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"Real Magic" is the fifty-first episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-first overall episode of the series.


Robin starts performing magic tricks after seeing the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo, much to the delight of the other Titans-- excluding Raven, who warns Robin that doing lame magic tricks will upset the Magic God.


The Teen Titans are outside a restaurant, where Cyborg is talking about his favorite TV show. They go inside to see Mumbo Jumbo robbing the place and holding people hostage with his magic. Instead of fighting him, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy become impressed with his magic and ask him to do more tricks. Mumbo humors them with several tricks and robs them in the process. For his final trick, Mumbo attempts to escape but is caught by Raven, who teleports him to prison.

Inspired by Mumbo's magic performance, Robin decides to do magic tricks of his own. He shows the Titans an illusion that looks like he removes his thumb from his hand. Everyone except Raven is impressed. Raven does her magic using a spell, but it fails to win over any respect. Robin continues doing silly tricks such as pulling a coin from behind Beast Boy's ear but is met with disapproval from Raven. The other gang up on Raven and accuse her of hating everything, but she explains that if Robin continues doing lousy tricks, he will anger the Magic God. Robin ignores Raven's warning and continues to do tricks.

Later, Robin ties himself up and tries to escape a water tank. The other Titans wait with anticipation, but Robin ultimately fails and dies. Robin's ghost exits his body and floats upwards toward heaven. Raven becomes angry, teleports his body to safety, and grabs Robin's spirit with her magic. She uses her magic to put his spirit back into his body and wakes him up. The Titans are amazed that Robin was the first magician to die and then live to tell about it.

The next day, Raven tries to get some breakfast out of the fridge, but her powers aren't working well. Robin calls her communicator and asks her to meet him on the roof. When she gets up there, Robin makes her turn around to see a gigantic monster bunny in a gigantic hat. The Titans begin to battle the monster, but more monsters arrive, and a portal made from Robin's hat captures Robin and Raven.

Raven and Robin find themselves in another dimension, standing before the Magic God. The Magic God angrily orders them to do an impressive trick or will be destroyed. Raven uses her magic to teleport a monster, freeze it, and destroy it. The god is not pleased and reveals that it is not Robin he is mad at rather it is Raven for her negativity toward Robin. Robin performs a trick to impress the god, but Raven is still banished to another world's mines. Robin begs the god for a second chance for Raven, which he receives. Robin tells Raven to do the thumb trick, which she does, and the god becomes impressed, spares them both, and sends them home.

Raven and Robin return to the Tower, seeing it return to normal. Raven thanks Robin for saving her by apologizing, and swears that from now on she will be more positive. Robin doesn't answer and begins to spit out ping pong balls. The episode ends with Robin pretending to spit up thousands of ping pong balls as his final magic trick.



  • This episode aired one year after "Dude Relax" and "Laundry Day."
  • Tom Kenny reprises his role as Mumbo Jumbo from the original series. This is so far his only speaking appearance in the series.
  • When Raven boos Robin for doing lame magic, she is reading a book titled "Everything Is Horrible".
  • During the montage of Raven hating things, Beast Boy is seen lying in Raven's bed in his underwear, trying to seduce her.
    • Therefore this scene is cut from certain broadcasts such as the UK and Australia airings owing to suggestive content.
  • The Titans saving the two citizens from being killed by Mumbo Jumbo marks the second time the Titans have saved people's lives on screen.
  • This is the last episode of Teen Titans Go! to air on Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.
  • The title of the episode was leaked when the details for the Season 1, Part 2 DVD were released.
  • This is Robin's first death in which he comes back to life.
  • This is the first time Starfire is seen in her swimsuit, a purple strapless tube top.
    • However, starting from "Two Parter", she wears a purple bikini.
  • The episode was originally planned to air on May 7, 2014, but it was pulled back to air a week later.


  • Jinx is still imprisoned in the Juvenile Correction Facility ("Girl's Night Out", "Be Mine").
  • Doctor Light is also seen in the facility. He was seen in "Colors of Raven."
  • The policeman from "Driver's Ed" appears again.
  • When Raven is meditating, the same music is heard from "Tower Power".
  • In "Hey Pizza!", Raven said her regular outfit was her bathing suit, which she is indeed shown wearing in the pool, but in later episodes, she wears an actual swimsuit, a black one-piece strapless swimsuit. Either she was lying, or she has a similar one.
  • The music heard in the limo is the same one heard in "Dog Hand" and "Terra-ized", both wherein Starfire talks like an earth teen.
  • The music from "No Power" and "Legs" is heard when Raven is contemplating what to take out of the fridge.
  • The music from "Books" can be heard when Robin and Raven are being confronted by the Magic God.
  • This is the second episode where a death in the show affects the synopsis. The first episode was "Ghostboy".
  • This is the fourth time Robin dies. ("Ghostboy", "Super Robin", "Parasite")
  • Robin dying, then Raven putting his spirit back into his body, is similar to "Laundry Day", where Beast Boy vacuumed up Cyborg's spirit.
  • This is the second time Robin becomes a ghost. ("Ghostboy")


  • The three-headed dog that Raven summons in this episode is likely a reference to Fluffy, a Cerberus (which is a three-headed dog that protects the Greek mythological Underworld) from the Harry Potter film series (which also has a similar objective to the late part of this episode).
    • Also, the hundreds of dog heads that she splits them into resemble Scooby-Doo, making this the second time that Scooby-Doo is referenced in the series, after previously being referenced in the episode, "The Date ." However, Scooby-Doo was also referenced in the New Teen Titans short, "Turn Back the Clock."
  • When Cyborg shows a big screen, it says "Tiffany Brissette as Vicki the Robot" from the 1985 show Small Wonder.


  • For some reason, Doctor Light and Mumbo Jumbo are both in the Juvenile Correction Facility, even though they are both adults.
  • When the Titans boo Raven's trick, one of Robin's legs (Which was separated from his body) is missing from his pile of body parts.

Running Gags

  • Robin doing magic tricks.
  • Raven saying that she hates everything.
  • Raven being bothered about Robin's fake magic.


The transcript for "Real Magic" can be found here.


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