Robin the First is the #8 issue of Teen Titans Go!.


Tired of finishing second, an ultra-competitive Robin comes up with a plan to show the rest of the Titans that he's actually the best! But things get out of hand when Robin's competitive nature gives Dr. Light an upper hand.


Robin awakes to the sound of his alarm clock, which he set to 4:28 am. Robin flips out of his bed, excited. Today is the day that he will finally be first. Today is the day he would make it to the shower before anyone else. Robin flings the bathroom door open, to find Starfire already in there, washing her face. Starfire tells him she will be out of the shower in a few minutes. Disappointed that she beat him, Robin sadly walks away. Robin suddenly perks up, realizing he can still be first to get to the control panel in the living room. Wait, nevermind, Raven is already using it to watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus. Robin has one last thing to hope for: he could be the first one to get to the kitchen and have breakfast. Robin runs into the kitchen to find Cyborg and Beast Boy eating all of the food for breakfast. Cyborg apologizes, but Beast Boy tells Robin that he should have been there first if he wanted something good. Robin becomes furious, and storms off to his room.

Later that morning, each of the Titans line up outside the front door of Titans Tower to hear Robin make an announcement. Robin announces that he has made a "completely unbiased" obstacle course race to test their abilities. For the first part of the course, they'll use their staff (or whatever hand weapon they have) to knock over dummies of Batman villains. For the second part, they'll flip across the trapeze. For the third an final part, they will scale a fake building with their grappling hooks. Before they begin, Robin reminds them that they may not cheat by shooting their arm canons, using their dark magic, or flying. Each of them line up across a starting line.

When Robin yells "GO!", each of the Titans begins the race. Robin takes the lead and begins smacking the dummies with his staff. Starfire lifts up a tree and uses it to smack dummies. Cyborg uses a robotic staff to hit dummies, and Beast Boy (in elephant form) uses a log to hit the dummies. Robin notices Raven using her dark magic to lift a stick instead of her hands. Robin disqualifies Raven, to which she sarcastically replies "Darn". Raven leave the course with a smile on her face, pretending to be disappointed when Robin is watching.

Everyone else finishes the first leg of the race, and arrive at the trapeze section. Robin swings across the trapeze, and lands successfully on the other end. Starfire and Beast Boy both swing across together, and successfully land on the other end. Cyborg, however, loses his grip, and falls down toward a pile of sharp metal. A split second before what would have been Cyborg's death, Raven places a portal underneath him, successfully catching him. Cyborg begins to thank Raven, but realizes that the portal brought him to a demonic underworld.

For the final leg of the race, Robin takes the lead, climbing the side of the building the fastest. A determined Starfire accidentally causes her eyes to glow, which burns her rope. To avoid falling to her doom, Starfire begins flying, but is caught by Robin, who disqualifies her. With nobody left to stop him, Robin reaches the top, and sprints to the finish line. As he becomes seconds away from victory, Beast Boy (in the form of a gorilla) swings on a rope in front of him. Beast Boy successfully lands on the other side of the finish line, winning first place.

Later that day, a devastated Robin walks into the living room. Robin decides that he will try to relax on the couch, but before he can, Cyborg and Beast Boy quickly jump onto it and hog the entire seat. Cyborg announces that he has first dibs on the extra soft couch pillow and Beast Boy calls first dibs on the remote. Robin, who is beyond annoyed, decides to go sulk in his room. Attempting to cheer him up, Starfire points out that at least he will be the first one there. 

Robin's communicator suddenly starts beeping. Robin checks his message, then announces to the team that Doctor Light has taken over the power relay station, and is threatening to cut off all of the city's lights. Beast Boy say that will never happen if they get there first. "Get there first" starts repeating in Robin's head as he comes up with an idea. The Titans get ready, waiting for Robin to say his famous catchphrase. Robin looks at them and says "Titans-". Robin sprints out of the room, down a pole, into the garage, and onto the R-Cycle. Robin speeds out of the garage, across the bridge, and into the city. Robin arrives at the power relay station, then screams "-GO!". The other Titans finally leave the tower, wondering why it took Robin so long to finish.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Doctor Light announces that he is minutes away from turning the lights out for Jump City, permanently. Back at the bottom, Robin sprints into the building, only to find the elevator out of order. Robin sprints into the room with stairs, shocked to find out that it seemed endless. Robin sprints up the first ten floors. By the 30th floor, Robin is starting to slow down, with more of a weak jog. By the 50th floor, Robin begins to become weak and tired. And by the time he gets to the roof, Robin is literally crawling up the steps.

Robin finally kicks open the door, to find Doctor Light reaching for the off switch. Doctor Light turns to see Robin, and tells him he is the first to arrive. Robin becomes filled with excitement, that he is finally first at something. Doctor Light tells Robin that he will also be the first to witness Jump City's "ultimate lights out". Still deprived of breath, Robin slowly attempts to tell Doctor Light that he will not get away with his scheme. Robin falls onto his knees, and asks Doctor Light to wait a second so he can catch his breath. Doctor Light decides it is no fun if Robin is not going to fight, and slowly heads towards the big "off" switch. The other four Titans peek over the edge of the roof, watching the confrontation take place.

Starfire asks her teammates if they should tell Robin the truth that they were there first, but they were simply waiting for him. Cyborg tells her that it's better he didn't know, that way they won't have to do more Robin-themed obstacle courses. In order to allow Robin to think he was first, the four Titans begin to fly away.

Robin begins to make his way over to Doctor Light. Robin asks Doctor Light to wait just another minute, but Doctor Light grows impatient. Doctor Light tells him that he is tired of waiting, and he is going to flip the lights off in five seconds. Doctor Light begins a countdown...5...4...3...2... Robin tries to speed up, but it still too weak to fight. 1....The switch is flipped, and Jump City turns dark.



  • This comic marks the first time Dr. Light defeats the Teen Titans.


  • The title may be a reference to Sofia the First.
    • The title is also a reference to Darwin the First from "The Amazing World of Gumball".
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