Below are the known relationships of Raven throughout the series.


Beast Boy (boyfriend/love interest)

Beast and Raven's wedding

Beast Boy and Raven about to share a kiss on their wedding day.

Beast Boy and Raven have a complex relationship until they start dating in "BBRAE". For the most part, Raven appears constantly annoyed by Beast Boy's immaturity, while Beast Boy is attracted to Raven and frequently flirts with her. However, it is later revealed that she has a secret crush on him. Their mutual romantic feelings for each other deepen as the series progresses. Throughout the series, they exchange romantic glances at each other and occasionally blush at each other when alone, but they in occasions they still get neck to neck with each other, and sometimes she can be hostile towards him.

In "Legendary Sandwich", the boys annoy Raven by eating messily and getting crumbs on her. She complains that they "eat like animals", before seeing Beast Boy in pig form and saying he gets a pass.

In "Hey Pizza!", Beast Boy flirtatiously asks Raven what bathing suit she's gonna wear. She angrily exclaims that her leotard is her bathing suit. Beast Boy examines it up and down for a moment, and calls it "hot."

In "Parasite", the group is arguing over Starfire's parasite, in which Beast Boy says "Yeah, Robin, he's great! Even Raven likes him!". Hidden in her cloak, Raven looks over to Beast Boy with a smitten face and says "Whatever, he's fine". This hints at a romantic attraction towards Beast Boy from Raven, with Raven implying that the person Beast Boy said "even Raven likes", was actually Beast Boy himself.

In "Terra-ized", the other Titans think that Raven is jealous of Beast Boy's relationship with Terra. A running gag in the episode is them teasing her and calling her jealous. She does, however, deny this multiple times. At the end of the episode, when Cyborg says that it was crazy to think that Raven was in love with Beast Boy (which Beast Boy angrily questions), Raven says how absurd their relationship would be, but turns around and secretly smiles lovingly at the thought of them being together, implying she actually does have romantic feelings for Beast Boy. This episode reveals Raven's romantic attraction towards Beast Boy for the first time.
TTG Rocks and Water 217b 18
 In "Matched", the Love Matcher 5000 (created by Cyborg) matches Beast Boy and Raven, making Beast Boy crazy in love with Raven. Curiously, despite Raven's apparent love for him, throughout the episode she stubbornly rejects him, and both attacks and insults him each time he tries to hit on her. This may imply that she is in denial of her true feelings for him, or that she is not ready to reveal them or doesn't believe he truly loves her. Nonetheless, near the episode's end, once Raven sees that Beast Boy really does care and wants to be with her, she realizes that he's really trying to win her over, which makes her look back and remember everything he's done to show his love for her. She then decides that she wants to give their relationship a chance. Beast Boy then immediately proposes to her, and the two prepare to get married. However, Cyborg interrupts them, and reveals that his machine was faulty and that Beast Boy's true match is a scratching post, leaving Raven to be visibly frustrated. There are also several flirtations after that throughout the series.
Beast Boy wants dem legs

Raven apparently still holds deep feelings for Beast Boy, as shown in "Colors of Raven", when her passionate side shows immediate attraction towards him, promptly kissing him constantly, to Beast Boy's apparent delight.

Raven gives BB one final peek at dem legs

Raven gives Beast Boy one final peek at her legs.

In the episode "Legs", Raven is often complimented by Beast Boy on her legs, although she seems to ignore it. At the end, it is revealed that she actually did enjoy the attention he was giving her, which was shown when she shows a small smile, and shows her legs one more time, just for him, as he morphs into a dog and howls cheerfully.

In the episode "Be Mine", Raven carries an intention to keep Beast Boy from getting hurt by revealing Terra's true nature. When realizing this, Beast Boy becomes depressed and in denial of Terra hating him. While Raven attempts to comfort him she states that"There is another girl out there who I bet likes you" (implying herself). With that, Beast Boy despairingly asks, "If she's out there, then why hasn't she told me yet?", which makes Raven feel that she should have told the truth of how she really feels. Raven comes close to admitting her true feelings to Beast Boy at the Titans' Valentine's Day dance, but is interrupted by an unexpected final attack by Terra. Raven is left visibly heartbroken when Beast Boy seems to win Terra over. At the end of the episode, she sadly comments that she didn't get to tell him how she truly felt about him. This episode further confirms Raven's romantic interest in Beast Boy.

In "Real Magic", a scene is shown in which Raven opens her bedroom door and glances around the room. There are lighted candles and a trail of rose petals leading towards Beast Boy, who is only in his underwear, laying down on her bed, trying to seduce her. The moment Beast Boy gestures her with his finger to come closer to him, Raven claims she hates it, and immediately closes her bedroom door and proceeds to leave. (Probably a smart move, considering how young they are...)

TTG Man Person 201b 16

Raven romantically enamored by Beast Boy's new look as "Scar Man".

In "Man Person", Beast Boy states that Raven is the toughest person he knows after Cyborg asks him. When he says that, Raven is touched and blushes. She also shows major attraction towards Beast Boy in this episode. When Beast Boy gets a robotic arm, she calls him "hot" as he asks her about it but she states she didn't say anything and punches him away after he does a dance. When Cyborg and Robin are arguing over if Beast Boy's name is Beast Boy or Scar Man, Raven floats by surrounded by small hearts popping out of her head, proclaiming, "That is no boy." When Beast Boy (Scar Man) steps out of the dark and his full new muscular robotic body is revealed, Raven suddenly starts making flirtatious comments.

Raven kisses BB in Pirates

Raven gives Beast Boy a kiss on the forehead for being intense for her.

In "Pirates", Beast Boy says that Raven is "his girl" numerous times throughout the episode, and has shown extreme jealously towards Aqualad, implying that he actually does have genuine romantic feelings for her. Until this episode, Beast Boy was shown to mostly have a physical attraction towards Raven, but then he shares more on what he personally likes about her, by stating that he thinks her darkness is cool but likes the light inside her even more. Raven later made Beast Boy and Aqualad "fight to the death". While Aqualad is not willing to fight Beast Boy to the death, Beast Boy unleashes his rage and gives him no mercy, nearly killing him in the process. After the fight, Raven floats over to Beast Boy and gives him a kiss on the forehead in admiration on how intense he was fighting for her. However, Beast Boy has already passed out, and he is unaware of this action from Raven.

