Quote1 I will bathe in the blood of my enemies! Quote2
--Red Starfire's battle cry in "Some of Their Parts"

Red Starfire, also known as Savage Starfire, is one of Starfire's five split personalities created by the Mysterious Prism. She represents Starfire's savage and barbaric personality.

So far, Red Starfire has made one appearance on Teen Titans Go! in "Some of Their Parts". She is voiced by Hynden Walch.


With the assistance of Green Cyborg, Robin separates Starfire into five individual beings in order to isolate her best personality from the rest and Red Starfire was one of them. Green Cyborg immediately suggests for her to be their newest recruit, but Robin had other plans. For Starfire, Robin wasn't necessarily looking for her best trait, but rather for someone to commit to him. He proposes to Red Starfire for marriage, to which she declines. After she and the other emoticlones decline, a disappointed Robin settles for her and takes out the rest back in the Mysterious Prism. When Robin introduces his new team, Red Starfire lets out a bloodcurdling cry against those who stood in her way. Then a crime alert goes on and proceeds to battle. During the battle, Red Starfire went one on one with Gizmo's Giant Robot. The colossal mecha-monster threw a few punches at Red Starfire, but she easily out maneuvered them and flew straight into his body. A few moments later, the robot contorted as his head split open, sparks flying everywhere; Savage Starfire had cut her way to the top of the machine from the inside. Back at the tower, Red Starfire is sharpening her blades when Robin admits he misses the sweet Starfir, but doesn't regret this decision because he thinks made the best team of all time. Robi, later on,n gets the idea to split himself into five in order to create a better crim- fighting team and takes out Red Starfire in order to bring back regular Starfire.

Physical Appearance

Red Starfire looks exactly like regular Starfire except her hair is scarlet and her attire is crimson. Later on, she wears a Tamaranean crown, war boots and red face paint. Her clothes are also torn and her hair is now in braids.


Red Starfire is shown to be aggressive. She expresses for her thirst in battle and will always attack whenever necessary. When she attacks, she attacks in anger.

Episode Appearances

Season 2


"Show me to the field of battle!"

" Durepock nuh! (Tamaranean for no.)"

"I will bathe in the blood of my enemies!"


  • Red Raven, another emoticlone, also is red- so, whenever a version of a Teen Titan is scarlet in color, it must be their anger side.


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