Slash of Justice is an online game available to play at the Cartoon Network website.


The city is being attacked! Choose Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven or Beast Boy to defeat waves of enemies with your slashing skills. Unleash power of the Teen Titans on villain bosses!


You can choose between the Titans and fight enemies by slashing. Use the arrow keys to move, and click the mouse to slash in the direction of where the cursor is on the screen. The Titans each have different stats which may be handy in some fights. Slash a bunch of enemies in a row to get combos. Getting combos will increase your star power. When the star power is full, you can use a special move.



Attack: Medium

Defense: Medium

Speed: Medium


Attack: Medium-High

Defense: High

Speed: Low


Attack: High

Defense: High

Speed: Very Low


Attack: Low

Defense: Low

Speed: High

Beast Boy:

Attack: Medium-Low

Defense: Medium-Low

Speed: Medium-High


Billy Numerous: The standard enemy. Attacks by running and slashing. Some have hats and have more HP.

HP: 1

HP: 2 (The ones with hats)

Pelicans: Another basic enemy. Attacks by flying around and shooting fish.

HP: 1

Monsieur Mallah:

One of the stronger enemies. Attacks by walking around and shooting lasers.

HP: 2

Pain Bot: Another strong enemy. Attacks by driving around and slashing. If left alone for too long, they explode. Some are blue and have more HP.

HP: 4

HP: 6



The first boss in the game. Walks around in the upper side of the arena, then shoots a huge laser from his eye. He then gets dizzy and that's your chance to strike. After enough hits, He'll walk to the corner of the arena, shoot a huge laser, move a bit away from the corner, shoot a huge laser, and will continue doing this until he reaches the other corner of the arena, and then gets dizzy.

Mammoth: He enters the center of the arena and tries to punch you in the face. He'll then try to ram you and if he hits the edge of the screen, he gets dizzy, and then you can strike.

The Brain: One of the bigger bosses and he only big boss of them all. He is seen in the background, and then goes off-screen and summons some red and blue Pain Bots. Then he goes back on-screen and shoots a gigantic laser. (Even bigger than See-More's laser) and does not take breaks. He moves the laser without stopping the laser like See-More does, and you HAVE to touch the edge of the screen to dodge the laser. He'll get dizzy like every other boss. Then strike him! If you get non-stop hits on him when dizzy, his head will fall off and you can strike the head for even more damage!

Brother Blood: The final boss in the game. He flies his floating vehicle then stops at the arena's center and decides to make puddles of blood appear on the ground which damages the player if walked on. Then he'll shoots beams from upward onto the blood puddles causing more damage. He'll then use a gigantic laser similar to The Brain but only on the upper side of the arena and the laser doesn't move, forcing the player to stay on the bottom of the arena. and then he shoots lasers smaller than See-More's lasers diagonally down, then vertically down, and diagonally down again. The gigantic laser then cancels and Brother Blood gets dizzy like always and his vehicle will float downwards letting you damage him.





  • The slice of cheese with a face from "Breakfast Cheese" is seen in the game.
  • Two screenshots from "Pie Bros" are seen at the closing of one of the battles.


  • Cyborg's red robotic eye constantly switches sides every time he moves.
  • Pain Bot appears in this game as a villain despite being Cyborg's little buddy/companion.