Sleep Over is issue #12 of Teen Titans Go!


What happens when the girls have a slumber party and don't invite any of the boys? What about when Cyborg and Beast Boy plug their sweet new game console into the Tower's mainframe computer? We're glad you asked - but did you really think we'd give it away?!


After the wreckage at the Tower because of the video game, Jinx and Bumblebee come over to have a slumber party with Raven and Starfire. Bumblebee and Starfire hug, and Jinx complains that Cyborg has to leave. Raven says, "that's the rule, and don't think about breaking it."

The boys are wondering what to do, and Robin wants to join the slumber party. Beast Boy and Cyborg don't want to, so they leave.

Back at the slumber party the girls decide to stay up all night while doing fun activities. Starfire brings up fluff our pillows or get out the blankets. Bumblebee says, "why don't we get the Ouija board?" Jinx and Raven say, "no." Then Bumblebee suggests doing some makeovers. Then she abandons the idea because she looked at Starfire's ears, they weren't pierced! So she tries to, and well it doesn't work to well... Then Bumblebee says , "Lt's play truth or dare". Jinx asks Starfire what is the weirdest part about being on Earth.

Beast Boy and Cyborg or at a bowling alley seeing who can get the most pins down. Beast Boy gets seven pins, but Cyborg gets a strike, using his targeting sytem. Then Cyborg goes to the snack bar.

Back at the slumber party, Starfire is still talking about weird things on Earth. Bumblebee covers her mouth since she has been talking for hours. Then she asks Raven truth or dare and Raven says truth. Bumblebee asks if she has a thing with Beast Boy. Raven doesn't answer and does the hokey-pokey instead. Everyone laughs. Then Jinx asks "Who wants to play mash?". She explains that you fill out categories and then you can predict the future with it. Then you pick random numbers until you have one choice left in each category. Bumblebee states that Gizmo is on her marry list which she finds nasty. Starfire's mash up is that she will become alien queen, have a litter of Silkie's, live in a shoe, and get married to Trigon. From the air vent we hear a "NO!". Then Robin falls from the air vent since he has been spying on the girls the whole night. Since Trigon heard his name, he came over asking if someone summoned him to marry Starfire. Raven then asks Jinx where she got the paper and she said from Raven's room. That would be magic paper! Raven doesn't want Starfire to marry Trigon, so everyone fights against Trigon, even his bride. Then the girls stopped and didn't even fight him. Raven states that they forgot one rule: NO BOYS ALLOWED!

The girls are back on the couch talking about how epic the slumber party was. Then Jinx states that she's glad that Cyborg left and wonders what they are up to.

We see the boys at the bowling alley and Cyborg celebrating that he got another strike. Then Trigon says that he is too good. Trigon asks if he is using a targeting system, and Cyborg then tells Trigon to go try bowling alley nachos.



  • This comic is a combination of Girl's Night Out, and Slumber Party
  • This is the first time Raven was seen unhooded in a comic.
  • This comic reveals that Jinx sleeps with a Cyborg plush.
  • Not counting episodes in the series, this is the first time Bumblebee has a speaking role.


  • There are several Batman references on the cover, including: A Batman plush toy, "The Dark Knight Smizes!" DVD, a Batman Beyond Plushie, Silkie wearing a Bane mask, a Catwoman plushie, and Two-Face plushie, and Batman's face appearing on Jinx's pillow with the Justice League.


  • In this comic issue, Starfire states that her skin is too thick for piercing earrings, but in the series, her ear doesn't seem to suffer from any wounds even after she pierces one onto her ear.


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