In "Waffles", Beast Boy flirts with Raven, but he only says the word "waffles". It seems that she gets what he's saying, and blushes, saying 'right'.

In "I See You", Raven is said to have a dark secret. Cyborg thinks the secret is that Raven has a secret crush on Beast Boy (which, unknown to them, is actually true), and Beast Boy becomes flattered. Beast Boy and Cyborg stalk her for a while, where they hide under her bed, trying to confirm the secret is about him, only to get sucked into a portal accidentally, leading them to another dimension. Towards the end, Cyborg says that he snapped a picture of Raven's secret. Cyborg shows the picture to Beast Boy and Beast Boy, looking disappointed, says that it's just a picture of him. With that, Cyborg says that it's proof that she likes him, and they both celebrate with a victory dance at being "stakeout kings".

In "Salty Codgers", Beast Boy calls Raven "hot stuff", and later calls her beautiful while giving her a flirtatious wink.

In the episode "Hot Garbage", Raven attempts to teach Beast Boy lessons on how to pick up garbage, be more clean and throw away useless items, which ends up failing.

In "Serious Business", there is a small scene where Beast Boy does his steam painting on the bathroom mirror. There, it shows him steam painting a portrait of Raven.

Bae Kiss

Beast Boy and Raven sharing their first kiss.

In "Rocks and Water", yet again, Raven's romantic feelings for Beast Boy are supported. At the start, Raven tells Aqualad (who was teasing her about not having a boyfriend) and Terra that Beast Boy is her love interest, in order to make him jealous. Beast Boy, upset that Terra was with Aqualad, plays along with Raven's plan. They end up going on a "double date", and Beast Boy and Raven flirt with each other--- awkwardly at first, but then they share genuine feelings toward one another. Raven is actually open, and admits to him that she likes him more than a friend, and even Beast Boy states that he loves her eyes. Sometime later, while attempting to ruin Aqualad and Terra's relationship, they start to enjoy spending time with each other, and when alone behind a bush, they lock eyes with one another, and the tension causes them to romantically kiss. They make eye contact and kiss for a couple of seconds, until Raven realizes what is happening and pulls away, getting angry and asking him what he was doing. Beast Boy exclaims that they were both moving in, and says that he was only doing what she was doing. Raven thinks about it, and then calms down, and admits that it was actually "nice". Even later, after Terra and Aqualad are defeated, Raven and Beast Boy approach each other and attempt at a second kiss. As they both came close to kissing for the second time, they get interrupted by Cyborg. This episode confirms that both Beast Boy and Raven have deep feelings for each other.

In "Beast Man", Raven tells Beast Boy to change out of his "man form" before he ends up with a 'car payment' and a 'loveless marriage', at which she briefly giggles after mentioning the word "marriage". This shows that the thought of them being married may please her. Her feelings for Beast Boy in "Matched" have not changed, according to this.

In "Cool School", Beast Boy shares that he cares a lot of what Raven thinks of him. At the end, Beast Boy transforms into a bee, compliments her, and makes Raven blush.

In "Head Fruit", Aqualad asks Beast Boy what's up with him and Raven on DCUbook. However, Beast Boy slams his head against the keyboard and consequently types a mess of words, such that it's impossible to understand what he was trying to say.

In "Nean", Beast Boy asks Raven if she would be his date to Starfire's wedding. Raven says that she won't go to a chili wedding, which seems to be her only apparent reasoning for rejecting his date offer. When Beast Boy exclaims its time for a non-meat party a second time, everyone except for Raven rejects the idea. Later, Beast Boy confesses that it means the world to him that Raven was joining in on his non-meat party.

In "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob", Beast Boy flirtatiously asks if Raven wants to be in his band. Raven says no, and asks them to be quiet. Beast Boy replies, again flirtatiously, and tells her not to worry about it. Later on in the episode, while everyone is upset at Raven, he tells her it's okay, and points out that there is a bright side to having no sound in the world: it's easier to pull a Silent but Deadly.

In "The Return of Slade", Raven tells Beast Boy that clowns are for kids and that they are too old, but he and Cyborg don't listen and hire a clown. When Beast Boy is disappointed that the clown is not as cool as he remembers, he decides to make him cool. Raven warns them and tells them that kids' entertainment is not to be messed with. Again, Beast Boy doesn't listen, but has the decency to say "sorry, mama" before proceeding to make him cool. In the end, Beast Boy and Cyborg apologize, and tell her that she was right.

In "More of the Same", Beast Boy implies that he wants to kiss Raven at midnight, but she summons a magic hand and slaps him away.

Passion Raven & BB about to kiss

Passion Raven and Beast Boy about to share a kiss.

In "Some of Their Parts", Beast Boy recalls moments of the times he and Passionate Raven had together when she was first introduced. After thinking of the happy thoughts, Beast Boy quickly throws the crystal at Raven so he can split her into the five facets of her personality and reunite with her passion. Robin blocks the crystal with his staff and it bounces off the ceiling light and TV and hits Silkie instead, splitting him into his five facets of his personality. Disappointed, Beast Boy comments that he wanted some "smoochies smoochies". Later, one of Beast Boy's emoticlones lovingly comments that he "likes how the purple Raven was looking at him" and wants to take her along. Soon Robin disagrees and puts her back into the crystal, making the Beast Boy emotionclone groan in disappointment. At the end, Beast Boy again attempts to use the crystal on Raven, and this time it succeeds. With that, he and her passionate side make way to share a romantic kiss, only to be interrupted by her rage side.

In "Croissant", when Starfire wonders what Beast Boy would look like after he goes through his changes, Raven briefly giggles and dreams of Beast Boy coming out of his cocoon as a handsome muscular moth man, and she stares admiringly at his body in awe. When he greets her, she then flirtatiously tells him to take her away, and then the two disappear into the distance. While still smitten by the thought, Robin interrupts her, and interestingly asks her what was that she's thinking about. Raven immediately denies that she was thinking about anything, and quickly tells him it was nothing. This may imply that she still wants to keep her romantic feelings for Beast Boy hidden from the others.

In "Grube's Fairytales", when Raven tells her own version of Rapunzel, Beast Boy was the prince who left her (the princess in the story) due to being grossed out by her very long fingernails.

