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"Some of Their Parts" is the fifty-second and final episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-fourth overall episode of the series.


Beast Boy finds a box of stuff collected from adventures over the years, including the prism that put Raven into her five core parts. Robin decides to split each Titan with the prism so he can choose only the best core parts for his ideal crime-fighting team.


Inside the Tower lobby, the Teen Titans are all doing their stuff- Robin's addressing his hair, Cyborg's playing a DSi, Starfire is messing around with Silkie, and Raven's reading. Beast Boy enters, walking in with a crate. Robin gets excited, thinking that he's going to move, and offers to help pack. To his disappointment, Beast Boy has just brought a bunch of memorabilia from their past mission. Cyborg tantalizingly asks him to open it, and the three guys cheer when they unveil novelty hats. Robin pulls out the Universe Staff, but he tosses it away quickly when he starts to bore him. Starfire picks up a glowing crystal, the Mysterious Prism that can split people into five versions of themselves, each with its defining trait.

Beast Boy recalls the many kisses he got from Passion Raven, and wanting more, he tosses it at Raven. But Robin blocks it with his staff, and the gem bounces across the room and flies into Silkie's mouth. Beast Boy complains he wanted "smoochie smoochies" while Robin starts collecting the five different colors of Silkie, lecturing how they shouldn't ostracize just one trait. "You take the good with the bad, that's what friendship is." Starfire feels ashamed for liking Purple Silkie the best. Robin goes on about how Raven's intensity, Cyborg's determination, Starfire's strength, and Beast Boy's... hunger (there isn't anything good about him) would make the most elite, skilled team ever, which would be a dream come true. But he wonders if they would still be the Titans...no, even better! He springs a trap door for the purge.

In a dark detention cell, Cyborg awakes underneath a single light to find Robin walking up from a shrouded area. He starts reading questions about separating the fruit from the stalks, but Cyborg can't follow him- he just thinks about food. Annoyed, Robin draws a specialized gun fitted with the Prism and blasts Cyborg with it. 5 colored Cyborgs now sit before him, and Robin's going to isolate the best, ditch the rest. He starts with Magenta Cyborg, the comedian. With a knock, knock joke, he gets rid of the jokester, as he would be detrimental to the team. Orange Cyborg's laziness doesn't impress Robin, and neither does the Yellow Cyborg's obnoxious and vociferous voice. Taking those two out, he moves on to Green Cyborg. Addressing him by sir, Robin is thoroughly impressed. Green Cyborg can calculate all four steps in taking down an enemy at lightning speed, and his discipline is exceptional. With that, he is accepted onto the newly refurbished team. Nervously, Gray Cyborg starts to pout, he didn't even get a chance to prove himself, but he is swiftly blasted away.

Robin, with his new accomplice, interview the divided fifths of Beast Boy. Green Cyborg quickly analyzes that all of them are equal- no unique skills flourish from their lazy bodies. Cyan Beast Boy speaks out that he's a little hungrier than the others, and Orange Beast Boy is feeling a bit more tired. All the others start thinking about food, and Robin questions which one has the best traits. Green Cyborg remarks that all of them are useless on the field of battle, except for the means of a human shield. Cyborg, with a hand-mounted cannon, begins shooting a blonde-headed Beast Boy, laser after laser. Robin examines the maimed Beast Boy and compliments him on the great idea. Yellow Beast Boy's excited, he just made the team- to take all damage!

After a long absence, the different colors of Raven return. Pink Raven turns her chair into a unicorn, Red Raven smashes hers in fury, Gray Raven takes cover behind hers, and Orange Raven is just relaxing on her seat. Yellow Beast Boy vouches for Purple Raven, who's fallen in love like his regular self. Robin won't deal with her flirtatious manners though and zaps her. Instead, he appreciates the deadliness of Red Raven (whom he previously took on in a battle), especially when she starts clobbering Beast Boy. Green Cyborg agrees with the choice, and the rest are zapped.

