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"Rocks and Water" is the thirty-fourth episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the eighty-sixth overall episode of the series.


Raven and Beast Boy are surprised to discover that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are dating each other.


This episode begins with Beast Boy staring down into the ocean, while crying, depressed about his break up with Terra. Raven then emerges out of the ocean, to Beast Boy's surprise. After a brief misunderstanding, Beast Boy asks Raven what she was doing in the water. Raven explains she is feeling regret over the one that "got away", where she then imagines Aqualad. Beast Boy misinterprets this as a fish, but states he's also sad at having lost someone and imagines Terra. Raven becomes confused, as she thought Beast Boy had won over Terra using his song, Fade Away.

A flashback then occurs showing Beast Boy performing the song for Terra while they're trapped in the trash dimension, during the events of "Be Mine". At first Terra is seen enjoying Beast Boy's song, but after finishing Beast Boy decides to sing it again. He begins to sing it over and over whenever he is around Terra, leading her to become visibly annoyed by the song. Eventually ,Terra has had enough of Beast Boy's constant singing and calls the relationship off.

Back to the present day, Beast Boy explains that song was the only thing which he brought to the relationship. He states that every time he sees a rock, he thinks of her. Raven is annoyed by this, and reminds him that Terra is evil and tried to kill all the Titans before. Beast Boy then asks if Raven could at least hit him with a boulder just as Terra had done, which Raven sympathetically agrees to. She uses her telekinesis to make the boulder slam Beast Boy on the head several times, with the bruised Beast Boy enjoying the experience.

Back at Titans Tower, Beast Boy is in the lounge room and calls Terra on his Titans Communicator. After receiving no answer, he leaves a message explaining how he misses her and telling her "I love you." several times. However, Terra herself shows up outside the window holding a phone. She launches a boulder through the tower, knocking all the Titans out onto a beach. Robin is angered to see Terra and demands to know why she's here. Beast Boy cuts in, saying the reason is obvious, and runs towards Terra singing his song. Terra interrupts the song, yelling at Beast Boy for ruining it through repetition, and reveals the real reason she came; telling Beast Boy she wants nothing to do with him, which breaks Beast Boy's heart. Terra also reveals that she has found a new boyfriend, to which Raven seems pleased by, but Terra smugly states it was someone Raven knew. A pirate ship then emerges from the water, to reveal Aqualad. Beast Boy is angered to see Aqualad again and immediately threatens to beat him to a pulp if he tried to take his girl again, but Aqualad calmly tells him all that was in the past. Aqualad approaches Raven and greets her, asking if she missed him. Before Raven can give an answer, he goes to Terra's side and reveals that he's her new boyfriend. This revelation shocks all of the Titans, as Aqualad and Terra had nothing in common, and they begin pointing out all of their differences. Aqualad then tells Raven that he was crushed when she first rejected him, but seeing her alone today he's glad they didn't end up together. Raven quickly states she is seeing someone. She puts her arm around Beast Boy, and claims him to be her boyfriend. Aqualad and Terra are amused by this, with Aqualad suggesting they go on a double date. Robin loves the idea and suggests that he and Starfire could also go along, making it a triple date. Cyborg then proclaims that he can be the "third wheel" and strives to get in the way of Robin and Starfire. After everyone else has left, Raven and Beast Boy discuss trying to make their former love interest jealous to break them apart.

Later, the Titans are seen driving to the restaurant in the T-Car. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg are in the back, with Robin happy that he gets another chance to win Starfire over. However Cyborg is determined to play the third wheel and ruin Robin's chances with her. This makes Robin fume, and he gives the "third wheel" a stern warning. However he only succeeds in repulsing Cyborg with his bad breath, leading Starfire to wonder if this is the reason why no one has ever kissed Robin's "mouth hole". Meanwhile, Raven and Beast Boy are in the front, with Beast Boy driving. Beast Boy is unhappy that Raven still has feelings for “fish face”, but is glad that he gets to have a date with her. Raven reminds him it is a pretend date to make Aqualad and Terra jealous. Beast Boy absentmindedly agrees, but in actual fact is admiring Raven, causing him to lose concentration of his driving and veer onto the wrong lane.

The T-Car finally reaches the restaurant, and shortly afterwards a whale lands beside them. The whale opens its mouth, and Aqualad and Terra walk out. The Titans, along with Aqualad and Terra then enter the restaurant to find a table. Robin begins to point out all of the romantic things about the place, and tries to entice her, but Starfire pulls away and states they should join Cyborg at a booth he found. She snatches Robin away, leaving Aqualad, Terra, Raven, and Beast Boy at the one table. An awkward moment begins where Raven and Beast Boy begin flirting and complimenting each other. However, their flirting is so over-the-top and ridiculous, that it only succeeds to confuse Aqualad and Terra rather than make them jealous. At one point, Raven and Beast Boy begin growling at one another, causing even the Waiter to pause and awkwardly stare at them. When the two of them finally finish, Raven proclaims that she and Beast Boy have difficulty hiding their feelings for one another. The waiter then arrives with the food that Raven ordered, which is revealed to be calamari. As Terra begins to enjoy the food, Aqualad is horrified to discover she is eating the calamari that raised him. Raven and Beast Boy smile in satisfaction as Aqualad becomes tearful at what Terra did. However Terra comforts Aqualad, and reassures him that the calamari was a great friend. To Raven and Beast Boy's surprise and disappointment, Aqualad forgives Terra because she didn't know he didn't like seafood and they leave the table to make-out. Raven realizes that Aqualad and Terra were very close, and that it would be difficult for them to be broken up, then she summons a portal and leaves, then she grabs Beast Boy and taking him with her.

Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire are enjoying a bowl of spaghetti, and as they suck up the same strand their lips close in on each other. However, Cyborg gets in the way of their lips, and kisses Robin, much to his disgust. Cyborg grins gleefully, satisfied at ruining yet another romantic moment, while Robin continues to fume at him.

Aqualad takes Terra to the bottom of the ocean in his bubble, and upon reaching the sea floor, he conducts the sea life to perform a symphony for Terra. Raven (in a bubble of her own) and Beast Boy (as a fish), watch from afar, and they make a boulder fall down to crush an octopus that was performing in the orchestra. Aqualad is angered and tells Terra, she could've just said she didn't like the song, while Terra protests her innocence, Beast Boy and Raven fist bumps in joy of how their plan is working. Later on the shore, Aqualad is painting a portrait while Terra poses. After Aqualad finishes and spins the portrait around to show Terra, Raven uses her magic to change the portrait into a fish. Terra is shocked and becomes tearful of the portrait, telling Aqualad that he can't make her into a fish before running off. Aqualad chases after saying he still loves her even though she doesn't have gills, then Beast Boy mocks them, as Raven laugh at this and both look at each other affectionately.

The next scene shows Aqualad and Terra sitting on a bench in the park, with their backs towards one another and on the verge of a breakup. Beast Boy and Raven then show up behind the bench and throw a fish at Terra, and a rock at Aqualad, before running to hide behind a bush. This is the final straw, and the couple breaks out into a brawl. Beast Boy and Raven watch behind the bushes, and laugh at their handiwork. Shortly afterwards, Beast Boy and Raven start to get drawn towards each other and share a kiss. However they quickly break apart, startled at what just happened. Raven's eyes immediately turn demonic and angrily asks what Beast Boy was doing, while Beast Boy protests that he didn't know and he was just following Raven's lead. However, Raven then pauses and states the kiss was nice, which Beast Boy is happy to hear. As the two of them get closer again, Aqualad and Terra find them, and figure out they were responsible for sabotaging their moments, Beast Boy pause and snap his fingers to resume the music and put his arm around Raven as he happily smiles with Raven looking at him affectionately. Aqualad and Terra prepare to get revenge on Raven and Beast Boy, but then disagree on what they're going to use whether to do it with rocks or sharks. Terra and Aqualad start to argue again, with Terra pointing out they had nothing in common other than their hatred of the Titans. They finally settle on Terra using rocks, while Aqualad uses sharks, and afterwards they date other people. The two of them charge, only to run into gorilla Beast Boy's fist, before Raven opens the trash hole beneath them, sucking Terra in for the third time and sucking Aqualad in with her.

Raven and Beast Boy then head to a beach, where they once again share their feelings for each other, this time for real. They approach to each other for a second kiss, but get interrupted by Cyborg honking at them in the T-Car. Beast Boy asks Cyborg what he's doing, which he replies he's having fun third wheeling and wrecking romantic moments. However, while Raven didn't like it at all, Beast Boy on the other hand seems delighted by the idea, and dances along to Cyborg's third wheel music.




  • This episode aired one year after "In and Out".
  • This is Terra's first appearance in Season 2, and her third appearance in the series overall.
  • This is Aqualad's second speaking role in the series. His first speaking role was in "Pirates". This also makes it his fourth appearance in person.
    • This was his second major role. The first was "Pirates".
  • This is the first time the previously fanon term "BBRae" is used in the show.
  • Interestingly, this the second time characters voiced by Greg Cipes, Ashley Johnson, and Wil Wheaton (Beast Boy, Terra, and Aqualad) have been involved in a love triangle. It also occurred in Ben 10: Alien Force, where they played Kevin Levin, Gwen Tennyson, and Michael Morningstar, respectively.
  • The name of this episode is a reference to the powers of Terra and Aqualad.
  • This is the first time one Titan has kissed another on screen.
  • In an original storyboard, Beast Boy was sitting at the rock at the middle of the ocean instead of the beach of the island when he was throwing the pebble that ended up hitting Raven. The rest of the opening scene, namely both of them airing their grievances about their ex-lovers and Raven voluntarily hitting Beast Boy with a boulder per request, all initially happened on the rock as well. This location change has not been explained. [1]