In "I'm the Sauce", when Beast Boy is about to be attacked by hail stones, Raven jumps in front of him to protect him, creating a shield with her powers, dodging the hail stones back at the angry storm cloud. She then surrounds Beast Boy, and the other Titans, in a force field.

In "Animals, It's Just A Word!", when Robin asks where Raven is Beast Boy suddenly jumps up out of shock and mentions that he forgot to feed her. Beast Boy approaches what seems to be a lifeless Raven. When he turns her over, he tearfully says she was "dead". Later, he prepares a funeral for her in the bathroom and comments that she was a good teammate. At the end of the episode, Raven makes a sudden appearance and tells the Titans that she remembers falling asleep, but woke up in the sewer. Beast Boy clearly seems very happy to find out that she wasn't actually dead.

In "BBBDAY!", Raven is the only Titan who actually forgot about Beast Boy's birthday. Mostly throughout the episode, Raven pushes the other Titans to celebrate, and pretend to care about Beast Boy's birthday so she could save his aging. As they were running towards the closing portal, Beast Boy runs back to save his birthday cake. Raven quickly grabs him before the portal closes. At the end of the episode, Raven honestly admits that she was sorry she forgot his birthday.

In "The Cruel Giggling Ghoul", when they're in the van, Beast Boy gets up from his seat and asks Raven what's up with her "peepers", and also called her "mama". Raven says she lost her contacts, so she has to wear glasses. Beast Boy says she looks good in glasses, causing her to blush.

In "Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice", when Raven finds the other Titans after the battle against the "Booger Monster", Raven tells Beast Boy to be real, in which Beast Boy comes up to her and tells her he will  be as real as he can. He then tells her he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him too as she blushes. Beast Boy pulls out a box with an engagement ring inside and asks Raven to marry him. She says yes, and they hug afterwards. Raven encourages the others to go their separate ways and quit being Titans. As she and Beast Boy are about to kiss, however, they both (along with the other three Titans) look at the camera and say "April Fools!" Though their engagement was just for a April Fool's Day prank, their feelings are honestly expressed, just like always.

In "Arms Race with Legs", Beast Boy once again takes major attraction to Raven's legs when she becomes Lady Legasus. When Raven (as Lady Legasus) is talking about the great power of leg strength while holding her leg out, Beast Boy suddenly hops onto them and admiringly compliments how good they look, causing Raven to turn away from him, blushing. Nonetheless, this didn't stop her from mercilessly breaking Beast Boy's legs upon transforming into Mega Legasus as he soon becomes corrupted by the power of his legs.
Beast Boy and Raven Oh Yeah2

Raven and Beast Boy blushing at each other when put together as wrestling partners.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Beast Boy (holding and stroking a cat) flirtatiously winks at Raven and tells her how "gentle" he is which could imply a hidden adult reference, causing Raven to show uneasiness.

In "Pure Protein", when Beast Boy is upset, Raven shows concern by making a face in sorrow towards him. Then Robin forces them on the same team. Excited, Beast Boy smiles and flirtatiously tells her it's just him and her now. Annoyed, she then responds with her giant black hand crushing his head.

In "Oh Yeah!", Cyborg chooses Beast Boy and Raven to be each other's wrestling partners. Putting them face-to-face causes them to both blush bashfully at one another.

In The Overbite, when teaching her friends to dance, Raven is amused by one of Beast Boy’s dance moves.

In "Shrimps and Prime Rib", Raven seems noticeably jealous whenever Beast Boy "goes out" with one of The Brain's evil robot henchmen.

In "BBSFBDAY!", Raven buys Beast boy two movie tickets for his birthday implying that she wants to go on a date with him and she blushes when Starfire opens the package containing the tickets. But little does she know that Beast Boy is upset that he can't go to the movies with her.

BBRae Bae song Image1

Beast Boy expressing his feelings for Raven by singing his love song to her.

In "BBRAE", after several failed attempts of Beast Boy trying to win her over, she is delighted by the song Beast Boy wrote for her. They finally become a couple, sharing a romantic kiss in the process. Beast Boy later says he would want to go on tour with her song which Raven disagrees with because she wishes it to just be between them. Disobeying her orders, he secretly uploads the song on the internet which the following day is heard over the radio. Raven is clearly upset by this, but Beast Boy tells her that her song is bringing joy to other couples in the city and she then seems to be fine with it being public. However, relationship drama stirs up when Beast Boy is on tour with the song and instead of openly saying it's for only Raven, he seems to completely ignore that fact, making Raven upset and angry. She becomes so furious at Beast Boy's rude behavior she curses the song which brutally ends his singing career due to the cursed song upsetting the majority of fans and couples in the audience and the song also affects the people of Jump City. Beast Boy later realizes his mistake and rushes back to Jump City to fix the damage he's done which Raven becomes so happy he came back, even tearing up. Beast Boy apologizes to her but Raven tells him to keep singing his new tune to lift the song curse. The song eventually ends the curse and as Beast Boy leaned in to kiss Raven in victory, she holds him back from doing so with her huge fist made out of soul self and tells him he's still in "the doghouse" for his absurd actions of disobeying her in the first place, not letting him off the hook that easily. She drops an actual doghouse onto him while Beast Boy morphs into a dog and groans in utter shame while the other three Titans watch in amusement of their juicy relationship drama.

In "TV Knight 2", during Beast Boy’s musical number, Raven was jealous as she thought Beast Boy was flirting with Terra, though she was quite happy to have a car ride with him. Nevertheless, she then once mistaken him flirting with Terra again and she furiously threw the car onto him without clarifying (excluding Terra who managed to run away), causing Beast Boy to yell in agony (Still, this might only be done out of acting since they were both on a program that Batman and Commissioner Gordon were watching).

In "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!", fan art of Beast Boy and Raven together can be seen on the walls at Warner Bros. Studio. This displays the strong support from the crew of how they approve the two's relationship.

In "Brain Percentages", Raven is heartbroken to hear how Beast Boy labels her as someone who can't feel deep emotions owing to her anger issues and would likely follow her dad's malicious footsteps and destroy the world, she flies out of the dining room and says her heart is empty.
BBRae Hand Hold NBTS Chapter 4

Beast Boy and Raven hold each other's hands as they watch in amazement as The Night Begins to Shine alternate reality is being repaired.

