"Snowbunny's Fool" is issue #63 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


Starfire is "Snowbunny’s Fool" when Robin takes the team to a ski resort—but it’s cold-weather-hater Raven who really surprises her teammates!


Getting a little tired of Jump City and its beaches, Robin decides to take the Titans out into the snowy wilderness for a nice vacation. They arrive at a cozy looking cabin, but it's more or less a laser kitties for Starfire, a safety hazard for Raven, no TV for Beast Boy, and just a waste of time for Cyborg. But Robin's eager to make the most out of this trip, including cold combat training and getting cuddly with Starfire. This sounds kinda boring to Cy and Beastie, so they decide to do some skiing. Raven passes on the life-threatening snow sport to just go on a walk (snow isn't really her thing, being from fiery Azarath).

Beast Boy and Cyborg arrive on top of a gigantic hill, supposedly one set aside for only "super advanced skiers." Despite neither of them having used a snowboard before, they go cowabunga on the hill. It isn't long before Beast Boy's got a bone visibly popping out of his body, though... Meanwhile, slowly ascending the mountain in a ski lift are Starfire and Robin. Although he knows she can fly, Robin tells Starfire the ride is part of the skiing experience―plus he can't fly. Starfire offers to carry him up there like a helpless baby/damsel in distress, but Robin has dignity...


Not exactly what Robin had in mind when he said snow bunnies...

Disregarding their injuries, Cyborg and Beast Boy continue to snowboard down the hill. Eventually, Cyborg loses an entire arm, and Beast Boy smashes his elephant trunk into a cliff. Not to mention the frigid weather, which is turning Beastie's snot into green icicles. Across the way, Robin's trying to teach Star a little skiing, but she's more interested in the "snow bunny" section of Robin's lesson. And that's A-OK with Robin... he brings out some cocoa and sweaters for the two of them, but it turns out Starfire meant making literal bunnies out of snow. Robin tries explaining what he meant by snow bunny, but Starfire's having too much fun making snow sculptures. She even convinces Robin (with the help of eyebeams) to help her makes rabbits.

After 8 hours have gone by, Robin is still slaving over making snow bunnies, and at this point, he's half frozen to death. Luckily, Starfire finally let's him off the hook, but there's a new problem: Cyborg and Beast Boy's snowboarding was so intense that an AVALANCHE (mixed with nuclear radiation) was heading their way. The four Titans head into the cabin for shelter, thinking they'll be safe with their hot cocoa.

Unfortunately, things have gotten a bit worse... after a volley of snowballs pelts their window, Robin and the team go outside to see all of the snow bunnies now ALIVE thanks to the radiation. No problem for Robin, though―he easily slaps a few away with his staff, with Cyborg and Beast Boy getting in on the action (Starfire's just enjoying the rabbits). But somehow, the snow bunnies are able to multiply, and eventually the Titans have to retreat from the ravenous beasts. Covered in bloody bite marks and scratches, the Titans try to come up with a plan. They eventually remember the one weakness of snow: melting! The Titans head back to the cabin, where they use up all of their hot chocolate supply for weaponry reasons. Then, no longer loving her snow bunny friends, Starfire flies up over the rabbits and dumps the huge pot of boiling cocoa on them (with the help of Beast Boy). And that was the end of those bunnies.

Suddenly, Raven arrives on skis, all dressed up in wintry gear. She's actually been having a good time in the snow, unlike the other four Titans. After her skiing friends leave, she asks if they can stay a week longer. Worn out from all this, Robin just face-plants in the snow...




Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Skiers (debut)
  • Snowbunnies (debut)



  • The title of this issue is a pun of the saying, "Nobody's fool".
  • A Bunny "snow bunny" is an American slang word referring to attractive female skiers (not bunnies made of actual snow).
  • Apparently Raven's original dislike towards winter was rooted from her traumatic childhood experience of her snowman got melted and her skis got on fire, but it seems that she has now overcome it thanks to meeting a group of folks whom she enjoyed skiing with.
    • If you’re observant enough, you’ll find out that the skiers are actually some of the Teen Titans Go! Crew members.


  • Raven's home of Azarath is once again seen, although only for a brief instant.


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Robin (Cowabunga!)
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