Robin's Hand Zombie is a minor character in Teen Titans Go! that made a debut in "Hand Zombie".


After Robin refused to wash it for three months in order to abet destroying the kiss Starfire left on it, this right hand got infected with bacteria. Not long after it fell off from Robin's right arm, it gained life, which Robin believed such instance was caused by fairy tale magic, and helped the Titans to defeat Mammoth who robbed the bank. As it disobeyed Robin who instructed it to get in the bag, Starfire was impressed by its attitude.

At first, Robin warned the hand to stay away from things that can clear the kiss, but it decided to bath itself, much to Robin's terror. Then when Robin realized it didn't go back into eternal slumber as he originally predicted despite it washed off Starfire's kiss by itself, it was revealed that the hand was going to have a date with Starfire, much to his chagrin.

Suddenly, seeing how Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven didn't stop the hand and Starfire from going on the date, Robin discovered that everyone (including himself) was being fooled by the hand and ultimately chose to interrupt the date by exposing the hand's true colors of being an actual zombie. It turned out he was telling the truth when the hand ripped off its suit and showed its fangs, trying to attack poor Starfire, however Robin challenged it to a hand-to-hand combat and as he pinned it during a hand-wrestling, it was stopped from further attempting to eat anyone's brain and later it got stitched back onto Robin's right arm.

Physical Appearance

Despite being one of Robin’s *initially baby sized* hands, this mutated hand is normal sized. It also reveals a hidden mouth that has sharp fangs when attacking a person.

Episode Appearances


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