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"Scary Figure Dance" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-seventeenth overall episode of the series.


The Titans' Halloween party is interrupted by the Hive Five robbing a candy factory, and after the battle hits a major shift, very strange things start happening around H.I.V.E. Tower.


The scene opens up to the Titans getting ready for a Halloween party. Robin, dressed as a werewolf, orders Cyborg, as a vampire, to carve a pumpkin. He responds by saying, "Yes sir!" and shoots a face with a pumpkin. Next, Robin tells Beast Boy, who is a pumpkin, to spin some spooky spider webs as Beast Boy turns into a spider and makes some webs. Robin runs to Starfire, dressed as a cat, and forces her to get apples for bobbing. She gets a bag of apples and puts them in a wooden container stating that she got them, but she could not find "the bob," although there was a zombie hand there. Finally, Robin tells Raven, dressed as a witch, to get some skeletons so she summons some up. Robin asks if they were from her "closet," but she says that they were from dead people. Robin tries to throw a Halloween party by putting on a song called Scary Figure Dance. Suddenly a crime alert warns the Titans that the Hive five is attempting to destroy a candy factory. Reluctantly, and angered by the interruption, Robin and the other Titans head out to stop the crime.

When the H.I.V.E are trying to destroy a candy factory, Robin tells them to trick-or-treat. Raven tells the HIVE it sounds like a trick, but she gets a treat for the HIVE. But it is too late, the HIVE blow up the candy factory all thanks to Gizmo! Cyborg starts to cry and Starfire is sobbing, telling them the "Hallow has become Unween". Gizmo tells the Titans that they have no ghost of a chance which gives Robin an idea. Shortly after the Titans are immediately disintegrated by a laser thus leaving the HIVE happy. While the H.I.V.E are throwing a Halloween party, Mammoth, dressed as a ballerina left lipstick smudge on a cup, Gizmo is hanging decorations, and See-More and Billy Numerous are watching a movie called Nosferatu. However, strange occurrences then happen. Lights flicker on and off, a trident pokes Gizmo's butt, Mammoth's cup is held by itself and pours juice on Jinx's costume, and the TV goes crazy by itself. It is revealed that the ghosts they live with are making ghostly noises, sounds, and moans. Gizmo tells the HIVE that the tower is haunted. Doors slam, static is shown on TV, and then the lights flicker again! The HIVE become scared and run off. See-More tries to call the Ghostbusters, but Jinx slaps the phone out of his hand and says: "the only way to get rid of a ghost is to find out what it wants by preforming a seance."

When they are doing a seance, Jinx tells everyone to be very quiet, but instead yells "HEY GHOSTS! WE WANNA TALK TO YOU! GET OUT HERE!". No one responds. Jinx says "What? Have you gone to a seance before?" And then the candles are blown and a glowing light is shown, showing the five ghosts of the Titans. The ghost of Beast Boy yells "What up, foooooooooooools?" in a ghostly tone. Mammoth tries attacking the Titans, but he falls on the floor. Cyborg tells him that they are ghosts! Gizmo tells the ghosts why are they talking like this and Starfire says this ghostly tone is how the ghosts talk. Gizmo finds it REALLY annoying, and Jinx told them to stop, but the ghost of Robin says no in a ghostly tone of voice. See-More begs them, but Billy thanks them which makes the ghost Titans stop. Though Cyborg still says "Just kidding" in a ghostly tone. Robin wants to enjoy their Halloween by ruining the H.I.V.E's as "scary" ghosts. Robin tells them it was a mistake in retrospect, and Raven makes decisions. Mammoth tells them they are not very scary, so the Titans start scaring them into making actual very demonic, nightmarish scary faces, causing the HIVE to scream and run off.

Jinx goes to an elevator to hide but the ghost of Robin comes in to show her the true meaning of fear, an awkward elevator ride! Billy Numerous and Gizmo go to look for the rest when they see Cyborg and Beast Boy go into a room. They follow and are terrified by the two ghosts. They end up getting slimed by Cyborg and Beast Boy. As for Mammoth and See-More, they end up being possessed by Raven and Starfire. Robin has coffee breath once and then haunts Jinx with an eye contact, bulging his eyes, which scares her so bad that she presses a stop button in the elevator and runs off. While the ghosts of the Teen Titans moan and make weird ghostly sounds, Gizmo has the only way to get rid of the Ghost Titans is to call the hospital.

When the doctors come, they put the Titans back into their bodies. Beast Boy tells the HIVE they are not talking like ghosts anymore, so See-More tells the Titans it was inappropriate. Both the Titans and HIVE have a good time and have the best Halloween ever. Robin puts on the Scary Figure Dance as the Titans and the HIVE dance to it. Until Cyborg accidentally makes Robin fly up into the sky (without pants!) when he uses his pitchfork to poke Robin’s butt. The episode ends with the text 'Happy Halloween'.




