Below are a list of outfits Raven has worn through the series.

Image Episode(s) Description
IMG 1205
Various episodes Her swimsuit is a black strapless one-piece, with a purple line rim at the top and a pendant similar to the one on her cloak.
Naughty Eyeball
Various episodes Raven wears her dark violet-blue hoodie with a purple pony (possibly a Pretty Pretty Pegasus pony), alder shorts with small ponies on it (which are surprisingly small), white socks with a purple stripe, and pink bunny slippers.
Various episodes Raven adopts a new look, name, and alter ego as Lady Legasus when she discovered the possibilities of using her legs and feet. Opposite to her dark attire, she wears a golden-yellow one-piece leotard outfit, with matching boots, cuffs and a Lady Legasus logo in the center of her chest.

Season One

Not the laundry "Laundry Day" While Raven was doing the laundry (which it was actually Robin's turn), she wears a bathrobe with a hood similar to her cloak and pink bunny slippers.
Unhooded Raven Smiling Since she curses the Titans' clothing on purpose to come to life and attack the Titans themselves, this results in Raven wearing Robin's uniform.

Artful Dodgers

Aside from her normal leotard, she also wears a blue headband, a blue vest, a white skirt as well as blue-and-white socks.


Raven wearing her blue knee socks.

Season 2

I See You

After purifying herself, her cloak and socks changed from purple to white.



Since Halloween is her favorite holiday, Raven eagerly wears a Sparkleface costume throughout the episode.


Raven in her Sparkleface costume.


In her chibi form, she wears a purple bathing suit with straps.

Cool School

When riding a motorcycle with Rose Wilson, she wears a light purple helmet which has a brownish yellow skull on it.

Operation Tin Man

Raven is dressed as a German tourist, specifically a white shirt with red suspenders, a pair of brown shorts, white knee socks and brown shoes.

More of the Same

When she is infected with chicken pox, she wears an oversize pink T-shirt which has a Sparkleface in the middle.

Season 3

Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes

During this episode, she wears roller skater attire: a pair of black compression shorts with a green jumper tied around her waist, a green sweatband, and a pink tank top, as well as two black elbow pads and two black wrist pads to protect her from injury.

Scary Figure Dance

When she is ready for a Halloween party, she is dressed as a witch, wearing a dark green dress with light green sleeves, black witch shoes and a green witch hat.

After she gets restored to her body in hospital, she is in a pink patient's wear.

Request 4 Raven

Raven in her witch costume on Halloween

Grube's Fairytales

Animals, It's Just a Word!

Buff Raven Animals, it's just a word!

Raven's super mutated look

Two Parter

She is later seen dressed in Wonder Woman's clothing. 
Raven as Wonder Woman

Raven dressed as Wonder Woman

The True Meaning of Christmas

While infiltrating Santa's Workshop, she beats up an elf and disguises herself as one, wearing his green suit and red-and-white hat and shoes.
Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 6.46.28 PM

Raven dressed as a Christmas elf

Think About Your Future

Throughout most parts of the episode, she wears a cerulean jacket which has light brown sleeves. Her nickname, "Rae-Rae" (in yellow cursive letters) is labelled on the top right corner of the jacket.


Disguised as Buttercup when breaking into the lair of Mojo Jojo, she changed her hairstyle from bob cut into buzz cut and add a cowlick atop of her head. She, like Buttercup, also wears a bright green dress with a black stripe in the middle, white tights and black shoes.

Booty Scooty

Raven wears a purple bike helmet with a skull's face on it.

Oregon Trail

During the journey, she wears a pink babushka.

Oh Yeah!

Raven wrestling uniform

Raven wearing her wrestling uniform

Season 4

Career Day

As a dentist, she wears a white dentist coat, a mint green shirt with a tooth on the chest, white pants, a pair of mint green gloves, and low-heeled purple shoes with a tooth pattern on the soles.
Screenshot 20180602-202807



Raven in her pirate costume.

Hot Salad Water

Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star

In her flashback, she once wore a blonde wig tied up into a ponytail with a purple ribbon when she was a child.

During her dance performance, she wears a white long dress with red decorations on its straps and the waist (created by fusing her torn dress with her leotard and cloak) as well as a pair of white boot-like dancing shoes and white gloves which turns navy blue when she goes demonic.

The Academy


Raven (next to Cyborg) in her golden dress

Demon Prom

She dresses in a yellow dress which has an orange belt with a ribbon. She also wore a pair of long-sleeved orange gloves, and orange heeled shoes. An orange scrunchie was tied onto the right of her head.



In this episode Raven wears a pair of dark purple short shorts, a backwards baseball cap, and a white t-shirt. She also wears a puka shell necklace around her neck, a thin black band on one of her wrist and a pair of dark fuchsia/purple sport shoes. Raven Bro-Pocalypse Attire.

Season 5

Slapping Butts and Celebrating for No Reason

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