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The Sea Snail is a saltwater sea snail that occupied the rock outside the Titans Tower, starting with the Season 5 episode, "The Scoop!". He is the fifth rock animal in the series, following the Seagull, Crab, Pelican and Octopus.


In "The Scoop!", the rock, which had been previously occupied by the Octopus, is now vacant, indicated by a sign which read, "Rock for Rent", (which the Octopus put there, as he left the rock at the end of the episode "Flashback"). An ocean wave washes up on the rock, taking the sign away and leaving behind a snail shell. The sea snail comes out of it's shell and sits on the rock as Season 5's rock animal. Later in the episode, one of the establishing shots that took place later at night saw the Sea Snail sleeping, with a nightcap on his shell.

The snail makes a few cameos during establishing shots of the Titans Tower, in both parts of "Kabooms".

In "The Groover", the Sea Snail was dancing on his rock. His dance was bobbing his eyes.

In "BBRBDAY", the Sea Snail was shown celebrating Beast Boy's birthday in two establishing shots. In the first, he had a balloon tied to his tail. In the second, he had a flag taped to his shell that read "BBBDAY!"

In "Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story", Raven reversed time back to the 1980's. The Sea Snail was effected by this and he ended up wearing funky 80's clothing. In a second establishing shot, the Sea Snail was shown dancing, while still wearing his 80's clothes.

In "Tall Titan Tales", he wore a Daniel Boone hat and pretended he was riding a horse.

In "I Used to Be a Peoples", the Sea Snail made weird noises.

In "The Metric System vs Freedom", the Sea Snail was shown dancing again, the same way he was in "The Groover" and "Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story".

In "Little Elvis", the Sea Snail watched as the Mr. Mind's meteor crashed plummeted to the Earth.

In "Booty Eggs", his shell was painted with yellow zigzag lines to look like an Easter egg.

In "What's Opera Titans?", the Sea Snail wore a top hat and a monocle.

In "Communicate Openly", the Sea Snail was mutated by a nuclear explosion and he genetically fused with the other rock animals, giving him the head of the Pelican, the tentacles of the Octopus, the claws of the Crab, and the second head of the Seagull, which sat inside of the Pelican's mouth. His contribution to the mutated hybrid was his shell being on the creature's back.

In "Strength of a Grown Man", the Sea Snail was extremely tiny.

In part one of "Girls Night In", the Sea Snail appeared during the establishing shot at the beginning. It was awake at night and it blinked its eyes, which made a cartoon sound effect.

In "The Viewers Decide", the Sea Snail was looking at a sea creature, who was floating in the water. The sea creature was partially submerged in the water, so not much is know about it, other than the possible theory that it may be the next season's rock animal. All that could be seen of the unidentified sea creature was the top of his head. He had a teal round head and eyes that looked exactly like the eyes of the snail only the irises were blue instead of orange. In a second establishing shot, the sea creature was much closer to the snail than before.

In "Cartoon Feud", the Sea Snail was sleeping.

In "Collect Them All", the Sea Snail was trapped as a collectible.

In "Teen Titans Vroom!", the Sea Snail was in his normal pose and with a new style to Jump City.


The Sea Snail is a green tegula snail with a brownish-orange shell that is in a bit of a cone shape, lined with three white lines. The sea snail also has large protruding eyes that stick off of its head and has oval-shaped pupils, surrounded by orange irises. The sea snail has two stubby little arms that are right next to its mouth on both sides of its face and it has a belly in a lighter shade of green than the rest of its skin.

Episode Appearances

Season 5


  • The Sea Snail is the only rock animal not to appear in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, despite being an established character at the time.
  • The Sea Snail and the Octopus are the only rock animals who are not part of the Illuminati.


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