  • This episode aired almost a year after "Halloween" did, possibly to mark their one year anniversary.
  • This is the first episode to feature the H.I.V.E. Five wearing Halloween costumes.
  • When the Titans are alive and are humans, they have noses. But when the Titans are ghosts, they don't have noses.
  • This episode was released on the Cartoon Network app before its official air date, becoming the fourth episode to do so after "The HIVE Five", "The Return of Slade", and "More of the Same".
  • This is the ninth holiday episode of the series ("Second Christmas", "Be Mine", "Money Grandma", "Caramel Apples", "Halloween", "Thanksgiving", "Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt", "More of the Same").
  • This is the seventh episode to be leaked before its official air date, and the fourth to be leaked on Demand.
  • Music from "Laundry Day" is reused.
  • The Titans' Halloween costumes are:
    • Robin as a werewolf.
    • Starfire as a cat.
    • Beast Boy as a pumpkin.
    • Raven as a witch.
    • Cyborg as a vampire.
  • The H.I.V.E.'s Halloween costumes are:
    • Gizmo as a devil.
    • Billy Numerous as a cowboy.
    • See-More as a pirate.
    • Mammoth as a ballerina.
    • Jinx as a cavewoman.
  • Cyborg in the episode is dressed up as a vampire. Cyborg's voice actor, Khary Payton, had actually played one following injecting himself with Dracula's blood in the direct-to-video sequel Dracula II: Ascension.
  • This is the first time in the third season where the Titans die and become ghosts.


  • This is the second episode where Mammoth, Billy Numerous, and See-More speak. ("The HIVE Five)
  • This is the second time the Titans end up in the hospital. ("Second Christmas")
    • In "Second Christmas", when Raven is in the hospital with the other Titans, she is seen her hood, unlike this episode, where she's unhooded.
  • This is the second episode focusing on Halloween, the second to feature them as teenagers and the first time they are wearing Halloween costumes ("Halloween").
  • This is the second episode in which all of the Titans become ghosts ("Ghostboy").
  • This is the second episode in which Raven references Pac-Man by becoming a Pac-Man-esque ghost. The first time was in "Video Game References".
  • This is the fifth episode to focus on the H.I.V.E. Five ("Opposites", "In and Out", "Operation Tin Man", "The Hive Five").
  • Raven is seen without her hood for the twenty-eighth time.
  • This is the second time that Raven does a ghostly moan. The first time was in "Halloween".
  • Starfire being fascinated with cats is shown again.
  • The singing skulls from "Salty Codgers" reappear.
  • Beast Boy's scream sounds like Cyborg's scream from "Spice Game".
  • This is the third episode to end with a song. The first two were "Leg Day" and "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory".


  • Raven's ghostly form, along with the emblem on the floor, resemble the ghosts from the 1980 arcade game, Pac-Man.
  • The movie Billy and See-More are watching is Nosferatu.
  • The song at the end of the episode, known as "Scary Figure Dance", is a parody of the song, "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett.
  • Robin and Gizmo bringing Mammoth to life at the end of the episode is a reference to the film Frankenstein.
  • When See-More says he's going to call "those guys who are good at busting ghosts", he's referring to Ghostbusters.
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg sliming Billy Numerous and Gizmo is an homage to the scene where Slimer slimes Peter Venkman from the first Ghostbusters film.
  • Harley Quinn's likeness appears on the Jump City Candy Factory sign.
  • Mammoth mentions that busting makes him feel good. "Bustin' makes me feel good!" was a line from the "Ghostbusters" theme song.
  • When Jinx conducts the seance, a variation of the Halloween (movie) theme is played. 
  • The way Raven and Starfire, as ghosts, possess Mammoth and See-More, is similar to what Carrie did in The Amazing World of Gumball episode, "The Ghost".
  • Raven is a raven (bird) during the song, a reference to the Edgar Allen Poe's classic horror poem The Raven.
  • Jinx's costume bears a strong resemblance to Pebbles from the Flintstones.


  • Starfire's face-paint on her nose disappears after the H.I.V.E. destroys the candy factory.
  • Since the Titans are ghosts, they can't touch the H.I.V.E Five when they first appear; but when Robin is in the elevator with Jinx, he is able to push the elevator buttons.
  • When the H.I.V.E run from the ghostly sounds in fear, they leave their costumes behind, but when they escape the room, they are wearing their usual outfits. Jinx, for example, is wearing her cave-girl costume, which exposes her legs, but then her normal outfit covers her legs.
  • In Halloween, the Titans say they are too old for Halloween. However, in this episode they love Halloween, and celebrate it like crazy. Although during Halloween the Halloween Spirit tormenting might have reignited their love for it.
  • See-More's hook hand disappears when the HIVE jump up screaming.
  • When the Titans died and turned into ghosts in previous episodes (such as Laundry Day, Ghostboy, Real Magic, and Hot Garbage), they look the same as the live Titans, but in a blueish and greenish tint. In this episode, the ghostly Titans have eyebrows (excluding Starfire, Raven, and Robin), have ghostly tails, are noseless, and have four fingers instead of five.
  • Even though Starfire is a ghost, she is shown to have no eyebrows. But when she appears on the couch and Raven is ready to possess Mammoth and See-More, Starfire is shown to have eyebrows. (Briefly; it's where a scene cuts to Starfire when she had straight and long eyebrows.)

Running Gags

  • The Titans acting like ghosts.
  • The Titans scaring the H.I.V.E.


The transcript for "Scary Figure Dance" can be found here.


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