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--Robin throughout the series.

Richard "Dick" Grayson, most commonly known as Robin, is the former protégé of Batman, as well as the leader of the Teen Titans, and one of the five main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. Desperate to lead the best superhero team ever, his perfectionism and obsessive controlling have made him quite unstable at times.

The voice actor for Robin in the 2003 Teen Titans, Scott Menville, has returned to voice the character.


Born to a family of circus performers, Dick Grayson had a tough childhood growing up. As seen in "Dude Relax", the carnival animals used to bully him nonstop, and, even worse, his parents were killed in a tragic acrobat accident. The mega-rich playboy Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman, adopted Dick and made him his sidekick, Robin (also known as the "Boy Wonder").[1]

Having been mistreated by Batman, Robin left Gotham and arrived at Jump City in the episode "Flashback". But after realizing that he was a useless loser without powers, the happy-go-lucky hero set out to start a team of teenage superheroes—of which HE would be the leader. Unfortunately, four hopeless recruits enraged Robin so much that several other enlistees deemed him an incompetent leader. Lead by Kid Flash, they mutinied against him, tossing Robin out of his own Tower and into the streets. While he initially wanted to call it quits, the four failures from earlier convinced Robin to embrace his anger and use it to reclaim his team. And after breaking Kid Flash's knee, Robin and his new friends retook the Tower—and the Teen Titans!

Intent on never losing his team again, Robin has since then ruled the Titans with an iron fist, punishing any disloyalty or laziness he sees.


"Robin is the slightly power-mad, perfectionist leader of the group whose main complaint is that the other Titans just won't do what he says."[2]

For Robin, anything less than perfection is absolutely unacceptable, and so his far-from-flawless team is constantly putting him on edge. Despite his authoritarian leadership, the Titans often disregard Robin's orders, exasperating him to the max. His worst fear is losing control, and that is exactly what happened when Beast Boy briefly hijacked the team in "Gorilla". Every iota of power is lustfully coveted by Robin, out of immense insecurities that are all stemmed from Batman's mistreatment and negligence.

Insanity: Level 5000

Not only does Robin live on the borderline of insanity—he often crosses over, traveling deep into crazy land whenever he does not get his way, this causes him to become extremely violent and sometimes murderous as well. In "Yearbook Madness" for example, Robin plummeted into instability and multiple personality disorder just because his picture was barely featured in the yearbook. Yet, he even had some form of love sick nature, in addition, his hopeless crush on Starfire has led to many despicable deeds, such as when he crushed Speedy's head out of jealousy in the comic "Bored of the Dance".

Robin is also arrogant, and sometimes he acknowledges that only him, and his team are the best out of all superheroes, but mostly himself, with the only superheroes who he acknowledge to be greater than him, and his faction are the Justice League.

It is noted that Robin can never have supernatural powers, for because, giving him powers would make him become extremely power-hungry and become a total megalomaniac. As it was shown in the episode The Avogodo Robin was corrupted by the powers of the Mexican food that his teammates presents to him, and develops a strong obsession in having more of these food so he can grow stronger and protect the world, only to later on become a supervillain that plans to replace every last food in the world as Avocado, and would even kill his own comrades just for that goal.

While Robin's harsh discipline and abuse are usually counterproductive, overall he is a well-intentioned individual. No one has dedication to fight for justice quite as much as Robin, making him a very well-qualified leader of the Teen Titans. Also, as long as he's not being idiotic and unhinged, he can be part of the fun among the team.

Physical Appearance

From weak, spineless loser...

...to formidable superhero (with epic background flames for added effect).

Although Robin originally kept his dorky Silver Age costume, his four teammates took the liberty to make him look cooler in "Flashback". Robin's new suit consists of a Kevlar-lined red shirt that sports his "R" logo as well as a couple of yellow lines on its centre. Instead his traditional speedo, he now wears green skin-tight pants, along with metal-tipped boots. Around his waist, Robin has a utility belt full of gadgets, stocked with everything from grapple guns to smoke bombs. His green gloves cover his embarrassing baby hands, and he wears a black and yellow cape. Rarely if ever are Robin's eyes seen; he keeps them hidden behind his mysterious mask. To finish off his look, Robin spikes his black hair, slathering lavish amount of hair gel into it every morning. Despite Robin's rad appearance, the other Titans constantly make fun of him for his short stature.


For a list of Robin's costumes throughout the series, check out this link.

Powers and Abilities

Born as a powerless human (and never having suffered through a gruesome yet power-giving accident like Cyborg or Beast Boy have), Robin has to rely on his acrobatic prowess and crime-fighting equipment to even stand a chance against Jump City's villains. Nevertheless, he is usually utterly destroyed in combat.

