Chat Rules

  • No spamming
  • No flooding
  • No flaming (only in PM)
  • No trolling
  • Be nice to other users
  • No racism
  • Nothing beyond PG
  • Cursing IS allowed. However, it MUST NOT be excessive, used for the intent of insulting others, or used for trolling.
  • No Inciting Arguments

Teen Titans Go! Wiki Rules

  • Good edits, not bad edits (this may seem redundant, but it needs to be said)
    • Good edit: one that provides additional information, fixes a grammar mistake, formats something better, or rewords something better
    • Bad edit: one that adds opinion instead of fact, adds fan fiction, is spam, gets rid of important parts, or just overall makes the page worse
    • Don't worry too much about grammar and spelling or getting information slightly wrong. Somebody else will fix it, as long as you have the right intentions and idea, it is not a bad edit.
  • No spam comments or anything of the like.

Image policy

If you would like to add photos to a main-page gallery, please be sure and make sure your image(s) meet the following criteria or else it may be deleted.

  • Quality: The photos in question must be clear (720p or 1080p is preferred) with easy visibility. No darkened/lightened hues.
  • Watermark: Watermarks (Cartoon Network logo/advertisements on screenshot) on photos generally are not preferred, but in the case of a high quality photo it may be exempted.
  • Dimensions: Images must at least be 320x180 px in dimensions. Anything smaller is not recommended, but in the case of low availability (such as, new photos of a unreleased episode) this may be excluded temporarily until a better screenshot emerges.
  • Cropping: Photos that are cropped/edited/not the original screenshot are highly looked down upon. Images in main galleries should be the entire full image. However, in the case of character profile images, cropping is more flexible as long as the above criteria is still met.
  • Name-spacing: Photos must have keywords in the file name that relate to what's included in the photo. For example, if the photo includes "Robin" from "Legendary Sandwich", your file name when uploading would be something similar to "Robin_Legendary_Sandwich.png". If the name is already taken, you would simply add the appropriate number following the next image relating to same content. Example: "Robin_Legendary_Sandwich2.png". The same would go for episode images with no specific target. For example, if it is a generic screenshot from the episode "Pie Bros", the file name would be similar to "Pie_Bros_Image.png" or "Pie_Bros_Screenshot.png". Images with random letters and numbers that can't be read are not accepted.

Below is an example of a few images that meet all of the above criteria and are handsomely preferred and wanted.

Chat mod and Admin rules

  • No abusing
  • Be a responsible and trustworthy mod/admin
  • An Admin(s)'s word is law. (not really, but we can create new rules on the spot within reason). if an Admin tells you to stop doing something, it would be wise to stop.

Other rules

  • English ONLY please.
  • No pointless comments like "First!" or anything irrelevant to the page the comment is being posted on. They WILL be deleted.

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