Quote1 I used to think your staff was lame, but this is kinda fun! Quote2
--Speedy to Robin in "The Date"

Speedy (Roy William Harper Jr.) is a member of Titans East and a reoccurring character in Teen Titans Go! who made a debut in "The Date". He is voiced by Scott Menville.


In "The Date", Robin tries to ask Starfire out on a date, only to discover Speedy had already beaten him to it. Speedy had planned to take Starfire to a new restaurant in Jump City, however Robin interferes and kidnaps Speedy.

Robin binds and gags Speedy, steals his clothes, and poses as Speedy before leaving to take his place. He is able to pull this off due to the fact that Speedy and Robin shared "many visual and audible qualities." Robin bribes Beast Boy and Cyborg to watch over Speedy, however Speedy easily escapes. He then dresses as Robin and goes to the restaurant where he fights Robin and gets defeated. Robin redresses as himself, before guiltily telling Starfire the truth.

In "Starliar", Speedy is seen in a flashback at the Titans East Annual Dance Party. He, along with his fellow teammates, are horrified when Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg ruin the party. Because of the Titans' behavior last year, Speedy and the rest of the Titans East choose not to re-invite them to the next dance party, with the exception of Starfire. While not seen, he presumably attended.

In "Yearbook Madness", Speedy makes a cameo appearance when Robin shows up at the restaurant and asks every single member of the Titans East to sign his yearbook, except for Speedy.

He made an appearance in "BBRAE". In part two, he is seen dancing with Kitten. After Raven curses Beast Boy's love song to her, Kitten chases him while using his bow to shoot arrows at him as he runs away in fear. During when Beast Boy tries lifting the song's curse by singing a new one, he and Kitten are seen again dancing happily with each other.

Physical Appearance

Speedy has orange hair, and wears a black and white eye mask, similar to that of Robin's. He also wears a sleeveless red shirt with an "S" symbol with what looks like a turtleneck, paired with red pants and red gloves and wears yellow boots similar to Robin's and he also wears a yellow sash and belt, presumably to hold up his matching yellow quiver. He is known to have many similarities to Robin in appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Like Robin, Speedy does not have powers and is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Speedy is also exceptionally adept in archery, as he once was a former sidekick of archer superheroes such as Green Arrow.

  • Advanced Archery: He is a master of the bow and arrow.
  • Advanced Strength: He is much stronger than the average human.
  • Martial Arts: He has advanced skills in hand-to-hand combat.

Episode Appearances

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  • In the comics, Speedy was a member of the original Teen Titans, along with Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl.
  • Speedy is one of six characters in the entire series to not have their voice actor from the original series reprise their role. This was likely done to prove Starfire's statement that he and Robin look and sound alike.
    • In the original series and in a Justice League Unlimited episode, Patriot Act, he was voiced by Mike Erwin. Jason Marsden voiced him in "Batman the Brave and the Bold", and Crispin Freeman in Young Justice.
    • He also looks visually different than he did in the original series, also to prove Starfire's statement.
    • Speedy's mask is very similar to Robin's mask.
  • Speedy is the sidekick of the Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and had been a member of the Teen Titans in the comics.
  • Speedy appears to have some experience with Robin's weapons, just as Robin has experience with his bow, when he says that Robin's equipment is "fun to use."
  • Speedy was a main character in the comic series 'Tiny Titans'.
  • In the comics, he's gone by the aliases Arsenal and Red Arrow in many comic series.
  • His relationship with Starfire in "The Date" is likely a nod to their relationship in the comics. For example, in DC's New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws, where he teamed up and had close relationships with Starfire and Jason Todd.
  • Speedy is the first member of the Titans East to appear in Teen Titans Go!
  • Although Speedy himself did not appear, his bows were present in "You're Fired!".
  • Speedy and Robin got along very well in the original Teen Titans series and even had a friendly rivalry.
  • Speedy's arrows appear differently from his arrows in the original series, having a round head rather than the sharp head in this series.
  • In "BBRAE", he appears to be in a romantic relationship with Kitten.

Voice in other languages

  • Álmos Előd (Hungarian)
  • Alessio De Filippis (Italian)
  • Florian Silaghi (Romanian)
  • Michał Podsiadło (Polish)
  • Charles Pestel (French)


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