In "Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine", after the dragon was defeated, Beast Boy and Raven were seen dancing together and holding hands.

In “Ones and Zeroes”, as Beast Boy cried about not able to have burritos anymore because of the Pizza Apocalypse, Raven comforted him and agreed with him.

In "Mo' Money Mo' Problems", when Robin is showing her and the other Titans around Wayne Manor, Raven and Beast Boy have some fun shouting at each other across the long table in one of the rooms.

In "TV Knight 3", although their relationship has been progressing throughout the course of the series, when they are promoting "Jump City Petting Zoo", Raven still toys Beast Boy by continuously ordering him to transform into sundry animals for advertising purpose, and each request of hers gets more ridiculous over time, which eventually tires Beast Boy and he ends up morphing into a deformed creature.

In Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Raven immediately saves Beast Boy who gets blasted off by Slade in the midair. At first, she tells him to stop talking, but then briefly smiles at him before throwing him onto the ground. Later, when Beast Boy gets kicked violently by a brainwashed Robin, she is the first to show tremendous concern towards Beast Boy.

In "The Power of Shrimps", Raven is not buying Beast Boy's courtship and roasts him by regarding him as insincere because she sees the meals he made for her as a lack of effort. In the end, she even punishes him and Aqualad to cook for her and Berto after witnessing how they are trying to compete over her affection. This implies that she has high standards for Beast Boy when it comes to sincerity.

In Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story, she seems to treat Beast Boy nicer by allowing him to have a free ride in the basket of her bicycle.

In Tall Titan Tales, she and Beast Boy have fun on retelling the Paul Bunyan tale together, and they seem to work well on defeating some evil scientists together in The Metric System vs Freedom.

Starfire (best female friend)

Starfire is the only Titan whom Raven doesn't get actively annoyed at (although Raven sometimes dislikes Starfire participating in the boys' silliness), and appears to be one of Raven's closest companions aside from Beast Boy. Starfire is extremely friendly to Raven, but Raven is often not that interested. She often tries to reject Starfire, (mostly failing), though usually not in a mean way---she just wants to be left alone. Even when she does try to be a little mean, Starfire doesn't understand because of her naivety of Earth culture. Anyway, they have a 'somewhat' BFF or sister relationship, and they seem to be the second pair of closest friends apart from Beast Boy and Cyborg.

In "Dog Hand," Starfire says to Raven's father, redundantly, that she is Raven's best female friend within the Teen Titans (apart from Raven, Starfire is the only female in the Titans).
Starfire is disgusted by pizza

Raven and Starfire showing their dislike in disgusting dirty boys.

In "Girl's Night Out", despite her initial reluctance to join, Raven joins Starfire and Jinx in a girls' night out, and they all have a good time.

Starfire, along with Cyborg, tease Raven about supposedly being jealous of Beast Boy's relationship with Terra in "Terra-ized."

In "Caged Tiger", Raven and Starfire have enough with the boys’ stupidity and decide to wait for them on the roof so as to fight Dr. Light, but they end up spending time with him and almost change him for good until the boys interrupt and beat him up, which ultimately ruins their friendship with him.

T-TTGO Eps 46 Missing Still4

Starfire decides to bathe Raven in Silkie's absence.

In "Missing", when the boys steal Silkie and take him back to Killer Moth for a reward, Raven counsels a depressed Starfire, and tries to convince her that Silkie isn't capable of loving Starfire in the same way she does to him. At one point, Starfire resorts to her habit of "licking Silkie to bathe him" on Raven, who is deeply disgusted. Raven then takes Starfire to Killer Moth's lair, where they see Killer Moth caring for Silkie, and are about to leave when they hear Killer Moth plunge Silkie into a pool of mutagenic chemicals. Raven finally supports Starfire in bringing Silkie back, but then, a mutated Silkie emerges from the pool, now giant sized and able to talk. However, Silkie is equally as friendly, and tells Starfire he loves her, which makes Starfire happy. Raven admits her mistake, and apologizes to Starfire and Silkie, before the two take a ride on Silkie's back.

In "Artful Dodgers", they sing a duet "Team Titans" (spoofed off the original "Teen Titans" theme song, yet shorter and with different animations.)

Raven and Starfire

Raven giving Starfire a lesson in Earth culture.

In "Knowledge," Starfire becomes very upset, because she lacks the ability to understand human/Earth culture. Raven tries to comfort her by singing a song to her to cheer her up (which it does). Later, Raven casts a spell on Starfire to make her more smart, which causes everyone to feel miserable, including Raven herself. At the end of the episode, Raven apologizes to Starfire, and says that she should have taught her the 'old fashioned way' instead of using her magic as a shortcut.

In "Love Monsters", Raven warns Starfire that not everything can be solved with affection and told her not to open the chest containing Twin Destroyers of Azarath. Nevertheless, Starfire quickly neglects Raven’s warning and unintentionally causes the monsters to become stronger. After Starfire gives out insults which weakens the monsters, Raven is proud of how Starfire is mean to the cuteness she can’t handle, but Starfire still gets snapped by her and the boys before giving out a kiss to the monsters again.

Raven vs Starfire

Raven and Starfire getting angry at each other.

It seems that at times, Raven and Starfire's relationship can be tested, as shown in "Caramel Apples," where they have a fight with each other. Other than that, they are pretty close friends, and even pretend to play a role of being each others' fathers for the rest of Father's Day.

In "Boys vs Girls," they both team up with each other (due to the fact that they are the only females in the Titans Tower) to compete against the male Titans, to prove which gender is more superior. Together, they work as a team and win the bet. They both seem to get quite annoyed with the boys at times.

In "Cool School", when Rose Wilson is holding the Titans at sword-point, Starfire tells Raven that they may not be cool but they are her friends.

In Nean, when Starfire asks Raven to attend the chilli wedding despite knowing the latter has doubts to her engagement with the chilli, Raven rejects by snapping at Starfire at first but then her “nice form” makes her supportive to Starfire’s chilli wedding. Nevertheless, Raven still accomplishes in interrupting the wedding and remarking its dumbness, and after Starfire announces that she doesn’t love the chilli and thanks Raven, the girls share a hug.

