"Save the Date" is issue #24 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series. It was released digitally on September 9, 2015 and in print on October 21, 2015 by DC Comics.


Raven thought things couldn't get any worse after Starfire posted an online dating profile ... until she posted one for Raven, too! But she quickly learns things can get a whole lot worse when their "perfect dates" start showing up at their door![1]


It's just another day at the Titans Tower, with nothing really interesting going on. Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven are lounging around when Starfire comes in with some exciting news: she's created an online dating profile. Beast Boy warmly remembers his days of online dating (and getting banned from the site), but Robin's not too happy to hear this news. He tries to persuade Starfire that online dating is a waste of time (unless its with him), but Raven is cool with her humiliating herself on the web. To Raven's horror, though, she finds that Starfire has also signed her up.

After punching Beast Boy for insulting her date chances, Starfire tries coaxing her into it with; she'll be able to meet new guys, specifically selected people who share her background. And as a bonus, Starfire offers to be her best friend if she goes along with it. Raven remarks that they're ALREADY best friends, but unfortunately for her, Starfire takes this as an agreement. The two set off to go and primp up—Starfire, enthusiastically—Raven, not so much...

Save the Date (4.1)

That's a lot of damage. But it's inflicted on a pompous noble, so who cares. Well done, Robin.

Meanwhile, Robin's worst fears are coming to fruition, and its taking a toll on his sanity. As he tries calming down by talking to himself, the doorbell rings. He angrily runs to the elevator, intent on stopping whoever the date is. Seeing that Robin's lost it (again), Beast Boy and Cyborg tiptoe out of the room as Robin opens the elevator. He hopes the guy is just a big-time loser, but to his disappointment, the blind date is the valiant Prince Karras, a handsome Tamaranian noble. Robin's not gonna let a date happen, though; after creating a small distraction, he bashes the prince's skull in with his 棒 staff, then shoves him in a closet. For a brief moment, Robin has a moral guilt trip, but his lust for Starfire ends up trumping his righteousness.

Time passes, and Starfire starts worrying that her date won't be arriving. Robin, who though he was in the clear, is saddened to hear that she actually has a second date lined up. The doorbell rings again—Raven's date. Cyborg and Beast Boy can't wait to get a look of this guy, but when they see it's the mysterious Phantom Stranger, they slam the door in his talking to strangers (even though it's a blind date)! Raven, who's wearing a blindfold after taking "blind date" literally, isn't even mad. That's already one date down.

The doorbell rings once more, and this time Martian Manhunter, Starfire's second date, is at the elevator. Robin's a little relieved to see her next date is an old, green, bald guy, but then he learns that Martian Manhunter can actually shape shift into human form he wants. Luckily for Robin, though, he exploits the alien's weakness: fire. Starfire claims she heard the doorbell again, but Robin blow it off... currently, Martian Manhunter chloroformed in the closet with Karras. Starfire is a little bummed that their dates haven't showed up (or been attacked by Robin), but she's happy to see that Raven's second date has just arrived—the Dream Dimension ruler, Sandman. However, Raven breaks the hero's heart when she expected him to be two other heroes with the name "Sandman". Another date gone and went.

As the hours go by, date after date keeps coming for Starfire, and date after date keep on being ambushed by Robin. Tired of beating them up, a new guest suddenly arrives, The Spectre, Spirit of Vengeance. Robin moves aside for this intimidating figure; he doesn't want to get between him and Raven. However, he learns that Spectre is actually here for Starfire... and he's come too far to let even HIM pass. With one swift stoke of the staff (ooouuu), he takes the spirit out and stuffs him in the closet. However, carrying capacity as been reached; the tiny room explodes, revealing all he dates he's tied up. As the Titans rush in to the living room, Starfire is angered to see all of her blind dates unconscious on the floor. Sheepishly, Robin announces that her date's finally here...


Save the Date (5.1)

Plot: +1. BBRae: +0.

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  • Although "Secret Garden" reveals that the friend Starfire trusts the most is Cyborg, in this comic it is stated that Raven is the Titan whom Starfire considers as her best friend.
  • In DC Comics, Prince Karras is actually the husband of Starfire after she broke up with Dick Grayson and returned to Tamaran, though this was out of convenience. He soon allowed Starfire to move back to Earth and return to his original wife, yet he didn’t have the chance to see his child as he died in the final showdown with his terrorist sister and her lover.


  • Robin’s one sided obsession with Starfire is strongly displayed.


  • When Robin says Starfire should date someone that has a cape and an "R" in his name, she references Luciano Pavarotti, a famous Italian opera tenor who wore capes.


  • Throughout the comic, Robin's bō staff has white handgrips and end caps. It's unlikely the colorist intended this, since his staff is almost always all-gray. It was likely forgotten to be colored.


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Save the Date (5.1)
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