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"Real Boy Adventures" is the thirtieth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the eighty-second overall episode of the series.


After transforming into "Fleshy Guy", Cyborg discovers the ups and downs of being human.


The episode starts with all the Titans and Beat Box relaxing at the swimming pool, when Robin appears seemingly constructing something, while bringing up parts, tools and a water warmer. Robin then comes quickly to the Titans to happily tell them the exciting news, that he installed a heated hydrotherapy chamber, although no one seems to care, as they keep relaxing. Beast Boy insists it isn't exciting, but Robin asks if it would be more exciting if it was a-, when he gets interrupted by the other Titans, who go in, believing it's a hot tub which everyone except Cyborg, went in. However, when Robin says it is for training purposes only, Raven and Starfire are already in the pool, saying how the bubbles felt very good. Robin tries to kick them out, since it is only for training purposes, but he gets interrupted when Beast Boy comes cannon-balling into the hot tub. Robin compliments Cyborg that at least he respects his orders, but Cyborg says that it wasn't that at all. It was that he can't enjoy hot tubs, which terrifies all of the Titans. Cyborg explains that a robot body is great for many things, like looking metal shiny, hacking Robin's personal data files (by this time, Robin said "I'm sorry?"), and being tough, but hot tubs isn't one of those things. He says dramatically that he sometimes wishes he was a Real Boy, but there is nobody that could help him. But before he can finish his sentence, Raven says that she can do it, which surprises Cyborg. She explains that she could turn him human again because of magic. When Cyborg asks why she never said anything before, Raven says that it was because it would take way too long to list everything she can do with magic, for example: teleportation, telekinesis, flying, reading the minds of animals, see in the dark, and perfectly crack open walnuts, which impresses the Titans. Cyborg then says that they should hurry up to make him human.

Later in the backyard....

When Cyborg asks if it is going to hurt, Raven says that she won't feel a thing, but that would be excruciatingly painful for him. She then casts a spell to turn Cyborg into a human, which is excruciatingly painful to him. When he stands up, all of his robot parts fall off, to reveal his naked human self underneath. The Titans are terrified by this, so Raven quickly puts a towel on him. Cyborg thanks her for the human body, but Raven warns him that his nervous system is much more sensitive than the previous robot one, but he ignores her, saying, "Hot tub! Hot tub!"

As he swan dives in the water, Cyborg is surprised to find the water to be very hot. When he asks Raven why the tub is so hot, she answers that because he is now a human, he feels way more pain than robots. When Robin comes and almost says sorry to him, he realizes that they can't even call him Cyborg anymore, so they settle on Fleshy Guy. Cyborg isn't so sure, but they all agree that Fleshy Guy is the best name. Cyborg says that he has a lot to learn to be a Real Boy again. Beast Boy congratulates him, and says that he'll be his guide to being a human again.

One montage later...

When Beast Boy reintroduces food to him, Cyborg enjoys it even more, saying it is so good. Beast Boy says that if he thought that was cool, he should try something, and over the table, something starts appearing. Beast Boy says once every 3 hundred years, a taco, a pizza, a burger, and a hot dog all come together as 1: El Burdigato Supreme.

A few minutes later, Cyborg is on the couch groaning because of his eating. Beast Boy said he might have overdone it a bit, but Cyborg has a huge belly, and gets a bit mad with Beast Boy. Then his belly starts rumbling, and when he asked what is happening, Beast Boy says it is the Burdigato. Cyborg then starts jumping around, and goes straight to the bathroom. Beast Boy then calls him and asked him if he could go there for a second. When he comes, Cyborg is in the bathroom with his feet on the toilet. When Beast Boy asks Cyborg what he is doing, he responds that it has been a while since he last used the bathroom, and flushes himself.

Later at night, Beast Boy congratulates him for the first day of being a Real Boy. Cyborg asks why it is so hard to move his body, and Beast Boy explains that it is because he is tired, and it happens to all of them. He says that all he needs to do is recharge his batteries. However, Cyborg misinterprets this by electrocuting himself and Beast Boy in his previous charger.

Later the next day, the Titans welcome back Cyborg, saying that he decided to sleep in. However, he says that he couldn't sleep because of his body, which was sloshing around and making weird noises. When he sits down, he gets himself cut, and when he asks the Titans why, they say it is a paper cut. However, when he hits himself in his toe, he said that he can't take it anymore, and walks away. The Titans feel sorry for him, and asked if they can help out, but Robin stops them, saying the situation must be handled by a "Real Boy."


Cyborg is back in his room, crying. Robin comes in and asked if he needs anything, but he stayed sobbing. When Robin is trying to consulate, Cyborg says that he doesn't know anyone could live a day as a real human, but then he realizes Robin is standing right there. Robin then explains the ups of being a human, and invites him up to a Real Boy Adventure. Cyborg says that sounds weird, but he goes along nonetheless. Robin then shows him all of the upsides of being a real Boy, while the song "Real Real Boy" plays. This cheers up Cyborg, and he says he never realized all the things he was missing out on a robot. Cyborg feels he no longer needs his robot parts, and discards them via the trash chute. Right at that moment, the crime alert rings, and the Titans set off to find criminals, who are trying to steal their hot tub.