In Two Parter, upon realising that Beast Boy has peed in the swimming pool, Raven immediately drags Starfire away to prevent Starfire from getting into the “warm spot”.

In The True Meaning of Christmas, when the Titans split up to search for the Naughty List, Raven and Starfire are immediately tempted to eat everything in the house of Gingerbread Man owing to their common love of gingerbread, and later the two have an enjoyable experience... devouring the whole house as well as the poor Gingerbread Man...

In "Operation Dude Rescue," Raven defends her against Rose Wilson, who is teasing her.

In Teen Titans Save Christmas, Raven willingly teams up with Starfire as Christmas elves when Robin assigns them to be the ones to make toys and later they comply with Robin's order on battling with Santa Claus.

In BBSFBDAY, Raven gives the movie tickets that were supposed for Beast Boy to Starfire and offers Starfire to watch a movie about the guys whose moms have the same name, which unknowingly makes Beast Boy jealous.

In "BBCYFSHIPBDAY", Raven and Starfire teamed up with Robin so as to help Beast Boy and Cyborg to become best bros again, but their efforts died in vain. Luckily, after Beast Boy and Cyborg reconciled with each other and defeated Cinderblock with their reborn Friendship Friend, the girls and Robin finally realised that friendship can’t be forced and to celebrate the rebirth of the Friendship Friend of Beast Boy and Cyborg, they had a party with the male Titans.

In Bro-Pocalypse, both girls equally find the boys' "bro-out" repulsive and nonsensical. When all the male Titans carelessly injure themselves, Starfire and Raven accompany each other and head to Mount Bro-suvius in order to prevent the Bro-Pocalypse from occurring. At the outset, they act like bros quite unnaturally, yet as their adventure progress, they behave more and more similar to bros, and they even manage to stop the apocalypse regardless bickering earlier, until the boys who come out of nowhere reach the mountain top and ruin their experience of being bros.

In The Scoop!, Starfire grieves after Raven sends the latter's waffle maker into the trash can, unknowingly making Starfire feels uneasy when she and the boys disapprove Starfire bonding with the scoop and even Starfire goes as far as kidnapping her and the boys to coerce them to tell where has the scoop gone before she and the boys approve the relationship between Starfire and the scoop. Fortunately, she and the boys are being forgiven by Starfire and all of them celebrate for the things they grow attach to.

In Slapping Butts and Celebrating for No Reason, Raven bonds with Starfire by slapping each other's butts.

In "Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story", Raven compliments Starfire's hairstyle, which the latter appreciates. She later gives Starfire advice on how to properly reply to the two 80s girls who like the latter's hair by explaining the definition of the slang.

In spite of their closeness, there are still occasions in which Raven's actions makes Starfire distressed. In "Second Christmas", Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy are jealous that Starfire gets the chance to celebrate a “second Christmas” so they make up a Second Christmas. After the truth is revealed by the three (owing to Robin’s force), Raven tries to apologize but Starfire goes nuts and Raven lays unconscious with the three boys and Silkie and gets sent to hospital after the Tower gets blown up. Also, in Secret Garden, Starfire is not delighted to see Raven entering the garden without permission and later Starfire is heartbroken to see Raven draining the life forces of the flowers.

On the contrary, currently the known occasions of Raven showing obvious irritation towards Starfire include in Crazy Day when Starfire joins in the boys' craziness and Kabooms when she snaps at Starfire, who begs her to be the makeup artist, to stay off with "Are you kidding me?" (though she has to please Starfire by praising the costumes "very nice"). The harshest time is when Starfire (as Incredible Quad) turns evil with the rest of the boys as the members of League of Legs and Raven (as Mega Legasus) crushed their legs (counting Starfire's) in order to diminish the wicked power inside the legs.


Cyborg & Raven having a moment

Cyborg finally realizes how annoying he has been, and apologizes to Raven.

Raven is frequently annoyed by Cyborg's immaturity and selfishness, especially when he causes trouble with his best friend Beast Boy or compels her to participate in activities she dislikes, but deep down she cares about him.

In "Meatball Party", Raven is upset with him, because he wants her to eat a meatball, but she doesn't want to. Cyborg seemed to have a pattern of forcing Raven to do things she doesn't want to do, which he finally understands by the end of the episode, but he simply can't help himself when it came to meatball parties.

Cyborg and Starfire tease Raven about her being jealous of Beast Boy's "relationship" with Terra in "Terra-ized."

TTG Colors of Raven 113a 41

Red Raven expressing her fury at Cyborg.

In "Colors of Raven," Red Raven continuously beats Cyborg up, and openly expresses all of her anger and disgust Raven holds towards him. Cyborg also gets along well with Pink Raven, whom he has a lot of fun with.

In "Thanksgiving," Raven protects Cyborg from getting eaten by her father, Trigon, after he turns him into a turkey.

TTG Real Boy Adventures 215b 56

Cyborg hugs Raven after she offers to make him a human again.

In "Real Boy Adventures," after Cyborg expresses regret at being half robot and wishes to be human again, Raven informs him that she can make it happen, and offers to do it for him, Overjoyed, Cyborg hugs her. She then proceeds to put him through an extremely painful process, but it indeed manages to make him fully human again.

In "Cool School," Cyborg tells her that he thinks of her as a sister, which Raven appears flattered by.

In “Yearbook Madness”, after Cyborg continues to beg and even attempt to take her hood off during Picture Day, Raven hits the ceiling and goes insane, attacking and horrifying Cyborg.

In "Scary Figure Dance", after Cyborg cries for the loss of candies as the H.I.V.E blew up the candy factory, Raven is the first one to get tightly clutched by Cyborg and she is then seen putting one of her hands on Cyborg’s shoulder, probably comforting him or to express her sadness with him out of empathy.


Raven and Robin's relationship is very complex and competitive, and varies over the course of the series. Raven is often annoyed by Robin's self-absorbed nature and bossiness, while Robin dislikes Raven's cold, overly serious nature. Despite their differences, they do appear to hold a level of respect for one another.

In "Dog Hand", she refuses to discuss her father until Robin confronts her on the subject and forces it out of her. She also helps him find a replacement staff in "Staff Meeting" by giving him the location of the Universe Tree.


Raven tricks Robin into doing the laundry.