Next, Starfire's Emoticlones are assembled. Red Starfire seems to be the fiercest warrior of them all, as she is also tearing her chair apart. But Robin isn't so quick to choose. With love interests in his mind, he petitions all of them to marry them, holding a rose. All five heartily refuse his request. The blue/deranged Starfire temporarily gives him hope, but it turns out she just wants to tell about the time she wore tuna salad as a hat. Red Starfire it is.

Back in the living room, Robin is admiring the newly refurbished team- Soldier Cyborg, now decked in camo, gives him 20 pushups with pleasure. Raging Raven grabs Robin in anger when he introduces her. Savage Starfire, now with Tamaranian war paint on, lets out a growl, wishing to bathe in the blood of her enemies. And Beast Boy the Human Shield serves Robin greatly as a literal shield against Raging Raven's powerful dark magic fists. All of a sudden, the crime alert sounds, and the Titans head out to meet the challenge in Jump City... a plethora of crime is raging, but it's nothing that the new Titans can't handle. Soldier Cyborg launches a few missiles at Cinderblock, Raging Raven snatches the H.I.V.E. with her hellish appendages, and Savage Starfire loops around and splits Gizmo's Robot's head- from the inside. Yellow Beast Boy is doing his job well, too. An array of bombs are fired at the Titans, but Green Cyborg picks him up and slaps away the projectiles with his face. Although against his will, Beast Boy continues to successfully bat them away with his bruised and bloody face. A short while later, upon a heap of fallen villains, Robin takes all the credit for the new team's excellent teamwork.

After the battle, the elite Titans are stilled all riled up from all their crime-fighting. Green Cyborg is doing handstand pushups, Red Starfire sharpening her crystal sword, and Red Raven enjoying the pounding of Yellow Beast Boy. But Robin starts to think; he misses Cyborg's antics, Starfire's sweetness, Raven's sarcasm, and Beast Boy's... well, he's pretty much the same person. But it doesn't matter, as he formed the best team ever (even surpassing the all-powerful Justice League)! He starts pulling some amazing dance moves in celebration, and Green Cyborg militarily ensures him that he should keep it up. All of a sudden, a genius idea comes to Robin... how about split himself up!?! His five courageous personalities, all on one team, would be unstoppable. Pulling out the prism gun, he zaps the others, returning them to their whole selves again, to inform them of his plan. Cyborg and Raven, conscious of what they've been doing this whole time, think Robin's taking the whole split-up thing too far. But Robin dismisses that idea and cracks himself in the face with the pistol.

Beast Boy is horrified when a crazed Blue Robin starts licking him, and Raven cringes when she recognizes the perfectionist Brown Robin, who is delicately making sure every hair is correctly combed. Red Robin (but not the restaurant) starts demanding Silkie to fess up to an unknown crime, and Starfire scolds the obsessive trait. He backfires that he's detail-oriented, and continues screaming at Silkie to talk. Gray Robin crouches beside the couch, and Cyborg theorizes that it's his paranoid side. And then the highly obnoxious Purple Robin is marching around everywhere, shouting that they all need to "GO!" and fall in. He continues to complain that they never listen, and the Titans are most disgusted by this control freak emoticlone. Raven urges the need to bring Robin back to his undivided self again, but Purple Robin clutches the crystal gun before they can get hold of it, then traps them with chained cannonballs. Robin then breaks the gun to make sure they aren't reassembled, but the prism flies out and is digested by Silkie again.

The only chance against Robin's tyranny, Starfire begs the five Silkies to stop the Robins' conquests. Yellow Silkie, the brightest of the group, leads them into battle... Barfy Silkie vs. Obsessive: a stream of vomit engulfs Robin, taking him out. The next matchup is Lazy Silkie vs. Crazy Robin; with the help of robotic legs, Silkie can kick the flailing armed Robin outta the fight. Round 3 pits the Perfect Robin, who can't help but fix his hair in the middle of a charge, against Purple/Passion Silkie, who pounds him with a kiss. Yes, that is effective. After that, Paranoid Robin is cowardly running away from his match, Hungry Silkie. But he strides straight into his mouth, unfortunately. The final 1 on 1, between Yellow Silkie and Purple Robin, takes place on the top of the Tower. Intelligent Silkie, encased in a pink suit of Silkie-styled robotic armor, ascends to the top of the base via elevator to meet the challenge. But some challenge; it's merely just a stare-off, followed by a battle cry from Leadership Robin. He is easily crushed, all the way back to the lobby, where a buildup of knocked-out Robin's has amassed. The triumphant Silkie follows him down the hole and barfs out the Mysterious Prism, reconciling the Silkies and Robins with each other and into the original, multi-emotional ones.