In the pool...

As the H.I.V.E. Five (without See-More and Billy Numerous) come and try to steal the hot tub, they get surprised to see Cyborg as a human, and when they ask what happened to him, they find out Cyborg is now Fleshy Guy. At that moment, Robin shows up with Cyborg's suit, and Fleshy Guy asks what he is doing, at which Robin answers, "Booh-Yah!". Fleshy Guy is angry Robin stole his catchphrase, but Robin says that he is a cyborg now. Cyborg asks if all that was to get his robot parts, and Robin answers yes. Robin says why be human when you can have rocket boots, which do not activate. Robin says he is still working on the bugs. Right as Gizmo is about to attack them, the rocket boots activate, crashing into all the Titans, sending them off the Titans Tower and into the water. Cyborg then pleads for them to not hurt him, since he is a real boy. He then realizes that he could use human weaknesses against them. He uses paper cuts, toe cracks, and hot water. He said that that was a Real Boy Adventure, and the episode ends, as the H.I.V.E are in pain.




  • This episode aired one year after "Be Mine".
  • Animation from "Matched" is reused.
  • This is the second episode that has aired on Scott Menville and Tara Strong's birthday.
  • This is the first episode in which Cyborg's entire body is featured. Oddly enough, his character design seems to be different from Stone's human design.
  • Batman's real name, Bruce Wayne, is mentioned on a newspaper in this episode.
  • This is the first episode where more than one H.I.V.E member appears, but the whole group doesn't.
  • This shows that they did not eat Batman in Thanksgiving.
  • Both "Real Magic", "Body Adventure" and this episode have similar names.
  • When Cyborg (Fleshy Guy) is hitting Jinx with papercuts, he says "sorry, babe!", which implies that they're still dating after the events of "Opposites".
  • The entire scene from Cyborg's armour falling off until he jumps into the hot tub is censored by Cartoon Network in New Zealand and Australia.


  • Starfire once again uses the Tamaranian word "Klorthog" which she previously used in "Legs" and "Baby Hands."
  • Raven is once again shown using the pool while in her usual outfit, which she stated was her swimsuit in "Hey Pizza!,"
  • Cyborg having a human origin is once again brought up, which was previously mentioned in "Tower Power" and "Super Robin". Although it contrasts the story given in "Dog Hand", where he was born half robot.
  • Raven being able to make Cyborg human again is similar to how she was able to give Robin superpowers in "Super Robin".
  • This is the second time that Pinocchio appears. He first appeared in "Books".
  • This is the second time that George Washington appears. The first time was in "Money Grandma".
    • Strangely, this George Washington looks different from the one who first appeared.
  • This is the second time Robin has attempted to acquire superpowers. The first was in "Super Robin".
  • This is also the second time Robin wears Cyborg's body, which he previously did in "Power Moves". If one counts Robin wearing Cyborg's suit during his story in "Baby Hands" then it is the third time.
  • Cyborg still appears to have feelings for Jinx, as first shown in "Opposites" and "Be Mine", saying, "sorry babe, put some ice on that!".
  • The scream that Mammoth lets out is the same scream that the Shrimp used in "Pirates".


  • This episode contains several references to Disney's Pinocchio.
    • The title and the repeated phrase "real boy," references how Pinocchio desired to become a real boy.
    • The cricket form that Beast Boy turns into is a reference to Jiminy Cricket, a character from Pinocchio who acts as the title character's conscience.
    • Cyborg becomes real via Raven's magic, similarly to how Pinocchio also became real through the Blue Fairy's magic.
    • Pinocchio himself makes a cameo appearance during Real Real Boy.
  • The "El Burdigato Supreme" is barely similar to the "Sluzzlewurst" from The Amazing World of Gumball, as both have crazy food combinations.
  • Michael Jackson also appears in his Thriller outfit.
  • Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Napoleon Bonaparte appear in the song "Real Real Boy".
  • The Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Nite Owl, Batman, and Green Lantern (John Stewart) also appear in the song.
    • Former presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt, also appear.
  • When Beast Boy mentions that he's good at naming people, it's a reference to Michelangelo from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who also has a habit of naming others. Both are voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • In the song, the "big belly band" part (with Cyborg and Robin using their big bellies as musical instruments), is very similar to when Patrick Star did the same thing in the episode "Krabby Road" from SpongeBob SquarePants.


  • Cyborg has been in water several times before, such as in "Little Buddies","Burger vs. Burrito", "Meatball Party", "Hot Garbage", and "Serious Business", but he is unable to go into the water in this episode.
  • While eating food, Cyborg talks about now having a "human belly", when in fact Cyborg has been shown with a human belly on several occasions. ("Double Trouble", "Vegetables", "Thanksgiving", "Smile Bones")
  • When Beast Boy is a cricket, he is able to use his communicator, even though the communicator is much bigger than him.
  • Cyborg acts like he has never been a human before, despite him having grown up as a human and gaining his cyborg powers later in his life.

Running Gags

  • Cyborg having a terrible experience being a human again.
  • Robin teaching Cyborg how to be a real boy.
  • Raven listing all the things she can do with magic.


The transcript for "Real Boy Adventures" can be found here.


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