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The Sentry Robot is a robot that guards the Hall of Justice. When Beast Boy accidentally took a bite out of Batman's sandwich, the alarm goes off and summons him from behind a fridge that the Titans looked in.


The Sentry Robot guarded and lived at the Hall of Justice. When he was just small and scanned the Titans, he found out they weren't members of the Justice League. When the Titans laughed at him, he transformed and chased them until they left. However, Cyborg found a closet and dressed up as the Justice League, but when the robot found them, he said "area restricted to Justice League members only. Intruders will be detained." But when he scanned Raven dressed as Wonder Woman, he let her go. When he scanned Cyborg as Green Lantern, he believed that they were intruders. The sentry robot transformed again and destroyed them, but then Cyborg summoned the golden girls and attacked him back.


He is a white robot with a black line and upside down triangle on the front.

Powers and Abilities

  • Levitation/Flight: He can float above the floor.
  • Transformation: He does this to destroy intruders who invade the Hall of Justice.
  • Super Strength
  • Shooting
  • Cutting


Season 3


  • He has not appeared in any of the Justice League episodes of neither Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, or Justice League Action, not even referenced or mentioned just made for Teen Titans Go!.
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