In "Laundry Day", Robin refuses to do the laundry when it's his turn, and instead uses a set of contests to put the task on Raven instead. Raven becomes very irritated at Robin, and refuses to let him inside when he's trapped outside the tower naked. She later used a spell to make the Titans' clothes come to life, under the guise that they are possessed by the slime and attacking the Titans. Robin finally apologizes, and states he would be willing to do the laundry for a whole year if they ever got out of that mess. Raven finally receives the answer she had been awaiting, and taunts Robin for having to do a year of laundry.

In "Colors of Raven", Red Raven continuously beats up Robin and Cyborg throughout the episode, often for no reason at all. Gray Raven also has a habit of hiding behind Robin or puking on him, to which Robin seems to be sympathetic towards. Robin also tries to kiss Purple Raven in order to get her back into the crystal at her kissing booth, before Starfire intervenes.

In "Uncle Jokes", Raven is the only other Titan that finds Robin's "Uncle" jokes humorous.


Raven yelling at Robin after she slapped him in the face.

In "Real Magic", Raven continually warns Robin that his abuse of magic will anger the Magic God. Later on, both of them are summoned by the Magic God, who is actually mad at Raven. The Magic God banishes Raven, but Robin convinces the God to give her one more chance. Raven returns and, with Robin's help, pleases the Magic God, who releases her. From that point on, Raven promises to be more positive towards Robin and his "stupid" games.

Teen titans go friendship

Robin preventing Raven to meet up with the Pretty Pretty Pegasus ponies.

In "Thanksgiving", Raven states that Robin is her least favorite teammate.

In "Hose Water", Raven has an ongoing egg pun contest with Robin throughout the course of the episode.

Nean Image38

Robin and Raven share a hug.

In "Let's Get Serious", Raven joins the other Titans in telling Robin to lighten up when he keeps trying to be more serious. When he lectures the other Titans, he says all of them have become far too silly, making special mention to say "even Raven". When Raven protests, he reveals he went and saw her stand-up comedy act. Robin is shown in the audience, unimpressed by Raven, and later tells her that no matter how hard she tried, she wasn't funny.

In "Nean", Raven goes to Robin when he was crying on the couch over a pot of chili. Raven (in her nice form) tells Robin to be himself, and when Robin protests that the chili is cool, Raven says that he's cool, too. Robin thanks Raven, and they both hug. After that, when Robin leaves the room smiling, Raven smiles and realizes that it felt good to help Robin out, and that being nice isn't so bad.

In "Boys vs Girls", Robin continuously makes remarks about how boys are superior to girls, which greatly irritates Raven and Starfire. Robin is furious when the girls win over Beast Boy and Cyborg's respect, and they start hanging out with the girls. To win back the boys, he steals a vial of "cooties" from a government laboratory and infects the girls with it. Raven immediately suspects Robin of doing it. Robin offers the girls a cure through a "cootie catcher", but only if the girls admit that boys are better. In retaliation, the girls try to touch the boys so they catch the cooties as well. After a long chase around town, the girls succeed, and Robin gives in to Raven's demands and hands over the cootie catcher.

In "Leg Day", Raven (as Lady Legasus) is the one who saves Robin (Captain Cankle) from one of the leg robots and put herself into a dangerous situation before Robin and the other members of the League Of Legs help her.

In I'm the Sauce, Raven smirked when Robin gets himself burnt by the soda volcano's "lava".


In "Crazy Desire Island", Raven somewhat takes advantage of Robin's huge crush on Starfire. In her wish, Starfire seems to have fallen in love with Robin. Extremely flattered, Robin happily cries tears of joy. Just as things are about to take a next turn, Raven's wish ends, which leaves Robin heartbroken and a satisfied Raven smiling.

In "Arms Race with Legs", Robin and the other members of the League of Legs challenge Raven‘s leadership role as Lady Legasus and they defeat her through cheating by putting rigs into her suit. Although she later accepts his apology as Mega Legasus, it takes her awhile to realize she has used so much strength that she broke their legs as a result...

In "Teen Titans Save Christmas", Raven is the one to save Robin from an immensely infuriated family who consider the latter as an intruder with her crowbar which she uses to break a window of the family's house.

In "The Academy", Raven and the three others are furious on how Robin tries to monopolize the Teen Titans Award and she's the first to punch him with her One Big Punch and snatch his cards. However, after the Academy destroys the award, she and the others decides to assist Robin on fighting the Academy.

In "Thanksgetting", Raven sarcastically states how grateful it is to have Robin as her friend, which delights Robin a little until he finds out she is scoffing him.

In "Demon Prom", Raven manages to coax Robin to go to the prom with her and she let him play her up as she knows Robin desires to be prom king and she also thinks he can be a helpful person to upset her dad.

In Flashback, Robin hits Raven and the others for disobeying after she summons a demon into the tower. It’s later revealed that before she becomes a Titan, Robin shouts at her for causing troubles in the city and eliminates her by beating her and the other up with the table as she punches him with her shadow punch and fails to complete a puzzle, but she still decides to help him evict Kid Flash despite his treatment to her earlier. After Robin recovers from his flashback, Raven admits she and the others have brought out the worst of him yet she doesn’t seem to regret joining the team.

In Mo' Money Mo' Problems, Raven is the one who tells Robin to allow Alfred Pennyworth to leave the manor, which Robin listens. When seeing how Robin has been mistreated by Batman (judging by the small old and semi-empty childhood room of his) and unable to get a poster, she sympathizes his past but she and the others then tempt him to squander Batman's money to fulfill his desires, which obviously leads all of them into trouble, as they soon attract attention of Gotham's villains until Alfred, who returns to the manor, saves the day.

In BBRBDAY, Raven gets coerced by Robin who prohibits her from using the washroom unless she agrees to participate his party, which she obliges.

In The Metric System vs Freedom, Raven gives a speech to free Robin from the Scientists's manipulation and remind him of his American individuality when Robin is about to hit her with a meter stick, which actually works out on breaking him free from psychosis.


Raven and Silkiesoft

Raven dresses Silkie up as "Princess Silkie Soft".

