in the Tower.

In "Starliar," the book briefly appeared in Raven's room before a hungry Silkie ate it and gained special magical abilities as a result.

In "Meatball Party," Beast Boy snatches Raven's cloak, to tease her when she wasn't talking. He then takes out her spellbook to try and turn the couch into a burrito. After two failed attempts, resulting in Cyborg and Robin turning into a frog and a unicorn, he finally gets the spell right.

In "Brain Food," Beast Boy feels bitter that he is less intelligent than the other Titans and decides to use Raven's spell book to cast a spell to make himself smarter. He finds an intelligence spell and casts it, but it ends up hitting Silkie. Seeing that his spell to make himself smarter didn't work, he instead casts a spell to make all of the other Titans dumber, which succeeds. After spending some time as the smartest Titan, Beast Boy decides he liked the way things used to be. So he uses the book again to cast a spell to make him even dumber than the other Titans.

In "Más y Menos," at the start of the episode, Raven is seen reading her spellbook again when she scares Más and Menos off.

Season Two

In "Halloween," Raven is briefly seen looking through her book of spells to find a dark spell to summon the Halloween Spirit. She had found the indigents of a potion in a dark ritual to summon such a sinister creature; a witch's eye, mummy's hand, dragon's scale, a goblin's claw and a handful of candy corn.

Season Six

The book itself doesn't have much importance for many episodes until "Magic Man", which reveals that she is extremely dependent on it to the degree that she cannot perform spells without it especially after it gets reduced to dust (by Beast Boy on accident). It is also revealed that it once had a copy in the Azarath Public Library until a demon kid incinerated it with his barf. To reclaim a new copy, Raven must ask Book Wizard to publish it, which is something that he refused until Beast Boy rendered him into a helpless burrito.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 6


  • Duplication: Cyborg and Beast Boy had created dozens of clones of themselves, so that they could do nothing but eat junk food and play video games.
  • Transfiguration- The caster can change any object into another or even a living creature. Beast Boy had turned the couch into a unicorn and a burrito. At one point, she even turned Cyborg fully human again.
  • Levitation: By eating it, Silkie was given the ability to levitate off the shelf.
  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Beast Boy had tried to make himself smart and intelligent, but it had hit Silkie instead. This gives the smart one glasses.
  • Extreme Stupidity: Beast Boy used this spell that made the other four Titans dumber and more stupid than him.
  • Superhuman Strength: One's bodily strength will be greatly magnified a hundredfold; capable of picking up cars, trucks, trees, and even breaking rock or concrete with a single punch.
  • Potion Making: Raven had required special ingredients of a witch's eye, a handful of candy corn, a mummy's hand, a dragon's scale and a goblin's claw to call upon the mighty Spirit of Halloween. These indigents can be combined with either a pumpkin or a squash.
  • Summoning: Caster can call upon any magical creature or being, should the situation be dire enough to do so. In "The Overbite," Raven had magically summoned the Dance Demon from his dimension of dance.
  • Animation & Reanimation: Raven can bring inanimate objects to life with their own personality and will, even fictional characters from television programs.


  • This book is not to be confused with Raven's much larger, medium-sized Book of Ancient Legends.
  • Although such spells have not been yet cast, Raven has said (in "Real Boy Adventures") that she can use her magic to read the minds of animals, telekinesis, teleportation, turn people into animals, change things into something else.
  • In "Brain Food," the spellbook is revealed to be a gift from her father, Trigon. On the back, it says "Keep Out."
  • It only seems to contain spells associated with dark/black magic, as none of any good/white magic have yet been cast.
  • Every incantation of any spell she casts seems to be her frequent use of further strengthening and focusing her psionic abilities: Azarath Metrion Zinthos.
  • Aside from Raven, Beast Boy is one of the only other Titans that has used her spellbook more than once.
  • It did not appear at all in Season 3.
  • "Magic Man" reveals that it is a shared knowledge amid the Azarath community, and the Book Wizard won't tolerate Raven losing it or any of its copies.
    • Also in the same episode, Raven now owns the 3rd printing of this book.
    • It should be noted that this book mustn't be used by other people aside from Raven herself, as they might accidentally destroy it like Beast Boy did.


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