Robin shamefully apologizes, saying he thought splitting up would be a lot cooler. But Cyborg reiterates his word: "we're greater than the sum of our parts". But Beast Boy isn't exactly all in with that logic. He finds the crystal and touches it to Raven, hoping to get a few smooches from Purple Raven. Instead, he gets another run-through with Red Raven, who gets his face crunched off-screen.



  • This episode aired two years after "Meatball Party".
  • As of this episode, Red Raven has attacked all of the Titans, as she previously didn't have a chance to attack Beast Boy in "Colors of Raven".
    • However, Starfire is the only Titan who wasn't physically harmed, for she was only intimidated by her in Colors of Raven.
  • It is revealed that Starfire doesn't have any romantic feelings for Robin, according to her emoticlones.
  • Cyborg's militaristic soldier emoticlone has green cyber-parts in place of the usual blue, as well as Gatling guns on his shoulders. According to the creators of the original series' comics, this would have been the exact appearance of one of Kilowatt's team in his timeline, even though the comic itself shows the blue instead.
  • This is the first time Starfire's hair is the vivid red from the original series instead of magenta; the "Savage" Starfire emoticlone inherits this. It is also the first time where her hair is also different colors: lavender, cyan, gray, and apple green. In "Nose Mouth" and "Mr. Butt", it has been yellow and violet, respectively.
  • When the Universe Staff appears from the box, he says he'll reward Beast Boy with immortality before he throws the staff away. If Robin had kept the staff out, he could have gotten immortality.
  • It is also revealed that even if the Universe Tree (the Universe Staff) is cut down, he can still reward people with special things, like immortality.
  • Music from "Lazy Sunday" and "Yearbook Madness" was reused.
  • This Season 2 finale marks the last episode to use the 2014 Warner Bros. Animation closing logo.
  • This was the last episode to be directed by series animator, James Krenzke, as well as his last episode on the show, up until Season 4's 21st episode, "The Avogodo".



  • The title of this episode could be a reference to the title of an original series episode, "The Sum of His Parts", where Cyborg runs out of fuel and gets mysteriously taken away and repaired by a strange robotic hermit named Fixit.
  • Yellow Silkie being Intelligence, is a reference to the original Teen Titans episode, "Nevermore", as well as the comics "Pieces of Me" where the Yellow Raven emoticlone was also Intelligence.
  • Green Silkie is a reference to Queasy Kitty from The LEGO Movie.
  • When Starfire pleads to the Silkies for hope, she repeats a phrase similar to one spoken by Princess Leia in the Lucasfilm LTD TM series STAR WARS: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" compared to Starfire's phrase "Help us, Silkies, you are our only hope!"
  • Raging Raven takes her name from an antagonist in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
  • At the beginning, it has the same plot of the Powerpuff Girls episode "The City of Clipsville".
  • The face Red Starfire makes after she splits Gizmo's Giant Robot in half is very similar to the 1974 anime series "Chargeman Ken!" episode "Save the Orphan Center!" when the titular character is getting strangled by a Juralian.


  • The Native American hat Beast Boy was wearing strangely disappears when he threw the prism at Raven.
  • Purple Starfire shows no feelings for Robin, even though it is said that they kissed during the "three episodes and a made-for-TV movie" in "The Return of Slade".
  • In "Colors of Raven" it is shown that you need to acquire all five core personalities together into each different shard but in this episode, you only need one section.
  • The prism was fixed in "Colours of Raven", however in this episode it's broken again.

Running Gags

  • Yellow Beast Boy being used as a "human shield".
  • Beast Boy attempting to get kisses from Passion Raven.
  • The Titans and Silkie constantly getting split into their five core personalities by the prism shard.


The transcript for "Some of Their Parts" can be found here.


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