The Robots are robotic bodyguards in Teen Titans Go! who debuted in "The Art of Ninjutsu".


They are unknown robotic soldiers that work for an unknown organization. They first appear in The Art of Ninjutsu, where they are seen guarding the McGuffin. The Teen Titans fight them using ninja skills and are eventually destroyed.

They reappear again in The Titans Show, although they aren't seen with the audience (which are the titans greatest enemies) they are later seen fighting the Alien Skull Collector, but are eventually destroyed.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • It is unknown who they work for or who their leader is.
    • It is also unknown how Control Freak would've got them to attack the titans in the The Titans Show with the other villans without permission of their leader.
  • In The Art of Ninjutsu, there appears to be hundreds of them, but in The Titans Show, only seven appear.


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