Weapons and Equipment


  • Acrobatics: Growing up with "The Flying Graysons", Robin became a skilled acrobat, unmatched by anyone in the DC Multiverse.
  • Martial Arts: Under Batman's tutelage, Robin learned many fighting arts, including Ninjutsu (忍術) in "The Art of Ninjutsu".
  • Physical Strength: Robin is constantly exercising and training to maintain peak human strength and agility. He is shown to have a perfect skinny body and bulging muscles on his shoulders, arms and abs.
  • Knowledge: Wasting no time on foolishness, Robin is knowledgeable on many subjects and points of trivia. He specializes in detective skills, like his mentor. He is also shown to be a geological expert in rocks and a historian who knows some history of the Native Americans, as evidenced in "The Groover".
  • Leadership: Perhaps his best quality, For being an ambivert, Robin displays excellent leadership qualities, leading both by example, but also by force. He also has a fantastic ability for being very heroic, shown in "Caramel Apples" which can lead others to be inspired by him. Unfortunately, this trait is usually overshadowed by his uncontrollable rage.
  • Flute Playing: He played a flute skillfully in "Grube's Fairytales", "Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit", and "The Power of Shrimps".
  • Master of Disguise: In some episodes like "Operation Tin Man" and "Boys vs Girls" Robin training in disguise skills are unbeatable by any crime that is in front of him. He also has a wisecracking talent of speaking in different accents.
  • Makeup skills: In "Witches Brew", he is shown to be a proficient makeup artist, able to transform the witch-form Justice League's initially hideous appearances into fashionable only with a few brushes and touches from his cosmetics in moments.

Alternate Forms

Although he is usually going around as the Boy Wonder, Robin has assumed several different identities throughout Teen Titans Go!. Below are some of his more noteworthy ones; for a complete list, click here.

Photo Name Appearances
Red X
"In and Out"
Batgirl, Nightwing and three children.png
"Staring at the Future"
"Sandwich Thief"
"Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice"
Robin (Raven's Mind)
"Crazy Day"
Some of Their Parts Image53.png
Robin's Emoticlones
"Some of Their Parts"
Cats Fancy Image51.png
"Cat's Fancy"
Leg Day Image40.png
Captain Cankle
"Leg Day"
"Arms Race with Legs"
Dick Gravestone Snuggle Time.png
Dick Gravestone
"Snuggle Time"
The Deadly Dandy.png
The Deadly Dandy
"Oh Yeah!"
Robin Avogodo Picture TTGWikia.png
The Avogodo
"The Avogodo"
The Gold Standard Gallery TTGWikia0012.png
"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad"
"The Gold Standard"
Teen Titans Go! - Episode 122 - Two Parter Part One Clip 2 - YouTube - Google Chrome 7 13 2019 4 49 47 AM-min.png
Bat Robin
"Two Parter"
Movies & TV 7 9 2019 4 22 53 PM (2)-min.png
Queen Bee Robin
"Royal Jelly"
40% 20% 20% Image18.png
Radical form
"40%, 40%, 20%
"The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day"
"Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition"
"Had to Be There"
"Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans"
"The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One"
Robin Vroom.png
Car form
"Teen Titans Vroom!"
Bike form


Robin could not have made licking jelly off his face any creepier.

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  • Robin's first ever appearance was in Detective Comics #38 (April, 1940). He appeared alongside Batman as his sidekick.[3]
  • Scott Menville, who's main voice acting role in Robin, also voices many other characters, including Speedy, Killer Moth, and Billy Numerous.
  • Even though he has been confirmed to be Dick Grayson, this particular Robin (as well as the original series version) shares many traits with Tim Drake, including his outfit, his hair when wet, and his choice of a bō staff as a primary weapon.
  • In terms of personality, Robin has changed significantly since the original Teen Titans:
    • Looking back on better days...

      Once a calm, cool, and collected hero, Robin has now become a complete maniac, losing his mind at the slightest aggravation.
      • The crew explained that such exaggeration on his mental condition is not only for humor, but is also an emphasis on his psychological baggage of losing his parents in childhood and being a vigilante trained by Batman, just to show a complex representation of his overall character.
    • Robin has an unquenchable thirst for Starfire's love in Teen Titans Go!, but she rarely thinks of him as more than a friend. In the original series, their roles were a direct opposite.
    • In addition, he is shown to be much more antagonistic, taking on the roll of a villain in 10 episodes and more so far.
  • Robin's eyes have been revealed twice in the series; in "Driver's Ed", he had black beady eyes, but in "The Mask", his eyes were much larger, and one also contained a parasite (also appearing in "TV Knight 2").
  • Starfire has pretended to like Robin a couple of times, such as in "The Return of Slade". However, she actually had serious feelings for him in "Let's Get Serious" and "Starfire the Terrible".
  • Throughout the series, Robin's past has severely haunted him. With a life full of pain and regret, his time as Batman's sidekick has made him afraid of the Dark Knight's disapproval (as seen in "Sidekick" and "Thanksgiving") and of being called "The Boy Wonder".
    • Also, his room is filled with targets and punching bags with the faces of his past adversaries.
      • In fact, due to desperately craving for Batman's validation, he even mistook the Dark Knight calling him "pal" in "Batman's Birthday Gift", even though the latter wasn't addressing him as one sincerely in his memo at all.
  • According to "Crazy Day" and "Thanksgiving", Raven thinks Robin is the most annoying teammate and likes him the least (which, like his original counterpart’s relationship with Starfire, is the complete opposite in the original series).
  • Robin is currently the only Titan to not have a speaking role in an episode, that episode being "TV Knight".
  • There are several running gags revolving around Robin in the series:
    • Robin constantly gets horrendously injured.

