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Red Beast Boy, also known as Playful Beast Boy, is one of Beast Boy's five split personalities created by the Mysterious Prism. He represents Beast Boy's playful personality.

So far, Red Beast Boy has made one appearance on Teen Titans Go! in "Some of Their Parts". He is voiced by Greg Cipes.


With the assistance of Green Cyborg, Robin separates Beast Boy into five individual beings in order to isolate his best personality from the rest and Red Beast Boy was one of them. Green Cyborg concludes that all of Beast Boy's personalities are more or less the same and that they would all be ineffective in a combat scenario. However, he proposes for one to be a human shield and uses Yellow Beast Boy as a demonstration, resulting in Robin recruiting him to the newly reformed team and taking out the others. Before being shot back in the Prism, Red Beast Boy agrees with Orange Beast Boy's suggestion of eating.

Physical Appearance

Red Beast Boy looks exactly like regular Beast Boy except the stripe of his attire and hair are bright red.


Red Beast Boy's defining personality isn't shown, although it is implied that he is very playful as he was playfully spitting on the floor. He's more like regular Beast Boy, one way or another.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


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