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"Royal Jelly" is the fortieth episode of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the two-hundred-forty-ninth overall episode of the series.


Bumblebee offers to help Robin with his leadership skills by teaching him how to act like a queen bee.


It's another day with six Titans at the Tower, and Bumblebee is chilling on the couch while on her phone, when all of a sudden four heads slowly rise up from behind it to watch her. It's Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire! Bumblebee asks in annoyance why they're all looking at her.

Beast Boy tells her that she knows why and Cyborg says that they're waiting for her to make them honey. Bumblebee asks in bewilderment why they think she can make honey, and Starfire rhetorically asks Bumblebee if her name is indeed Bumblebee while giving her an angry glare. Bumblebee confirms that that is in fact her name, so Beast Boy demands for her to make them some honey. Raven calls the others knuckleheads for bothering Bumblebee and orders them to stop, saying that she's not going to make honey right in front of them because it's private. Bumblebee exasperatedly says that she is NOT an actual bee, and that she just has bee related powers. Cyborg asks cheekily if that includes the ability to make honey, which prompts an angry glare from Bumblebee.

The Titans are interrupted by one of Robin's smoke bombs, and he immediately appears yelling that there is an emergency training session, starting at this moment. They, of course, just stare at him silently, not showing any sign of actually obeying his order. He seems unfazed and yells Titans, GO! but Starfire flies up to him, telling him not to interrupt as they are attempting to get Bumblebee to make them honey, then promptly proceeds to literally throw him out of the window. He falls out of the tower screaming all the way down.

With Robin gone, the Titans get back to chanting "we want honey" over and over to an extremely annoyed looking Bumblebee, but are once again interrupted by Robin who has appeared to have survived the long drop from the tower and grappled his way back up to the living room without so much as a scratch. He addresses the Titans saying that as their leader, they have to do what he says. This causes Cyborg to laugh, while the others just stare at him angrily all except Raven who is as always expressionless. Cyborg says that they don't have to listen to him, and Raven adds to that saying that they aren't robots that blindly follow orders. Robin gets mad and tells them for the last time, "Titans Go!" But Beast Boy asks him if he heard Raven, and that they aren't ”auto motions,” then he transforms into a mountain goat and kicks Robin, causing him to once again break through the tower‘s glass and fall to the ground, screaming. Beast Boy walks back to the other Titans wiping his hands, while Bumblebee shakes her head, disapprovingly saying that they all have no respect for Robin. Starfire happily says that she is correct. Bumblebee suddenly has the idea of helping Robin and making him a better team leader. Raven tells her that helping Robin is never a good idea, but Bumblebee says that it’s a good thing that she's not cynical as the rest of them and walks away. Cyborg shrugs nonchalantly saying that it's her funeral, and asks her for one thing before she goes... Honey! They start to continuously chant that they want honey again. But Bumblebee seems grossed out and shrinks down before exiting the tower to find Robin. 

Outside the tower all the way at the bottom, in a crater lies Robin. Face planted in the ground. Bumblebee zips down to him and states that this is sad. Robin pulls his scratched and bruised face out of the crater and agrees with her in an upbeat manner and gets up now completely unharmed. He asks her dejectedly if she's here to ignore his orders, too, but Bumblebee says that she's here to help with his leadership problem. Robin sighs and says that they're never going to listen to him. Bumblebee says that of course, he will and that he just needs to start acting like a bee and then points at a near by bee hive. Robin acts disgusted saying that bees are nothing but tiny, vicious, insect like monsters, then tells Bumblebee no offence given that she herself dresses like a bee and has bee related powers. Bumblebee says that she now sees why no one helps him and Robin lets out an exasperated sigh agreeing to hear about her dumb bees.

Bumblebee says the first thing he needs to know about bees is that they are model citizens, doing anything they want. Robin is now impressed saying that they're so orderly. He asks how they communicate without yelling at each other, Bumblebee shows him. By dance! Bumblebee translates what two bees are saying to each other to Robin. One bee says to the other that they have some really good nectar, the other bee says that that's cool and to barf it into his mouth. After receiving the barfed nectar he then says that he will barf the nectar into the honey comb now. The first bee says that he wishes that they didn't have to barf so much. Robin is amazed that the bees managed to communicated all that through dance but Bumblebee says that that's not all, bees also communicate by using pheromones! She pulls a bee out of the hive, and puts it right in Robin's face.

Bumblebee states that the following is the 'alarm' smell. She gives the bee a little squeeze causing it to give a little pink toot which Robin smells, he remarks that it smells like bananas. Bumblebee says that it might smell like that to him but to a bee it says "Get out of here man, we're all gonna die!" Robin shrinks away from Bumblebee after this sudden loud outburst. Suddenly four very familiar bees fly by Robin's head towards the bee hive. Robin follows them until he's peering straight into the hive. It's the Titans! Or rather bees that resemble the Titans in their appearance. The four fly into a room in the hive and begin vegging on a make shift couch which appears to be made out of honey comb for obvious reasons. Robin asks Bumblebee what's up with them, but Bumblebee says that the Queen's got this. Just then the Queen enters the room regally, gives a quick spin and dance and releases some pheromones which cause the Titan bees to glow pink and immediately proceed to barf honey into honey combs. Robin is impressed by this, asking how she got to be a queen. Bumblebee says that it starts with Royal Jelly and proceeds to pull out a jar of it from the bee hive itself. Bumblebee then goes on to explain that Royal Jelly is all the queen eats from the first day she's born and that this jelly actually changes a normal bee larva so she grows into a queen.

