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"Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit" is issue #44 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


Something “Smells like Teen Titans Spirit” when Raven judges a musical competition and Punk Rocket’s band threatens to shake the city to pieces!


As usual, the Titans are just sitting around the Tower, watching "Vote the Note!" on TV. Robin's fuming with jealousy over someone named Oliver's singing voice, mainly because he's getting all of Starfire's attention. Before Robin can show off HIS singing, Cyborg tells him to shut it- Raven's now on the music show as a judge, and he's hoping she picks his favorite accordion player. After the musician gives a terrible performance, Raven roasts him into oblivion. Cyborg is furious, but Raven's just in one of her bad moods (which is pretty much perpetual). Singer after terrible singer, she get even more and more critical. Suddenly though, an audition catches and the Titans' eyes, and not in a good way. It's Punk Rocket! With one incredible shred of his guitar, a seismic wave of energy starts to destroy Jump City and the rest of the country. Robin orders the Titans to the "Vote the Note!" stage.

Meanwhile, Raven is busy battling the rocker, who somehow seems to be pleasing the crowds. Dissing his low musical IQ of only three chords, Raven sends a blast of demonic energy at Punk, only to have it rebounded back at her, making her "sing the blues." Luckily for her, the other four Titans have just shown up and are ready to rumble. Robin hurls a Birdarang at the rock star, but Punk Rocket is too much of a crowd pleaser. His fans bury Robin with their bodies, and the other are of no help; Starfire's eardrums are ruptured, and Cyborg has the hots for some backup dancers. For once in his lifetime of laziness, Beast Boy heads into the action in snake form, and he manages to unplug Rocket's amp. Punk Rocket demands that they take a hike, and while Robin is at first reluctant, and angry fan's glass bottle thrown at his head coaxes him into a deal... it'll be a Battle of the Bands; if the Titans win, Punk has to go bye. If Punk wins, the Titans die.

No more pancakes for Raven...

The competition starts as Cyborg and Raven play the guitar, spider Beast Boy's eight arms take the drums, Starfire has the vocals (which are impromptu yet random), and Robin plays a mean... triangle. Glum that he's reduced to a metal shape, Robin suddenly sees Oliver (the singer from earlier) and gets even angrier. Harnessing the rage, he unlocks his inner musician and plays a mean flute for the crowd. For their skills, the Titans are greeted with beer cans and tomatoes. Do get the fans roaring for them, Cyborg lobs a few Teen Titans GO! t-shirts to the crowd, which seems to do the trick. A couple more ridiculous lines from Starfire and one more triangle ting, and the "Crowd-'O-Meter" rates the Titans pretty high.

Mocking the Titans as posers, Punk Rocket takes to the stage and breaks it completely with a guitar strum. Cyborg, with his cybernetic disabilities, also has his legs and arms shattered off. As he bounces around the stage, Punk Rocket complains that he's messing up his rhythm. With an electric blast, he sends Cyborg up into the air... only to have it backfire on him as Cyborg, now transformed into an anvil, clunks his head.

Seeing the unconscious rock star loser on the floor, Punk Rocket's fans quickly leave him in the dust and instead praise the Titans. The Crowd-'O-Meter announces the Titans as the victors. Beast Boy jokes around with victorious Victor, asking him if he wants to beat box Punk Rocket, but Cyborg jests that he's more of a "heavy-metal" guy. Raven can only moan at the stupid pun.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Oliver Crushington
  • Accordion player
  • Hillbilly strummer
  • A cappella group
  • Jump City crowd


  • TBA



  • The title of this comic is a reference to Nirvana's song "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
  • "Vote the Note" is very similar to the singing game show "The Voice." It's logo is a huge mic, similar to The Voice's hand holding a mic logo.

Running Gags

  • The crowd booing the Titans, specifically Robin.


The transcript for "Smells Like Teen Titans Spirit" can be found here.