Raven seems to be Silkie's friend, because in "Legendary Sandwich" and "Nose Mouth", she is playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls with him. However, in "Dog Hand" she throws him out by breaking the window, though it is more due to rage than a dislike for Silkie. In "Missing", she rides on him along with Starfire after Silkie is mutated by Killer Moth, allowing them to fly around and above Jump City.


Trigon (father)

Raven has a very strained and poor relationship with her demonic father, Trigon. His relationship with Raven is more toned down than compared to the original series as Trigon's only desire for Raven is for her to grow up to be like him. Raven apparently decided at some point in the past that she wanted to be a hero, rather than follow in her father's footsteps (though she once claimed that he kicked her out because she refused to enslave the universe with him). Thinking it was just a phase she was going through, Trigon didn't mind it too much. Later on, he realized that she fully intended to remain a hero and now, Trigon is continuously trying to force her to embrace her birthright as a demon spawn. This is exactly what he does in "Dog Hand", where he arrives at Titans Tower to convince her to join him.

Raven and trigon

Raven does not want to follow in her father's footsteps.

In "Dreams", Raven's dream focuses on Trigon's return to conquer the earth. In the dream, Trigon tries to force her to join him, as it is "her destiny". Raven is eventually able to overcome him and defeat him. Strangely though, her demon side takes over, and she decides to do what he wanted and kills her friends. She then takes over the world, just like her father wanted her to.
Raven frustrated with Starfire and Trigon's bond

Raven frustrated with Starfire and Trigon's bond.

In "Caramel Apples", Trigon comes for a visit to destroy the world, because Raven didn't give anything to him for Father's Day. Raven claims that he is acting like a baby. When Trigon starts to spend more time with Starfire, Raven starts to feel somewhat jealous of their growing relationship, telling Starfire that Trigon isn't her father, which then causes a fight to break out between Raven and Starfire. When the fight is over, Trigon is seen to be enjoying the fight while eating popcorn, and protests that it ended too quickly, saying that it was just getting interesting. He then confessed to them both that all the fighting was his idea. Raven (with Starfire's help) then opens a portal to send Trigon to another dimension, where he vocalizes to be back for Thanksgiving. Raven confesses to Starfire that she still wants him to love her, even though she doesn't want to be an evil demon spawn like he wants her to be.


Trigon and Raven fighting for Turkey Cyborg

In "Thanksgiving", Trigon joins his daughter Raven on Thanksgiving at Titans Tower like he promised. He later turns Cyborg into a turkey, and prepares to eat him. Raven notices this, and tries to stop him from eating her friend. She fails, and says to go ahead and eat him because he never listens to her anyway, a sad puppy dog look on her face. He tries to ignore it at first, but he keeps looking back at her, until he finally gives up on trying to kill and eat Cyborg. Trigon states that he wanted her to have an actual turkey on Thanksgiving, but Raven states that eating her friend wasn't part of the deal.

In “Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star”, Raven reveals how Trigon always popped up and stopped her from dancing since her childhood. Then when Raven is introducing herself and shows off her dress which she has spent two weeks making, Trigon suddenly arrives (probably through a portal) and rips it off right in front of her eyes. In order to impress him, Raven (who fixes her torn dress into a new one via magic) performs a demonic ballet, which makes Trigon supports her later on, though he seems to be very furious after Robin is chosen (before Birdarang says the winner is the ventriloquist dummy)...

In Demon Prom, Trigon compels Raven to attend Demon Prom by threatening to destroy Earth and she has to submit. When Raven allows her friends to mess up the prom so as to prevent herself from being Prom Queen, Trigon is obviously enraged and then devastated after she points out his selfishness. Later, as the other Titans mistrust him by advertising her to be Prom Queen because they are being tricked by his grief, Trigon is very happy to know Raven is being chosen as Prom Queen, until she uses her staff to zombify the other patrons who push him into the portal to the underworld, WITHOUT HER.

In Flashback, it is revealed that Raven used to follow Trigon to cause mayhem in different places (for example, he told her to create havoc in Jump City) until she left him.

In TV Knight, however, in spite of their usually tensed relationship, Trigon compliments Raven for cooking breakfast she makes for him and she happily thanks him back.

Terra (rival) 

TTG Terra-rized 111a 05

Raven about to fight against Terra.

Terra seems to be Raven's main enemy, because Raven knew that her purpose was to bring down the Titans before the others caught on. It's also from her clear envy of Beast Boy's affection for Terra. From the start, Raven was suspicious of Terra. In the episode "Terra-ized", she has a feeling that Terra is a spy that's using Beast Boy's affections to discover the Titans' secrets. When Raven saves Beast Boy from getting crushed by Terra, they have a short battle. Raven won, and trapped Terra in another dimension. When Terra returns in "Be Mine", she continues to spy on Terra after she escapes from the Trash Hole. This time, she manages to successfully convince Beast Boy of Terra's treachery, which depresses him. Raven is left clearly heartbroken when Beast Boy seems to win Terra over, combined with the fact that she is unable to express her true feelings for him. As she watches in an exchange of tears, she becomes angry and jealous. Raven then suddenly seals Terra back into the other dimension once again, with Beast Boy jumping in after her this time.  

In "Rocks and Water", Raven comes up with a plan to ruin Terra's relationship with Raven's ex-boyfriend Aqualad. It fails on several attempts, but at the end, she and Beast Boy successfully break them up and with Beast Boy's help, she sends Terra back down the trash hole (but along with Aqualad this time).

In "I'm the Sauce", Raven and Terra's rivalry continues. Terra points at Raven for being her tapper, and is prepared to crush her with a boulder in a game of "Heads Up Seven Up". However, Raven shakes her head, indicating that she was not the tapper, and Terra's own boulder falls on top of her.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Raven (along with Starfire, Jinx and Rose) go down into the Trash Hole. A huge boulder comes falling towards them, and Raven uses her powers to destroy it before it hits them. Terra appears, and asks what Raven is doing there. Raven tells Terra that she needs her help. Terra then angerly questions why should she help them. Raven tells her that by helping her, she could get out of the Trash Hole. Still not convinced, Terra turns down the offer. The other girls make way to exit the Trash Hole and Starfire mentions to Terra to enjoy staying there forever. Terra then suddenly accepts, and she joins them. Throughout the episode, Terra has the running gag of accidently saying her evil plans out loud and ranting about she has in mind for destroying the Titans. Raven angerly questions her, and she changes the subject. At the end, Raven actually admits that she thinks Terra is cool, and they (along with the other girls) go out for milkshakes.