Robin understands this, and comes to the conclusion that if he eats the Royal Jelly himself, he'll turn into a queen bee and the Titans will listen to him. This earns him a swift slap from Bumblebee. She refuses to do it because Royal Jelly is for bees only and she proceeds to literally stuff the jar back into the bee hive. Bumblebee says that being a queen is more than just eating jelly, she says to Robin that first and foremost he has "to bee positive, bee confident and bee a leader!" Robin is not impressed by Bumblebee's bee puns however Bumblebee says that it’s just a bee thing. She asks him excitedly if he's ready to learn Robin nods silently then Bumblebee tells him to bee a Bee Boy! 

Bumblebee begins Robin's bee training by telling him to command a group of bees in the only language they understand is dance! Robin begins dancing and Bumblebee give him some encouragement. Bumblebee continuously urges him to dance harder, and that the bees want to hear what his hips have to say. So Robin dances harder, but it appears that something he danced has offended the bees as they begin to sting him constantly. Bumblebee remarks that she doesn't think the bees liked what his hips were saying.

Next, Bumblebee moves on to pheromones, but Robin thinks that he's covered in that department and he gives himself a smell, satisfied with himself. Bumblebee seems unconvinced and smells him for herself, she says all she smells is body spray, and Robin slicks back his hair saying that that's for the ladies. Bumblebee lets out a gag as a result of this and tells him to just go and use his pheromones on the group of bees. Robin obliges walking confidently up to the bees with lifting up his arms allowing his... scent to wash over the bees. They don't seem to enjoy the smell and sting Robin immediately right in his armpit. Ouch! Bumblebee says that he has to smell harder than that if he wants them to listen to him. So Robin lifts his armpit and once but with effort this time lets out a cloud of pheromones but Bumblebee keeps encouraging him to make bigger smells. So Robin pulls up his shirt and reaches into his belly button to pull out a nasty green wad of goo and flicks it into the bees faces, this angers the bees further but Bumblebee keeps pushing him says that he can small worse than that! So Robin finally pulls out the big guns... His yucky fish breath! He breathes into the bees’ faces and this finally does it, they all fall to the ground dead except one which flies right up to Robin's face and slaps him right in his eye. Bumblebee says that if these bees won’t listen to him, than the Titans won’t either.

Robin asks if he can just eat some Royal Jelly which earns him another hard slap from Bumblebee. She yells NO! at him and lets out a sigh says that they should just forget it. He doesn't have what it takes to be a queen bee and starts flying away. Robin tells her that what she said really stings. This causes Bumblebee to gasp and turn around she flies back to him and asks if that was a bee pun, and he confirms so by tell her she'd better beelieve it. This, for some reason, causes Bumblebee to think that Robin's ready.

Back at the tower, the Titans are, as always, vegging on the couch. Bumblebee flies into the room, and tells them to listen up and that their days of slacking are over, because there is a new queen bee in the house! She pulls out a purple remote and presses a button on it, and Robin appears dressed in a queen bee costume, attached to some sort of zip line which he falls down from flat on his face. This doesn't faze him though, and he gets up and begins dancing. The Titans just stare at him in bewilderment, and Raven pulls her head out of her book to ask why he's dancing. Robin answers her, telling her that it's to inform them about the emergency training session. Starfire asks why he doesn't just say that. Robin starts doing some weird bee dance telling her to read his hips, because his lips lie. Starfire appears traumatized by this, and shivers in disgust. Bumblebee tells the others to listen to Robin as he is their leader, while Robin continues doing some weird dance. Raven asks Bumblebee, if she's helping him. Bumblebee's eyes dart around, then she says that she's only helping him a little bit. The Titans tell her that helping him is a big mistake, and Robin looks at their annoyance. Bumblebee flies up to him and asks him to give them some of his pheromones, so Robin does just that. He lifts his arms up and sends a waft of smells right into Cyborg’s face, Cyborg starts gagging as a result of this and asks what that smell is. Robin tells him that that smell is telling him to wash the dishes. Beast Boy tells him that they'll only do it if he washes his armpits first. This causes Robin to sigh, he says that it’s hopeless and that he will never be a queen bee. He hooks himself back up to the zip line contraption and sadly starts wheeling himself out out the tower, but the rope breaks, and he once again ends up falling all the way to the bottom, creating a new crater. He picks his injured face up and groans in pain and exasperation.

He walks back up to the bee hive, while muttering under his breath that stupid bee dance didn't even work. He looks into the bee hive to see the Queen bee on her throne getting all the respect from her loyal subjects. Robin ponders why that can't be him, then he comes up with a plan while rubbing his hands together mischievously.