      Starfire smiles after smashing Robin's face to a pulp.

    • He often hears disembodied/nonexistent voices.
    • He uses his grapple gun to cross easy-to-walk distances.
    • His obsession and goal to gain Starfire's love always fails.
      • According to the crew, his goal of wooing Starfire is doomed to fail and his success will only appear in one of his dream sequences.
    • After him making mistakes and apologizing, the other Titans ignore him.
    • Robin likes to arrive/leave with smoke bombs and ninja stealth.
    • Many jokes revolve around his butt (shaking, clapping, admiring, etc.).
      • Interesting note, "Beast Boy on a Shelf" reveals that his butt is stuffed rather than being naturally buff.
    • Robin will often be selfish and full of himself in his quest to be the best.
    • The Titans are continually subject to his orders and his shrill, screaming voice.
    • He is often the least-liked person out of the group due to his controlling tendencies and is considered to be the butt of many of the Titans’ jokes.
  • Of all the Titans, Robin has the most Little Buddies with four: Birdarang, Beat Box, Super Robin, and the Universe Staff.
    • Although not considered an official Little Buddy, he also has an unhealthy attachment to his staff.
    • Not counting his creepy relationship with his staff, Robin is the only Titan without a real best friend.
  • As revealed in "Starfire the Terrible", Robin is apparently also in love with the moon; however, it is shown that when he was looking at the moon and kissing it, he was thinking of Starfire or thought that the moon was Starfire, much to her misunderstanding.
  • Robin has left the Teen Titans in at least eight episodes: "Super Robin", "Staring at the Future", "Money Grandma", "Robin Backwards", "Let's Get Serious", "Multiple Trick Pony", "Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp", and "Flashback".
  • Other DC superheroes like the Teen Titans, except for Robin, are shown in "Yearbook Madness".
  • Robin has been teaching life lessons to the other Titans throughout the series. However, they find it more boring and stupid than fun.
  • Because of his amazing abilities, Robin can often seem very narcissistic... he stores sexy selfies of himself on the computer in "Parasite" and "BL4Z3", shows off his body in "The Fourth Wall" and "Matched", and takes extreme pride in his sandwiches in "Legendary Sandwich" and "Sandwich Thief".
  • He owns two companies: a headphone firm in "Meatball Party", and a boot company in "Yearbook Madness".
  • On several occasions, Robin has gained temporary superpowers in Teen Titans Go!, such as:
  • In "Hot Salad Water", Robin is shown to be Anglophobic (meaning he hates British people).
  • As seen in "Laundry Day", Robin has fangirls. He also briefly had some in the comic "Starstruck".
  • According to Jinx in the episode "Opposites", he has a celery scent.
  • Robin has a somewhat similar personality to Benson from Regular Show and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.
  • While Robin could barely live through the saltiness of a salt grain in "Spice Game", he is somehow managed to eat pizza and tacos, foods with considerable amounts of NaCl,[4] many times throughout the series. Although it could have been used for comic relief.
  • As seen in "Nose Mouth", "Birds" and "The Power of Shrimps", Robin has a habit of writing on the walls whenever he becomes paranoid.
  • Along with Raven, Robin is a Pretty Pretty Pegasus fan.
  • Robin has been shown to have bad breath in several episodes, such as "More of the Same", "Rocks and Water", "Thanksgetting", and "Royal Jelly".
  • According to an interview which Michael Jelenic had with ComicBook.com, Robin was originally going to have tiny legs than baby hands as a running gag before they changed their mind.
  • In spite of his generally weak physique, "The Bergerac" reveals that he has cringeworthy muscular thighs, particularly the left one.
  • According to the comic story "Par for the Course", Robin likes to wear his cape not only because the coolest superheroes wear them, but the fact that his cape keeps his funny-looking neck hidden.
  • "Communicate Openly" reveals that he has a bad habit of snipping his toenails at the dining table.
  • As seen in Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans, his subconscious mind is full of various versions of himself doing intensive physical training, befitting his egotistical personality.
  • In "Real Orangins", during one of his fantasy when he was picking a member according to his age range, it can be assumed that Robin is between 15-18 years old.
  • There are several physical alterations of Robin starting from Season 5:
    • His hair changes from jagged to smooth.
    • His original curvy pentagon emblem on his shirt is now circular.
    • His legs have been slimmed down.
    • The yellow lines on his shirt have a slight change.
  • In early episodes, Robin's voice was a bit high-pitched and sounded younger, in the second season to the fifth season his voice turned low-pitched and has a scratch in his voice. From the sixth season onwards, his voice went back to being a bit high-pitched and sounded like his voice from the 1980s.
  • In Ask The Titans event, it is revealed that Robin is mostly being as someone who is "self-appointed" as their leader by the other Titans.


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