  • This episode is very similar to "Matched".
    • Both episodes focus on Beast Boy and Raven's feelings for each other.
    • Both times Raven is originally in denial over her feelings for Beast Boy, but eventually ends up loving him.
    • Both times Robin and Starfire have a separate plot where he tries to win over Starfire, with Cyborg tagging along.
    • Both times Cyborg ends up ruining Beast Boy's and Raven's moment.
  • Both Raven and Beast Boy are shown to still possess feelings for Aqualad and Terra at the start.
  • This is the fourth episode to directly reference events of past episodes, with the first three being "Books", "Be Mine", and "Let's Get Serious".
  • This episode directly continues from "Be Mine", as Raven mentions Beast Boy winning over Terra by singing "Fade Away" to her in that episode, before a flashback shows Beast Boy continuing to sing it to her while they're in the Trash Dimension.
  • It is also a continuation of "Pirates", as Beast Boy gives Aqualad another threat of hurting him, while Aqualad is still at bitter of Raven for rejecting him. Also, another one of Aqualad's aquatic friends gets eaten. However, due to the series' somewhat loose continuity, Aqualad no longer has the peg leg. Cyborg also still thinks Aqualad is a pirate.
  • This is the fourth episode to have Beast Boy and Raven's relationship as the main focus. ("Matched", "Be Mine", "Pirates")
  • This is the fifth episode where Beast Boy has played a stringed instrument during a musical montage. ("Burger vs. Burrito", "Books", "Lazy Sunday", "Be Mine").
  • This is the second time Raven openly states her feelings to Beast Boy, as well as the first time she directly reveals it to him, since she missed out on her chance in "Be Mine."
  • This episode confirms a continuity with "Mouth Hole", since Starfire comments how Robin "doesn't get the smooch-smooch on his mouth hole!" However, she implies that no one else has kissed him but her, which goes in line with her learning English and the events in "Baby Hands".
  • The steakhouse/restaurant and the waiter from "I See You" are seen again.
  • The music from "Pirates" is heard again where Aqualad is playing music for Terra.
  • This is the second time Raven kisses Beast Boy, which she did in "Pirates", (it's the third if one counts Purple Raven kissing him in "Colors of Raven").
    • However, this is the first reciprocal kiss between them, as the other time Raven kissed him on the forehead.
  • This is the third time Terra ends up falling into the trash hole (fourth if one counts the game Drillionaire). The other times were "Terra-ized" and "Be Mine".
    • As of this episode, every episode in which Terra appears had ended with her falling into the trash hole.
  • The way in which Aqualad and Terra are banished into the trash hole is very similar to how Raven did it in "Be Mine", as both instances involved the banished individuals running into a fist and falling into the hole.
  • The music from the "Terra VS Raven" scene in both "Terra-ized" and "Be Mine" returns in this episode.
  • Aqualad was apparently fixed in the hospital in "Pirates" and no longer has his pirate parts.
  • At the very end of this episode, Beast Boy does the exact same dance that he did at the end of "Caramel Apples".
  • This is the eighth romantic-themed episode of the series. However, this is the second romantic-themed episode of the second season.


  • The "Awkward Moment © 2014 BBRae" screen, with the "Press Start" display, is a reference to Nintendo arcade games.
  • The scene where Starfire and Robin are eating spaghetti together before eating the same strand is a reference to Disney's Lady and the Tramp.
  • The photo Aqualad shows to Terra presents a younger Aqualad, one who resembles the Aqualad from 1960's Teen Titans comics.
  • The face design of Terra shown in Aqualad's painting appears to look more like her original series counterpart.
  • Cyborg who invites himself on Robin and Starfire's date is similar to the Mickey Mouse episode Third Wheel where Goofy invites himself on Mickey and Minnie's date.
  • Beast Boy calls Aqualad "fishface," referencing the evil mutant fish from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The name of the giant squid who raised Aqualad, Mr. Belvedere, comes from the 1985-1990 sitcom of the same name. The titular character, Mr. Lynn Aloysius Belvedere, was an English housekeeper working for an American family.
  • At the end of the episode, the song that plays when Cyborg interrupts Beast Boy and Raven's kiss is a parody of the song "Tik Tok", sung by Kesha.


  • The "Awkward Moment" start screen year is 2014, yet this episode was released in 2015.
    • This suggests that work on this episode began in 2014, and either the episode took months to finish or the episodes were produced in a different order to airing.
  • It is unknown how Terra escaped the trash hole since Beast Boy was trapped with her.
    • In fact, it is unknown how Beast Boy escaped the trash hole, either.
  • The moment after Aqualad and Terra ended their relationship, the fish that was by Terra suddenly was near Aqualad and after Terra said "Enjoy Your Fish", the fish appears to move back over near Terra and the rock randomly disappears. Also after the scene ends, the fish also disappears (even from the ground).

Running Gags

  • Cyborg being the "Third Wheel" and continuously ruining Robin's moments with Starfire.
  • Beast Boy and Raven ruining Aqualad and Terra's moments together.
  • The running gag of Terra falling into the trash hole at the end continues in this episode.
  • Beast Boy and Raven flirting with each other.


The transcript for "Rocks and Water" can be found here.


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