It's now the next day, and the tower seems to be covered in honey! Inside the Titans are all going to town on all that honey, all while getting constantly stung by a bunch of bees. Cyborg enthusiastically states that this honey is the best he's even had. Bumblebee flies into the room asking what is going on. Beast Boy answers saying that they’re just hanging out and eating some honey. Starfire says that the honey is quite delicious and starts drinking a huge mouthful of the stuff. Bumblebee asks them how they got all that honey. Raven answers her saying that Robin made it for them. Beast Boy agrees and motions to where Robin is, saying that he's got honey for days. Bumblebee looks over at Robin to see that he has been transformed into a giant monstrous bee! He appears to be throwing up honey into a set of honey combs. Bumblebee asks Robin that she is unsure if that is really him. But sure enough, it is him and he tells her to call him your majesty.

Bumblebee angrily asks if he ate the royal jelly, and Robin confirms this by pulling out the jar of the stuff and messily consuming it, then saying that the only way to get the Titans to listen to him was to become the queen bee and that no one disobeys the queen! He starts drinking it again, but Bumblebee grabs it saying again that royal jelly is for bees only! Robin becomes enraged at her disobedience, and goes over to the Titans (who are still consuming worrying amounts of honey) and tells them to attack her. But, of course, as always, the Titans don't listen to him and even tell him to do it himself. Starfire says that they're too busy slurping the honey and returns to drinking it. Robin says that he'll see about that, and begins preforming his dance sequence once again, but in his bee form, then he ends the dance by delivering his pheromones which surround the Titans and cause them to glow pink. They suddenly being to transform into bees! They begin chanting “All hail the Queen” and appear to be finally following Robin‘s orders, much to his pleasure.

He tells them to attack and they follow his command without question, surrounding Bumblebee. She is unfazed though, and says that there is only one thing that can defeat a queen bee...another queen! She pulls out the jar of royal jelly and consumes it, she falls to the ground and immediately transforms into a queen bee just like Robin. She shoves the other bee Titans, aside with one quick move, and Robin furiously says that this means war. Bumblebee mockingly tells him to bring it on. And the two of them fly at each other screaming and begin fighting. The fight goes back and forth, but ultimately it is Bumblebee who wins, by spectacularly knocking Robin to the ground. His crown falls and Bumblebee picks it up and places it on her head saying, ”Long live the Queen.” The bee Titans all fly up to her and immediately support their new leader.

Later, it appears that Robin is no longer a giant bee, and it now sitting on the new honey comb couch eating honey. He tells the other Titans (who are still bees) that he learned something valuable today: That you can't treat people like they're bees! Bumblebee (who is also in her queen bee form) says that she learned to not help Robin with anything, because he is a crazy person, and proceeds to hit him in the head with her scepter. Beast Boy says that they learned that Bumblebee really was a bee all along, and Cyborg says that now they can have all the honey they want. Bumblebee agrees to this, saying that their queen provides. They all go up to her with honey pots and Bumblebee grossly begins barfing out honey into them, which the Titans happily begin to consume, though this is not shown for obvious reasons, and the episode ends with a final shot of the honey-covered Tower.



  • This is the second episode in a row with Bumblebee undergoing a transformation (i.e. mutating in "Communicate Openly", and becoming a bee in this episode).
  • In terms of Wikipedia ratings, this is currently the least viewed episode of the series, with only 0.37 views, getting less than Communicate Openly, which got 0.39 views.



  • During the fight between Robin and Bumblebee, one frame showcases Bumblebee punching Robin in a flurry. This is a reference to the 7 Page Beatdown in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, in which the villain Cioccolata is brutally beaten at the end of the fight between him and protagonist Giorno Giovanna (the "Muda/Ora" meme)
  • During Robin and Bumblebee’s fight, the Insane Tantrum scream is heard.


  • The Titans (except Robin) all pester Bumblebee to make them honey, but seem to have forgotten that Beast Boy can turn into a bee himself and make them the honey. Though they may not have done so because they felt that eating honey produced by Beast Boy would be gross.
  • The Titans all complain about Robin's personal hygiene throughout the show, yet they are perfectly comfortable eating honey literally barfed out of him.
  • Royal jelly is not only used for feeding queen bees, as stated briefly in this episode, but also bee larvae, regardless of sex or caste.
    • In reality, a larva being chosen to become the next queen requires it to be nursed in special queen cells and being fed with more royal jelly than normal counterparts, because this feeding can trigger queen morphology, such as the growth of developed ovaries for laying eggs.
  • The bees speak with distinctly male voices; in reality, worker bees are all females.

Running Gags

  • Robin getting slapped in the face by Bumblebee for asking to eat Royal Jelly.
  • The Titans asking Bumblebee to make them honey.
  • Queen bee Robin, queen bee Bumblebee, and the other bees throwing up honey.
  • Robin dancing like a bee to get the Titans to listen to him.
  • Robin getting thrown from the tower by the Titans or otherwise and crashing to the ground face down.
  • Bumblebee and Robin making bee puns.


The transcript for "Royal Jelly" can be found here.


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