In spite of their “truce”, Raven still has to fight against her and Rose in The Titans Show, and in TV Knight 2 Raven continues to hold a grudge of jealousy towards Terra, which is displayed when she sees Beast Boy “hitting on” with Terra.

Control Freak


Raven and Control Freak watching TV.

Raven and Control Freak seem to get along well at first, being able to bond with their interests in the same show. As in "Friendship" when they are shown to have the same typical emotions as a two year old baby when watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus. When Raven answers Control Freak's question for what is the plural of Pegasus she simply remarks, "A Flerd. It's half flock, half herd". Control Freak simply calls her a "nerd", but Raven doesn't seem to mind. Raven is actually very happy when Control Freak sends her and the Titans into the show.

However, in later episodes when Control Freak appears, she and the other Titans are not welcome with his presence and is more than willing to defeat him.


Aqualad (former love interest/ex-boyfriend)


Raven not buying Aqualad's flirty comments.

Initially Raven does not have a good first impression of Aqualad, and pushes him to the side. In "Pirates", she accepts his offering of meeting on the sea to make it clear that she is not interested in him. But then Aqualad takes her underwater in a bubble to show her a show of sharks eating the sea life, which appeals to Raven greatly. So much, in fact, that she develops a crush on him, and gives him a kiss on the cheek after their date. Later, when It's clear that Beast Boy is not happy with Raven's new "boyfriend", Raven decides"a fight to the death" between Aqualad and Beast Boy will decide who will take her to the skeleton show. Aqualad shows that he has no interest in fighting for her, and with his guard down, Beast Boy unleashes his jealous rage, transforming into several animals and beating Aqualad to a pulp. After it iis settled that Aqualad is not going fight back, Raven ends the fight between them, and Aqualad says that she is a dark person before fainting to the floor.

Much later, in "Rocks and Water", it is revealed that Raven still held feelings for Aqualad. She tells him that she and Beast Boy are dating, trying to make him jealous. She and Beast Boy agrees to his offer for a "double date" later that evening. Raven and Beast Boy began awkwardly flirt with each other, making Aqualad and Terra feel uncomfortable. After Aqualad and Terra have an argument at the party, Beast Boy and Raven continuously try to break them up, which they eventually do. Later in the episode, Raven banishes him and Terra (with Beast Boy's help) down the trash hole.

In "Head Fruit", Aqualad messages Beast Boy on DCUbook and asks him how Raven is doing.

In "Yearbook Madness", Aqualad writes in Raven's yearbook to please take him back.

In "TV Knight 2", after throwing the convertible car onto Beast Boy (excluding Terra who ran away), Raven seemed to look at Aqualad in an interested manner (but this might probably be done out of acting performance only).

In "The Power of Shrimps ", Raven seems to like Aqualad again, but as seen at the end of the episode, we can say that she only visits him because he serves her favorite dish which is shrimp and prime rib. After realizing that he and Beast Boy are competing for her love, she decides to teach them a lesson by forcing them to cook for her and Berto.

Ravager (on-and-off friend)

TTG Cool School 12

Raven and Rose hanging out.

Raven briefly becomes best friends with Rose in "Cool School". They first meet when the Titans attempt to stop Rose from breaking out of confinement in the Juvenile Correction Facility. Rose easily defeats the other Titans, using an assortment of insults that touch on their sensitive sides, which Raven appears to enjoy. When only Raven is left, the two exchange insults between each other, but eventually come to respect one another for being "cool", and start to hang out together. The two go and enjoy several activities with each other, including breaking into a music store and jamming, riding on a motorcycle, carving a statue of Robin being bossy, and playing games at the fair. When Robin is determined to put Rose back in prison, the girls engage in wordplay to fluster and confuse him, and state that Rose is already in prison. Eventually, Rose tries to throw a knife at Sticky Joe, which Raven does not allow, causing a fight to ensue between the two girls and ending their friendship. When Rose is about to finish Raven off, the other Titans show up to rescue her, but are all effortlessly defeated. Rose once again holds all the Titans at swordpoint, and asks if they had any last words. When the Titans begin showing affection to one another, they discover that Rose is repulsed by this, and keep at it until they thoroughly gross her out. The defeated Rose is put back in prison, and this time Raven doesn't join in with her when she tries to use wordplay to trick Robin.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Rose is one of the girls Raven seeks to get extra help from when planning to rescue her male teammates from The Brain. At first, Rose doesn't want to offer her assistance, but is later convinced to do so, and Rose and Raven even tell one another they've missed each other, which repairs their friendship.

In "The Titans Show", Raven takes on Rose and Terra in battle, having no choice.

Jinx (frienemy)


Raven and Jinx smiling at each other.

Raven and Jinx have a on-off friend/enemy relationship. They appear to be rivals, since they have similar powers.

In "Girl's Night Out", it's revealed that Raven sometimes visits Jinx in jail to gloat at her. Jinx also states that Raven is her least favorite Titan. When Starfire wishes to break Jinx out of jail, Raven at first refuses, but eventually agrees after succumbing to the puppy dog eyes. While Raven remains negative at first, Jinx's crazy antics do make her have some fun, and she starts to get along with Jinx.

In "Legs", Raven faces off against Jinx using her newly revealed legs, and brutally beats her up using kicks.

In "Let's Get Serious", Raven, along with Starfire, breaks Jinx out of her chains to have a third girl's night out.

In "How 'Bout Some Effort", Raven (along with Starfire) willingly tries to cheer Jinx up about her argument with Cyborg. 

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Jinx offers to help Raven and Starfire rescue their male teammates from The Brain.

In "Jinxed" , While fighting Raven (again with Starfire) the two of them ask if Jinx would like to have another Girl's Night's before getting hit by one of her attacks.

Albert Jelenic

Raven and Albert first meet each other in "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!". Initially, she and the other Titans have a great conversation with him, until they argue, which leads to Albert commanding his pets to attack her and the others before they fearfully retreat.

Fortunately, in "The Power of Shrimps", they seem to be on friendly terms and she even has a shrimps and prime rib date with him, with Beast Boy and Aqualad as their cooks.